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[Winner List] Welcome to the New KTO Malaysia Website

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Malaysia is proud to announce that we are finally giving our precious website (www.visitkorea.com.my) a new look, and with it, a new life.


Since the year of 2014, we have been accumulating over 70,000 registered members in our website, of who have attended our Korean cultural classes, read our postings about Korea travel, participated in our online contests and many other activities. Thank you for your love and support all these while! Striving to provide you all with the latest updates, promotions and news about Korea will always be our main motivation to continue improves our services and contents.


The development status of this new KTO Malaysia website is not completed yet, as some features will be launched by different phases and therefore we’re seeking your help in giving us your sincere feedback on the new website. Your ideas and opinions are very valuable to us, as it will decide the future outlook of the KTO Malaysia website.


Thank you very much in advance for your time and participation!


Contest Period

2 May 2018 – 6 June 2018 (5 weeks)



  • Return flight ticket to Korea with Korean Air x 1
  • RM 30 Kyochon cash voucher x 150


How to participate?

  1. Like and follow KTO Malaysia Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Login to your Kaki Korea Club (KKC) member account (click HERE to register for a Free KKC account).
  3. Complete the survey on this page about your opinion on the KTO new website.
  4. Share this event page on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and hashtag #KTOMalaysia (remember to change the post status to Public, or else we couldn’t see your posting).


How will the winners be selected?

151 lucky winners will be selected randomly.


Winner announcement

8 June 2018



  • Starting from 11 June 2018 until 13 August 2018, you can redeem the Korean Air flight voucher and Kyochon voucher at Korea Plaza (Ground Floor, Menara Hap Seng, Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).
  • Please show your IC and winner confirmation email to our staff during the redemption.
  • Your friend can collect on behalf of you, so please send them a copy of your IC and winner confirmation email.
  • For those who are residing outside of KL and Selangor, we can courier the Kyochon voucher to you (Korean Air flight voucher can only be redeemed at Korea Plaza), but we will not be responsible for the missing voucher during the delivery process. If you agreed, kindly email us a copy of your IC, winner confirmation email and your correspondence address via klkoreaplaza@gmail.com


Terms and Conditions

  • The survey is only open to all Malaysians who are currently residing in Malaysia, aged 16 years and above.
  • Only 1 survey entry is allowed per participant on KTO Malaysia website. Click HERE to register for a Kaki Korea Club account.
  • A selected winner is applicable for 1 prize only.
  • Redemption of the above prizes is only valid from 11 June 2018 until 13 August 2018 at Korea Plaza. No claims in respect of the prizes will be entertained by the company thereafter, under any circumstances whatsoever.
  • The prizes are non-transferable and not-for-sale. No cash alternatives will be offered.
  • KTO Malaysia reserves the right to replace any prize with another of up to equivalent value without notice.
  • KTO Malaysia is not responsible for lost, late, incomplete, misdirected, delayed or undelivered entries due to technical disruptions, network congestion or for any other reason.
  • KTO Malaysia reserves the right to disqualify any members or entries without having to enter into any correspondence on their decisions.
  • Entries that contain improper, vulgar, abusive, violent, offensive, sensitive behavior and language will be considered invalid and will be deleted without any prior notice or permission of the participants.
  • KTO Malaysia reserves the right to, in their discretion, cancel, vary or suspend the contest due to errors or other causes beyond our control affect the administration, security or proper operation of the contest.
  • KTO Malaysia reserves the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions at any time without prior notification. Information on how to participate, prizes and how winners will be selected are considered a part of the terms and conditions. Entry into the contest is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • KTO Malaysia reserves the right to make the final decision in the contest of any dispute.

Winner List

A big Thank You to all the participants who had spent your precious time in giving feedback regarding our new website. We heard you and will plan for the next stage of improvements on the website, meanwhile, some new features are already implemented due to your suggestions, hope you can notice it as well. Upcoming, KTO Malaysia will create a Facebook group where all the members who join the group can share their personal Korea travel experience or itinerary and help those in need. We will also collaborate with few popular bloggers in creating more interesting Korea travel contents. Stay tuned on our website and SNS for the announcement and details.


Below are the lucky winners of this event. You will receive a winner confirmation email by today and you can come over to Korea Plaza for the redemption of your prize starting on next Monday. Kindly refer to the Redemption title on this page for more details. Thanks!


Return flight ticket to Korea with Korean Air

Tee Yeok Huatx0062601527x


RM 30 Kyochon cash voucher

Amy Loi Rong Rongx5091613589x
Anis Nabila Binti Roslix2012814655x
Anizah Binti Mohd Yusofx1072810548x
Caroline Isma Ismailx9122513500x
Chin Xiao Weix2051814510x
Chong Ling Fangx6081806537x
Chong Weimennx2091014515x
Choo Ying Jianx1062710609x
Hanna Farahiyah Bt Jaafarx4040506504x
Hartini Parapat Binti Muhammad Tamin Parapatx0070207505x
Heen Lai Seamx5041010726x
Heng Pei Yix3101914540x
Idza Riati Binti Ibrahimx5110410502x
Izwin Binti Saifullizax6021014622x
Johanna Zuleikha Binti Mohd Hanifx9012114571x
Kek See Meix9120908642x
Kelly Kokx4070206518x
Kiat Jia Yix5012401685x
Komathi A/P Varatharajoox1072702570x
Kong Chau Muix0070610581x
Kong Mei Thengx8121007502x
Kong Ming Tzux5102714520x
Kong Pak Seongx2042714626x
Lau Poh Yanx0031214526x
Lew Kok Fangx8103006561x
Liew Pooi Fongx0072310584x
Liew Rui Qix1121004500x
Liew Shu Enx1080514500x
Lim Jing Yix3030907528x
Lim Poh Linx1080408533x
Lim Yee Peex2041710582x
Loke Yun Meix5110808579x
Low Siao Huix5061601668x
Loy Jing Yix0022404501x
Mohd Hazri Bin Mohd Sallehx1100610548x
Mohd Zufino Mohd Zulkaflix7011910521x
Mok Chee Waix1100310625x
Muhamad Syazwan Bin Harunx5111307567x
Nadia Diana Binti Mohd Rusdix2110814659x
Nadia Syafeera Binti Naserrudinx6121052557x
Nadrah Nabila Binti Mashurix9041007503x
Najah Nailah Binti Mohd Alehx9081112548x
Ng Hui Yux0051405506x
Ng Kai Kiatx0082810585x
Ng Mei Yokex7122238517x
Ng Weng Bux8050414525x
Ng Yoke Keix7031107505x
Noor Aina Zulafa Nadhirah Binti Adnanx4111603552x
Noor Naemah Mistarx1012504506x
Noorbaiti Binti Shuhaimix5031410502x
Nor Hayati Binti Safarx0080902592x
Nor Syahirah Bt Samsudinx5092210549x
Norhafizah Binti Leela Nasaruddinx7070914550x
Norhanim Binti Kamaruddinx1090408577x
Norhayatie Binti Borhanx4110414637x
Norliyana Abd Rahimx6020114517x
Nur Adilah Binti Zainuddinx7021708549x
Nur Ain Nabihah Binti Nasrolx1091614638x
Nur Emiliana Putri Binti Ahmad Roslyx8080710530x
Nur Hafizah Binti Abu Harithx9110508540x
Nur Saadah Binti Syaiful Anwarx2032214525x
Nurain Binti Mohd Kamilx8120503511x
Nurrul Salia Binti Salehx8012406519x
Nurul Farihin Binti Aminudinx3080108580x
Nurul Fatihah Binti Yunusx5060603636x
Nurul Nabihah Binti Abd Kohax5012803618x
Nurul Najwa Hannan Binti Zamzurix1112202537x
Nurul Syafika Binti Abdul Malikx0021010528x
Nurvianti Yana Binti A Bakarx7111314667x
Ong Li Chongx1022510565x
Ong Yean Neex6060207532x
Pang Bai Huix5100701724x
Pek Saw Hoonx2110310508x
Raihan Zalikha Anwarx8080852520x
Raja Nabilah Bt Raja Ariffx2100907588x
Rodziah Binti Nazlanx5082714604x
Sabrina Lamx2013010572x
San Kwang Minx9123114511x
Shahul Hameed B Sheik Abdul Kaderx8050735514x
Shazeela Binti Ahmadx3021614554x
Siew Mee Kix9010314505x
Sim Wei Tingx4080201613x
Siti Solehah Binti Abdul Ranix9091508501x
Sow Yen Nix0102901613x
Sum Yin Yanx4041708586x
Syafiqah Najlaa Aqilah Binti Sallehx2073014505x
Tan Ai Meix4060701559x
Tan Huey Wenx8110608772x
Tan Jia Enx5033114622x
Tan Su-Ynnx6120230524x
Tan Ti Hanx4021806538x
Tan Yin Yinx5072910571x
Teng Yuen Yingx4080105525x
Tengku Nur Suhailah Husna Binti Tengku Abdul Azisx6043003587x
Teo Kar Hungx0081705500x
Teoh Ah Nyax3090907555x
Tiang Shing Yienx2121008506x
Tiang Xiao Enx7050208500x
Too Hui Gianx6080535509x
Voon Sin Yeex6102014610x
Wong Jun Kitx4012910593x
Wun Yoke Lingx9012714567x
Yew Pei Juanx1081505511x
Yfenne Leex1071304545x
Zaimi Bin Mahlilx3072501561x
  • Nurul Huda Ibrahim
    June 8, 2018 at 10:43 pm

    Congrats to the winner 😁
    And to the kto too, for having such great update on the website.

    June 9, 2018 at 2:50 pm

    thank you for selecting me as the winner !
    i really appreciate this and can’t wait to have kyochon ! ^_^

  • najahnailah
    June 25, 2018 at 3:43 pm

    omg thank you so much 🙂 gonna enjoy the kyonchon hiks

    • najahnailah
      June 25, 2018 at 3:49 pm

      im waiting for a long time but still didn’t received any winner confirmation email from kto, so how?

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