Holiday season is around the corner. How is your vacation plan going on? For upcoming Winter season, Gangwon is ready with interesting ski festivals. Your first time to try skiing? No worries, we have a customized plan for beginners with professional trainers. Not only the ski training, the package program will offer the welcome dinner and ceremony to entertain you.

So let’s check the major ski festivals in Gangwon. 

Go!Go!SkiFun Ski and Snow Tube Race | Viva K-Food Festival 


Go! Go! Ski by High 1 Resort 

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Fun Ski and Snow Tube Race

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Viva K-Food Festival 


Daemyung Vivaldi Park is a leisure complex having water themed park, golf club and horse riding club as well. Along with a good accessibility from Seoul area, many visitors continuously find Daemyung Vivaldi Park. Daemyung Vivaldi Park starts with very new program as Viva K-Food Festival from Winter season of 2015. Uniquely Viva K-Food festival is a combination of ski training and Korean food experience. In this festival, you can learn skiing as well as attend Korean food cooking class! And of course, you will have a chance to try the street food styled snack as Tteokbokki and others also.


’16-17 Season Batch Plan


Special Point

Ski Snow Sled

K- CULTURE (K-food, K-cooking / K- night / Hand-Craft/ Hanbok)

<Korean Food>

During the festival, carefully selected Korean food will be served for ultimate Korea-experience. You will have chance to enjoy various Korean street & traditional food! The master chef of VIVALDI PARK- Jung Jin Seop, who has been nominated as ‘Master of Korean fermented food’ by World Food Culture Centre, will be in charge of all dishes.


<Cooking Class>

Interested but had no chances to make real Korean Food? Here’s the solution. The master chefs will teach you how to make real-Korean food, Gochujang, which is the most famous sauce & can be used in most of Korean dishes. The Gochujang you make in the class will be served as your meal! Furthermore, you will be given a bottle of Gochujang so that you can enjoy Korean Food in your home!


VIVA Call Hotline

017-6590034 / 012-5940034


VIVA Call Hotline operation hours

Monday – Friday 11am-6pm
Saturday 10.30am-2.30pm 
Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays




Please look forward to seeing more details and grab a chance to enjoy VIVA SKI & K-CULTURE FESTIVAL in Gangwon, Wonderland of Snow!


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