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Today’s Tip 오늘의 꿀팁

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K-DRAMA’s queen and king are back!

New Drama Saimdang, theHerstory is coming up on Oh! K channel in June 2016



If you are a big fan of K-Drama, you would have watched the greatest 2 dramas of “대장금(Jewel in Palace:2003)” and “가을동화(Autumn in my heart:1999)” and amazed with the storyline and sentimental scenes. Here Ms. Lee Young Ae and Mr. Song Seung Heon are back with new drama “Saimdang, the Herstory” and it’ll be telecasted on Oh! K channel in June. What’s the story in the drama? Come see the story about the great lady in our history!

Lady Shin, Saimdang (October 29, 1504 – May 17, 1551) was a Korean artist, writer, calligraphist, noted poet, and the mother of the Korean Confucian scholar Yulgok. Often held up as a model of Confucian ideals, her respectful nickname was “Wise Mother”.  Shin Saimdang was born and raised in Gangneung at the home of her maternal grandparents. Her maternal grandfather taught his granddaughter as he would have a grandson, and being raised in that atmosphere, Shin Saimdang received an education that was not common in that period. Besides literature and poetry, she was adept at calligraphy, embroidery and painting.

Shin Saimdang’s artwork is known for their delicate beauty; insects, flowers, butterflies, orchids, grapes, fish and landscapes were favorite themes. Approximately 40 paintings of ink and stonepaint colors remain, although many others are assumed to exist.

<Picture 1> Ojukheon – Gangneung

Ojukheon is the birthplace of Korea’s most famous scholar and politician, Lee Yulgok and his mother, Shin Saimdang.

<Picture 2> Seongyojang – Gangneung

Seongyojang is the former upper class residence of the Naebeon Lee (1703-1781) noble family of Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do Province. The meaning of “Seon”, in Seongyojang, is boat. Gyeongpo Lake was directly in front of Seongyojang at the time it was built, thus making is accessible by boat.

<Picture 3> Korean 50,000 Won and 5,000 Won Note

Korean 50,000 Won bank note has Shin Saimdang (the main character of the drama). She was the greatest female calligraphist, poet, writer and artist in Joseon dynasty. She is famous as a role model of “wise wife, good mother”. She had mothered 7 children with great education skill thus all the children played big roles in the society as well.

Her 3rd son, Lee Yulgok on Korean 5,000 Won bank note was the most famous scholar and politician in Joseon dynasty. He had forecasted the future of Joseon and contributed to country by suggesting great idea.

This is the 1st time in history to have a mother and son on Korean bank note together.

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