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Winners of KTX Snap, Post & Win Contest (April Entry)

Dear Kaki Korea Club members,


Congratulation to the 7 winners below. Thank you for your participation in the KTX Snap, Post & Win Contest (April Entry). You will receive an email regarding the process of prize redemption by 12 May (Friday).

Check out all the participants’ KTX photos and stories on Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Malaysia Facebook!


PrizesNameIC No.
Grand Prize
2 Korean Air return flight tickets (KL-Incheon-KL)
Fatin Nur Syareenaxx0304-14-557x
1st Runner-up
2 AirAsia return flight tickets (KL-Busan-KL)
Nora Sharixx0404-08-501x
A Korean branded cosmetic set
Chan See Yanxx1125-08-624x
Amal Solehahxx0110-14-626x
Christy Limxx0415-10-501x
Rachael Chan Choi Seexx0822-08-565x
Lai Fong Yuanxx0728-08-533x


Missed out the chance to win free flight tickets to Korea? No worries, this is a monthly contest and May entry has already started!

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