Click to read more on the UTMSPACE students’ visit! We were very delighted to receive a visit from UTMSPACE on 14th of September 2015.


 All 12 participants are actually students in the Korean Preparatory Program to Korea next year. The event started at 10:30 in the morning with a brief introduction on Korea Plaza by the KTO staff and the activities organized by Korea Tourism Organization here. Since we started the event early in the morning, these participants were glad to lead the warming up session before the presentation ^^


Then, Mr Cho Hyun Cho, the assistant director of KTO KL delivered his presentation on Korean culture and history and also the latest attractions in Korea. We could see the excitement to study in Korea when they watched our videos on traveling, food and culture experiences in Korea!

After the presentation ended, we began our Korea Tourism quiz sessions and we were surprised on how well informed they are on things about Korea.

Finally it’s the K-Pop dance time ^^ Our dance instructor, Ms Sue Ann led the 1 hour dance experience and the students danced pretty well along to the song of ‘Bang Bang Bang’ by the famous group Big Bang. After the dance session, we served them with Korean food which is kimbap and drinks as refreshments.


Our next activity was the Hanbok experience where all students got to try out the Korea traditional garments. It was their first time trying out Hanbok so they were really excited about that. We took a group photo in front of Korea Plaza together with their lecturers for them to treasure the memory of the visit to Korea Plaza.


Good luck with your preparatory study and we hope that you guys will visit us again before flying to Korea! ^^

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