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Special Gogossing Seminar (11 November 2017): Premium Leisure City: SOKCHO

Sokcho is a city in Gangwon-do province, South Korea. It is located in the far northeast of Gangwon-do. Lying north of the 38th parallel, the city belonged to North Korea from 1945 until the end of the Korean War, when the dividing line between the two Korean states was officially altered. Abai Maeul was originally set up as an area to house North Korean refugees in Sokcho due to the separation of the two Koreas. Consequently, many of the population have relatives in North Korea. Today, Sokcho receives a number of tourists attracted by the closeness to the DMZ. The city is also a well-known gateway to nearby Seoraksan national park.

Sokcho offers many food districts to enjoys the local cuisine. Foodtown is a two block area dedicated to restaurants where visitors can find mainly Korean style beef pork and chicken restaurants. There are also some bars and noraebangs (singing rooms). Daepo harbor, outside of Sokcho on the road to Yangyang offers upwards of 100 individual mini restaurants serving raw, grilled, boiled and deepfried seafood of every variety. On the north side of Sokcho near the lighthouse visitors can also enjoy numerous raw fish restaurant as well as grilled. Abai Mauel, accessible by the Gaet-Bae offers more seafood and their own unique stuffed squid, Abai Sundae.

The presentation was done by Gangwon Province Manager, Ms Nuri Kim.

Our light meals provided by B-Station Restaurant, Ampang. The menu are Kimbap, Chicken Kimchi Stew, Dakgangjeong, Jachae and Sikye (Rice Punch drink).






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