Wondrous K-Beauty


What is K-Beauty?

Korea reveals its many wondrous secrets of K-beauty that encompasses holistic health and wellness, augmented by enhanced beauty treatments and the art of good living.

When it comes to health, wellness and beauty, Koreans subscribe to a holistic approach that goes beyond skin-deep; encompassing physical and mental health, inner wellness, external good looks and a well-balanced, harmonious lifestyle.

Renowned for its cutting-edge beauty enhancement and cosmetic technologies as well as holistic health and wellness concepts that advocate ‘you are what you eat’ and ‘food is medicine’ tenets, and the importance of self-grooming and dressing well regardless of age, Korea is now taking the health, beauty and fashion world by storm with its wondrous K-beauty secrets.

The Rise of K-Beauty

Although some might be sceptical about the longevity of this up-and-coming industry, K-beauty seems to be so much more than short-lived media hype.

Just as the novelty of K-pop starts to wear off as the K-pop market is becoming over-saturated, a new phase of K-wave has dawned. Yes, the K-beauty boom might not be as sensational and publicized as K-pop, but its prospect seems highly promising with still much more room to grow.

First, K-beauty is an umbrella term that encompasses not just Korean skin care and makeup products, but also its culture and outlook towards beauty and grooming in general. Riding on the back of K-drama and K-pop, the Korean beauty industry has witnessed an unprecedented level of growth that has rarely been seen in any other industry for the past several years.


The Power of K-Pop & K-Drama

So, here it is. What is the secret behind the success of K-beauty? Korean Wave or widely known as the ‘Hallyu Wave’ is the reason for the success of K-Beauty. For one, the mind-blowing popularity of K-drama and K-pop in Asia, particularly in China, has catapulted Korean beauty brands into a global phenomenon.

The psychology behind this is simple. Fans who are mesmerized by the Korean celebrities’ beauty will try to emulate their looks by using Korean beauty products which is why the K-Beauty has become a trend nowadays.

In fact, the ripple effect of Korean celebrities in terms of their market power is astronomical. The latest craze over the Korean dramas such as Goblin, Scarlet Hearts: Moonlight Lovers, Love in the Moonlight, On the Way to the Airport, Descendants of the Sun, and many more which are estimated to have an economic effect of more than one trillion won, is one clear example.

The craziness of Korean Wave has also spread not just in beauty products but also in food, fashion and medical. Hence, indirectly has helped in the Korea tourism industry in a whole as well.

Medical Tourism in Korea

Korea is one of the places with boosting medical tourism, offering to the locals and foreign visitors alike, from traditional to modern medical solutions. The increase number of tourists visiting Korea for medical purposes has resulted in the launching of medical tourism which can cater to the needs of foreign patients in various sicknesses. Why medical tourism in Korea then?

The advance technology and latest system in treatments are the keys for the ultimate medical experience in Korea, be it through traditional or modern medicine, especially in the dermatology sector.

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