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Winners of Korea Travel Books Mobile App Download Contest

Dear Kaki Korea Club members,


Congratulations to the winners below! Thank you for your participation in the Korea Travel Books Mobile App Download Contest (9 – 23 August 2017). You guys gave a lot of constructive feedbacks and were very useful for the development of the mobile app. As a token of appreciation, you will receive either an Exclusive Backpack or a Memo Box from us. Redemption details are as the following:

  1. Date: 1st September until 1st November 2017
  2. Venue: Korea Plaza (Ground Floor, Menara Hap Seng, Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur)
  3. Time: Mon–Fri (10am–7pm) & Sat (10am–3pm)
  4. Document: Please show your Identification Card to our staff during the redemption. Your friend can collect on behalf of you, but please send them a copy of your IC too.

For the winners who are residing outside of KL and Selangor, please send your address via email (klkoreaplaza@gmail.com) to us and we will arrange the courier for you.


Executive Backpack

NoNameIC No.
1Atiqah Binti Abu Samahxx0930-10-510x
2Atiqah Rakmadxx0723-10-567x
3Choo Pui Moonxx0426-14-532x
4Hazlam Anuarxx0421-08-589x
5Khong Pei Sanxx1217-43-631x
6Lee Hooi Sianxx0204-02-528x
7Manisah Ahmadxx0104-12-528x
8Munira Mohd Raisxx0831-03-522x
10Nur Afika Muhammadxx0927-04-528x
11Sherlyna Bt Hanaefyrulizmxx0601-12-030x
12Siti Khadyja Razalixx0615-01-617x
13Teo Shu Cheexx1022-52-620x
14Yew Pei Juanxx0815-05-511x
15Vera Sooxx0903-14-501x

Memo Box

NoNameIC No.
1Ahmad Zulkifli Bin Kamaruzamanxx1124-11-513x
2Amirul Adzeem Bin Burhanudinxx0122-08-501x
3Ng Szu Chuoixx0610-07-515x
4Noraisah Binti Mohd Kasimxx1219-06-598x
5Noramirah Binti Ratimanxx0526-05-522x
6Nur Liyana Binti Ismailxx1215-14-635x
7Nurul Huda Binti Abdul Razakxx0416-14-541x
8Tou Siew Engxx0501-01-522x


Thank you for your participation and hope you enjoy your gift!

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