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Seoul Food Festival 2017

Seoul Food Festival (SFF) is the largest food and drink festival in Asia which is organized by TV Chosun. On this festival, world’s top Michelin star chefs from all over the world will gather in Seoul and serve their signature dishes to the public and there will also have many other interesting programs.


Period: 28th Apr to 5 May 2017



SFF Programs

  • Picnic on the Bridge: “Two Bridge Festival” is the highlight of SFF. Michelin star chefs, chefs from Korea’s top luxury hotels, Korea’s local famous chefs, regional wineries, and breweries will gather at the beautiful Jamsoo Bridge to serve a variety of indulgent foods and drinks to the public. While enjoying the foods, there will also have many performances ongoing such as K-pop stars talk show, musical concerts, dancing, etc.
  • Master’s Workshop: World famous star chefs and young Korean chefs will share their signature recipes and cooking techniques in the workshop.
  • Solo Dinner: Chefs from Korea’s top luxury hotels will prepare a special dinner course for VIP guests.
  • Four hands Dinner: Korean top chefs and Michelin star chefs will experiment and create a new dish together.
  • Grand Banquet: A luxurious dinner course prepared by Michelin star chefs to the VIP guests.
  • Taste of Korea: Korea’s local famous chefs and Michelin star chefs will share their authentic Korea food recipes with the public.

For more info on the SSF programs, please visit Seoul Food Festival’s official website.


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