WINTER: The Season of Snow

Korean winters are cold and dry. It usually will starts from late November to March. The heavy snow in the northern and eastern regions makes Korea an ideal destination for skiers and snowboarders.

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Winter Destinations

Deogyusan Ski Resort (formerly Muju Resort)
Deogyusan Ski Resort (formerly Muju Resort) is part of Mount Deogyu National Park, and is one of Korea’s most famous mountain peak ski resorts. Every year, the Muju Resort hosts the Fun Ski & Snow Festival.

  • Website :
  • Location : Simgok-ri, Seolcheon-myeon, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do
  • How to Get There : Take an intercity bus from Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal to Muju Intercity Bus Terminal. From the backgate of Muju Terminal (in front of Jeil Uiwon Hospital), take the free shuttle bus to Deogyusan Resort.


YongPyong Resort

Yongpyong resort is one of the oldest ski resorts in Korea. With natural environment 700 meters above sea level it is one of the best all seasons resort in Asia. It will also be the alpine skiing venue for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

The Yongpyong Resort is located about 200km east of Seoul is 2 hours long drive from Seoul by car.

Among the accommodations available in YongPyong Resort is the Dragon Valley Hotel where it is located at the center of Yongpyong and has a view of the entire surroundings of Yongpyong. It provides various rooms from the luxury suites to the korean-style rooms or the western-style rooms.

The Tower Condominium has a scenery of the Mt. Balwang landscape. It provides Ondol rooms as well as western-style rooms with beds. There are even kitchen facilities for you to prepare your own food.

The Villa Condominium  is popular with skiers for being closest to the ski slopes. It provides 412 rooms of various sizes along the ski slopes.

The Greenpia Condominium is the luxury hotel type interior in the Bohemian mode building will provide you the ultimate in relaxation and service.

YongPyong Resort has 28 slopes in total and they have the best quantity and quality of snow and they have the longest 7.3km ride in Asia.


Board a night train from Seoul’s Cheongnyangni Station, and arrive at the East Coast port of Jeongdongjin just before dawn. Geographically due east of Seoul’s Gwanghwamun district, Jeongdongjin is a popular destination for young couples who come to view the romantic sunrise. Jeongdongjin Station is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the closest train station to a beach, and is also famous for its appearance in the popular Korean drama Moraesigye (Hourglass).

  • Website :
  • Location : 17 Jeongdongjin-gil, Gangdong-myeon, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do
  • How to Get There : Take a Jeongdongjin-bound Mugunhwa Train or Coastal Train from Gangneung Station.

Gyeongpo Provincial Park (Gyeongpodae)
Approximately 6km northward from downtown Gangneung, Gyeongpo Provincial Park is surrounded by a slew of both natural and cultural attractions (Gyeongpodae, Gyeongpo Lake, and Gyeongpo Beach). Gyeongpo Lake, in particular, is home to precious species such as swans and mallards.

Known as one of the most scenic locations in Gangwon-do for a long time, Gyeongpodae is a fascinating spot to enjoy the first full moon of the year; the serene Gyeongpo Lake used to attract fishing enthusiasts in droves, but fishing is now prohibited due to natural preservation purposes.

Within the park are Gyeongpo Beach (one of the cleanest beaches on the East Coast), elegant Gyeongpo Lake, Gyeongpodae, Banghae Pavilion, Hohae Pavilion, Gyeongho Pavilion, and Gyeongyang Temple. Visitors can enjoy the attractions all year long with cherry blossoms in the spring, swimming in the summer, fishing, and walking on the beach in the winter. Restaurants near the park offer unique local food such as fresh sashimi (including the famous Squid Sashimi), spicy fish stews, and Chodang Tofu.

  • Website :
  • Location : Anhyeon-dong, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do
  • How to Get There : Take the bus No.201 from Gangneung Intercity Bus Terminal and get off at Gyeongpo Beach.

Daegwallyeong Samyang Ranch
Asia’s largest green pasture on a plateau. This ancient and vast meadow is where milking cows feed. The view from the plateau is remarkable as well. If you go up
to Daegwallyeon
g Observatory early in the morning, you can witness the spectacular sunrise from the East Sea beyond the peaks of Mt. Odaesan. The lake where cows drink water is called Samjeongho Lake.

  • Operating Hours : 08:30~16:00 (Nov.~Feb.)
  • Website :
  • Location : San 1-107, Hoengye 2-ri, Daegwallyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do
  • How to Get There : Take a roughly 7km taxi ride from Hoenggye Intercity Bus Terminal.

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Winter Festivals

Fun Ski, Go-Go Ski Festival

This festival is an opportunity to maximize the fun of Korea’s ski scene. Fun ski programs and performances await. Since the festival’s date depend on the time and program, inquire at ski resorts to see which programs are being offered.

 [Fun Ski Festival]

  • Location : Yongpyong Resort, High 1 Resort
  • Programs : Ski lessons, ski contest, performances and hands-on events

 [Snow Tube Race Festival]

 Snow Tube Race Festival is a festival which is held annually in winter hosted by Korea Tourism Organization and Gangwon Province. Its programme includes snow sledding competition, performances, lucky draw, games and many more.

  • Yongpyong resort is one of the resorts which host this event. The schedule for 2015 is as below:

    First session: 10 Dec 2015 to 11 Dec 2015

    Second session: 11 Dec 2015 to 12 Dec 2015


    ○ First day- Snow Tube Race

    – 12:30 Arrival at YongPyong Resort

    – 13:00 Registration

    – 13:40 Snow Tube practice

    – 14:00 Snow Tube Race starts

    ○ First day- Dinner

    – 18:00 Event zone

    – 18:30 Dinner & performance

    – 19:30 Award Ceremony

    – 20:00 Snow Tube Race Festival video and lucky draw

    – 20:30 Games

    ○ Second Day

    – Breakfast

    – Ski lessons

    – Gondola ride관광곤도라

    – Indoor waterpark (optional)

    For information and bookings, please contact Eden Tours (+60 3-2148 3880) or YongPyong Resort (


Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival
The Hwacheon Sancheoneo (Mount Trout) Ice Festival takes place in Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do. This virtually untouched region is known as the first area in Korea that freezes over in winter, and the river is covered with a thick layer of ice.

Visitors can try out ice fishing, and those who are feeling brave can try to catch mountain trout with their bare hands. As well as fun activities and performances, there is also an exhibition of ice sculptures that took 20 weeks to prepare. Visitors can sample raw and grilled mountain trout, both of which are delicious.

Inje Icefish Festival
Inje Icefish Festival will be held at Soyangho lake in Inje. At this spectacular winter festival visitors will be able to try out ice fishing and exciting games such as human bowling on ice, ice soccer, and even a tug-of-war on ice. For those icefish fanatics there will be an icefish eating competition, and visitors can sample the icefish for free.

  • Website :
  • Location : Area around Soyangho Lake near Inje Bridge, Nam-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do

Taebaeksan Snow Festival
Frolic in the fantastic world of white snow at Taebaesan Mountain! Danggol Square of Taebaeksan Provincial Park, the festival’s main venue, will hold a snow sculpture exhibition for visitors to enjoy ice sculptures and a range of other winter-themed artwork from home and abroad.

There are also be a wide variety of amusement facilities such as a snow tunnel, slide and rafting area as well as snow and ice sculptures. Around Hwangji Pond, visitors may enjoy the light & ice festival along with the beautiful world of lights created by Luminaries and the shining stars in the sky.

A number of other interactive programs such as a snow sculpture competition for university students, Dr. Fish foot bath, snow sledding, dog sled rides and other fun games will be held during the festival period. The festival full of fun and excitement will be the best winter destination providing worthwhile memories for adults dreams of happiness for kids. Visit the Taebaeksan Mt. snow festival for an exciting winter with friends and family.


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What to Eat in Winter

Bungeo-ppang gets its name from its fish-like shape. This sweet snack is molded in the shape of a carp, which is called ‘bungeo‘ in Korean. A pancake batter-like shell is filled with red-bean paste and then baked; it is especially enjoyed in the winter. Gukhwa-ppang is shaped like a flower and is slightly smaller than that of the similar tasting bungeo-ppang. Gyeran-ppang is also made of a pancake batter-like shell, but this is filled with an egg instead of the red bean filling.

This is usually referred to as odaeng. Odaeng is a kind of fish cake. It is made of ground fish. This fish cake is skewered and soaked in boiling water along with radish and green onions. This popular dish is especially loved during the cold winter months.

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