Sports events in Korea

How do you like sports activity? Some of you may do sports to maintain healthy and to enjoy the same hobby with friends or family.  

The common reason will be “to make people happy and active”, which is same reason for travelling- So these days many people start to travel to Korea for sports activity as well.

Korea Tourism Organization is focusing on some sports activity linked up to the tourism together such as marathons, cycling, badminton and others. In Korea, we have a million numbers of sports event going on year-round and attracting the sportsman to join. Beside the sports event, the beautiful scenery in 4 season is appealing to participants and making them visit the event again next time.

Marathon Cycling Taekwondo Badminton 


Gyeongju Cherry Marathon 

The Gyeongju Cherry Marathon takes place during the peak cherry blossom bloom, drawing large crowds to participate in the event. Runners can choose from the full, half, 10 km, and 5 km courses, which start at the Gyeongju World Culture Expo Park. Gyeongju is a city where Korea’s long history and traditions are still alive. It is home to many relics and UNESCO World Heritage sites as well, making the city an open-air museum full of things to see and enjoy. So join in among the spring flowers and great spring weather at the Gyeongju Cherry Marathon!


Date: 1 Apr, 2017

Registration Period: TBA

Place: In front of Bodeok-dong Community Service Center

593, Gyeonggam-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsanbuk-do, Korea [경상북도 경주시 경감로 593 (천군동, 보덕동 주민센터) 앞]

Gathering place: Cheongun rest area, Cheongun-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea [경상북도 경주시 천군동 천군휴게소]



Seoul International Marathon

The Seoul International Marathon takes place during the beginning of spring season. Seoul International Marathon with the history of 87 years, is one of Seoul’s representative, international athletics event. While running across the marathon course, runners will see beautiful attractions including Sejongno, Cheonggyecheon Stream, Seoul Forest andTtukseom Resort. Runners can choose full and 10km course which start from Gwanghwamun square to Jamsil Stadium in Seoul. So join the Seoul International Marathon and enjoy watching a beautiful Seoul in the spring!

Image result for 서울국제마라톤 

Date : March (expectation)

Place: Gwanghwamun square – Jamsil Stadium in Seoul

Qualification: – Full : (1) Registered athlete (2) Healthy men and women aged over 18 – 10Km : Healthy men and women



Chuncheon Chosunilbo Marathon

The Chuncheon Chosunilbo Marathon takes place during the autumn season. While the runners are running, they can feel the weather of the autumn and enjoy the view of the maples on maple trees. Runners can choose from the full(42.195km)and 10km courses. Gangwon provide special offers to the Kaki Korea runners which are assign start line to group D, pre-reserve the changing room and booth, souvenirs along with application and waive off the entry fee for Nami island of Gangwon for sightseeing after the marathon. So join in among the great autumn weather and the special offers from Gangwon at the Chuncheon Chosunilbo Marathon!


Date : Sunday of 4th week in October every year (23rd of Oct, 2016)

Registration Period: June 1st ~ until 25,000 people participate in

Place: Hoban Street near Gongjicheon park at the Chuncheon city

Qualification: -Full : (1) Registered athlete (2) Healthy men and women aged over 18 -10Km : Healthy men and women

Marathon-package: -Participation souvenir, Bib number, Booklet (before the race)
 -Finisher’s Medal (after race)
 -Record Certificate (delivered after the race)



Jeju Mandarin Orange Marathon

The Jeju Mandarin Orange Marathon takes place during the late autumn season. Since Jeju Island is a UNESCO World Heritage sites, it have wonderful place during all of the seasons and 7 new wonder of nature so runners will definately enjoy the views and weather while they’re running. Runners can choose full, half, 10km and 5km courses, which start at the Seogwipo World Cup Stadium. So join the Jeju Mandarin Orange Marathon and enjoy this wonderful place!

Date: 13 Nov 2016, Sunday

Registration Period: 25 July – 9 Oct, 2016

Admission: 15,000krw (5km), 25,000krw (10km), 30,000krw (half), 40,000krw (full)

 **30% discount for kids & student (primary & secondary school)

 ** admission waiver applicable with a certain amount of participants




Tour de Korea

Tour de Korea is the cycling race going through 6 cities starting from Busan to Seoul and the distance of the race is 1,229km. Tour de Korea, which is 10th anniversary in this year, is growing as an international road cycling race representing Asia even though it has a short history. 


Date: Next year June (expectation)

Level of the race: UCI Asia Tour/ ME / 2.1 Class 

Participation in this event: UCI Professional Continental Team, UCI Continental Team, National Team




The World Taekwondo Hanmadang

The World Taekwondo Hanmadang, which shows the essentials of the martial art such as breaking, self defence and poomsae, is a contest held every year by Kukkiwon. In 1992, the World Taekwondo Hanmadang opened its first contest that brought together Taekwondo practitioners from all over the world. It has been recognized as the leading international competition on the various Taekwondo techniques and skills. The World Taekwondo Hanmadang introduces the cultural superiority of Taekwondo and promotes the martial art as a valuable Korean culture. 



Date: August 3rd – 6th, 2016

Place: Kukkiwon



The Gyeongju Korea Open International Taekwondo Championship

The Gyeongju Korea Open International Taekwondo Championship which have been held in peace and harmony since their inception in 2005. Gyeongju, as the host city of 2011 WTF world Taekwondo championships with great success, has many heritages related to Taekwondo and preservers the spirit of Hwarang, which is the root of Taekwondo and value courtesy and morality. This event will be a wonderful chance to experience the history of Taekwondo.

Date: June 30 – July 5, 2016

Place: Gyeongju, Korea

Tournament: Gyeorugi, Poomsae (Individual, Team, Pair)



The Chuncheon Korea Open International Taekwondo Championships

The Chuncheon Korea Open International Taekwondo Championships is held in Chuncheon Hoban Gymnasium in every 2 years. The event will devided into 3 section which are Gyeorugi, Gyeongyeon and belt by Gyeorugi.



Date: July(expectation) in every 2 years

Place: Chuncheon Hoban Gymnasium



The Zamst Badminton Contest

The Zamst Badminton Contest is the nationwide competition to the badminton club members in Korea. 1,600 people were attend to this competition so it proved that the Zamst Badminton Contest is popular among the people who play badminton in Korea, therefore there are many different level of people will join this event.  The competition will proceed by man’s double, woman’s double and mixed double with the level of A, B,
C, D
and beginners.

 잠스트 배드민턴 대회 성황리 개최


Age: from 20 years old to 50 years old

Fees: 20,000won per person


The Boryeong Mud Badminton Competition

The Boryeong Mud Badminton Competition is also a nationwide competition to the badminton club members in Korea. The event is famous because of The Boryeong Mud Festival held in Dae Cheon Beach Mud Plaza, so after the competition people can attend the festival. The level of the competition starting from A group to D group in a age from 20 years old to 60 years old.


Place: DaeCheon Gymnasium and other 3 Gymnasium

Fees: 20,000won per person


Yang Yang Song Yi Badminton Competition

The Yang Yang Song Yi Badminton Competition is a nationwide competition to the badminton club members in Korea. 3,000 of people were attended to this competition last year so it means it is a big competition in Korea and the competitor can attend the Song Yi festival after the match. The competition will proceed by mixed double, man’s double, woman’s double with the level of A, B, C, D. Above 70’s the competition will proceed without the levels.



Place: Yang Yang Gymnasium and other 3 Gymnasium

Fees: 20,000won per person






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