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This time around, we had a visit from students of UiTM Melaka. Check out the full story here!

As many as 26 students were here from the Faculty of Business Management of UiTM on the 15th of September 2015 and their main purpose to visit is to learn more about Korean culture and gain firsthand experience at our Korea Plaza. We started the session at 11 in the morning with a brief explanation on what we usually have at Korea Plaza and all the activities held here. Next our session continued with presentation on Korea and its latest attraction by our Assistant Director, Mr Cho Hyun Cho. All the students seemed to listen very attentively since they were excited about the quiz session that would be held after that!

After the interesting presentation about Korea and its latest attractions, we proceeded to our quiz session. It was great to see these students gave 100% effort in guessing the correct answers to the questions given. Congratulations to the lucky winners again!

Next, which is the most exciting session, which is the Korean dishes cooking experience! Most of them have never tried Korean food before thus we were glad that we have decided to give them a Korean cooking lesson on that day! We have invited our Korean cooking teacher, Madam Shin to share her know-how in making Korean famous dishes which are Kimbap (seaweed rice roll) and Tteokbokki (spicy rice cake).

All of the participants paid full attention to Madam Shin while she was explaining the steps. After the explanation has ended, all of them were eager to try it on their own. They diligently made the kimbap and tteokbokki with the assistance from Madam Shin. The taste was new to them but they truly enjoy eating the Korean dishes that they made.

Then, we had a group photo-taking session together with Madam Shin who was beautifully dressed in hanbok that day. It was their first time trying out Hanbok and they really like it, especially the girls ^^ We were glad that they enjoyed our presentation, the food, and the Hanbok experience throughout the whole event. Don’t forget to share your Korea experience with all your friends in UiTM Melaka!

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