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Winners of KTX Snap, Post & Win Contest (June Entry)

Dear Kaki Korea Club members,


Congratulation to the 7 winners below. Thank you for your participation in the KTX Snap, Post & Win Contest (June Entry). You will receive an email regarding the process of prize redemption by today.

Check out all the participants’ KTX photos and stories on Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Malaysia Facebook!


PrizesNameIC No.FB Likes + KTO Judges (100%)
Grand Prize
2 Korean Air return flight tickets (KL-Incheon-KL)
Yong Mun Wahxx0516-10-561x99%
1st Runner-up
2 AirAsia return flight tickets (KL-Busan-KL)
Nik Izzat Hazwan Nik Mahadixx0102-03-515x98%
A Korean branded cosmetic set
Sharon Wong KLxx1022-10-560x93%
Norhisham Haronxx0924-03-586x90%
Sharon Liew Hui Xinxx0925-14-646x87%
Tan Jeng Engxx0305-06-504x86%
 Nurul Ashikin Binti Mohd Salleh xx1230-01-533x85%


*June entry was the last KTX Snap, Post & Win Contest organized by KTO Malaysia. No more July or subsequent months entry will be accepted. For those who would like to participate in the future giveaway contests organized by KTO Malaysia, stay tuned to our website for more info!

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