Reliance College

This time around, we are delighted to receive a visit from Hotel & Tourism Management students from Reliance College, Kuala Lumpur!

Our event first started with introduction on what activities will be going on that day by our Korea Plaza Manager, Rya. As many as 17 students from Reliance College participated for the seminar on Korea which was held on of 30th of March 2015.

After the brief introduction, our Assistant Director, Mr. Cho continued the session and delivered his talk on the history and development of Korea. The talk was very informative as the students could learn the geography and culture perspectives and other new interesting facts about Korea that they have never known before!

Then, we proceed our event with a quiz session with the fellow students. They were so eager to answer the questions and they did have so much fun trying to guess the correct answer in order to get the special prizes!

After the fruitful session, the students were given 30 minutes of break time and we had serve them with bread and milk as refreshment. They especially love the bread and pastries that we got from a Korean bakery, Tous Les Jours.

Here comes the fun part of the day! They were so excited to learn K-Pop dance for the first time and they showed great passion while dancing to ‘Good Boy’ by GD & Taeyang. Thanks to Ms Su Ann for teaching the students and having fun with them!

At the end of the event, the students got a chance to try out the beautiful Korean traditional costume which is called ‘hanbok’. Everyone looked pretty and graceful in it as they posed in front of the camera with their friends ^^

The event ended on a good note as we took a group picture of all of them together as an everlasting memory of their unforgettable experience. We hope everyone had a great time learning Korean culture and exploring the new aspect of Korea, and perhaps having Korea in mind as the next travel or study choice of destination!

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