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Seoul International Fireworks Festival 2017

Seoul International Fireworks Festival (SFF) is definitely one of the significant festivals in Korea ever since it first launching in the year 2000 with the aim of wishing for peace and harmony in the twenty-first century. On this festival, over 1 million people will be flooding to Yeouido Hangang Park to experience a thrilling showcase of fireworks in the city. This year, Hanwha Corporation which is the representative of Korea cannon team will be competing with two world’s top cannon teams from the United States and Italy.


Period: 30 Sep 2017 (1 pm – 9 pm)

Location: Yeouido Hangang Park

Transportation: Yeouinaru Station (Seoul Subway Line 5) Exit 4 or Yeouido Station (Seoul Subway Line 5, 9) Exit 4. For more public transport info, visit bit.ly/2vFxURD



Various events and performances will be held along the way from Yeoinaru Station to Wonhyo Bridge, while the opening ceremony of the festival will be starting at 7 pm. After the magical fireworks, there will be a DJ concert at the location. Let’s have more fun while the night is still young.



Tips for those who are going to SFF

  1. Be there early (around 4 pm) to get a good spot in the park.
  2. Travel with the subway. The area will be partially blocked to traffic after 5 pm.
  3. Bring a long sleeve jacket or T-shirt in the case of mosquitoes.
  4. Get yourself a Chimaek (chicken & beer) while waiting or enjoying the firework display.


Don’t miss this festival if you are in Korea during that time!

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