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Value Problem with T-money Card in DKYW 2017 Campaign

Dear Kaki Korea Club members,


We are just being informed that some of the T-money cards with KTX design did not have 2,000 won value inside. As such, for the people who had redeemed the T-money card along with Discover Korea Your Way (DKYW) 2017 coupon booklet, please send your T-money card serial no. to us via email (klkoreaplaza@gmail.com). We will send you a coupon code for the free top up of 2,000 won in  Korea major convenience stores such as GS25, 7-11, CU, etc.


How to find the T-money card serial no?


Currently, we will also distribute T-money card with Jeonju Hanok Village design, but only for the people who are traveling before 3rd May 2017 and have not redeemed DKYW 2017 coupon booklet yet. We will announce on KTO website and social media by the time we received a new batch of T-money card from Korea and if you need any clarification or assistance for the top up, feel free to contact KTO via phone (03-2072 2515) or email.


We are truly sorry for the inconvenience!

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