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Recommended Attractions (2016 Autumn)

Korea is beautiful in Autumn season and the weather is just perfect to be outside. Every part of Korea is special and has its own attractions to visit. However, for this time we would like to share with you our recommendation of destinations for you to check out if you have plan to go to Korea during this coming fall season. To ease your mind, it will be best if you explore the destinations using the travel agents where they will ensure that you will enjoy your trip experience your autumn journey in Korea to the fullest!

The Beauty of Southeastern of Korea – Gyeongsang

The Southern part of Korea has its own beauty where it has become the favorite places to visit throughout the four seasons. However, the region will be exceptionally beautiful during the autumn season. Check out the recommendation below!



Mungyeong is a gorgeous place especially in autumn and to fully enjoy the nature scenery, visitors should not miss out from trying the Mungyeong Rail Bike. The rail bike used for the activity is a specially-designed bike that runs along the very same tracks that were once used by trains carrying coal across the country nearly 20 years ago. One can enjoy the beautiful landscape while paddling along the tracks and through the tunnel.

Travel Packages to Mungyeong:

1. Orient Escape Travel

2. Eden Tours & Travel



Located in the North of Gyeongsang, Andong Hahoe Folk Village is one of the historical & cultural sites which are renowned in Andong. It became famous after Queen Elizabeth of England visited the village in 1991. Hahoe Village was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List under the category of “Historic Villages in Korea” on July 31, 2010. Andong Mask Dance Festival is the major event here which will be held every autumn season and is surely not to be missed!

Travel Packages to Andong:

1. Parlo Tours

2. Eden Tours & Travel

3. Pearl Holiday

4. Triba East Travel



Another interesting location in Gyeongsangbuk-do will be the Anapji Pond. The pond wa
s originally
built in Wolseung Fortress but the fortress was destroyed. It was an exotic garden with beautiful flowers planted and rare animals. At night, colourful lights will be filling the pond area and the view is a favourite among photographers from all over the world. It is definitely the best to come here at night and enjoy the view!

Travel Packages to Gyeongju:

 1. Z.G. Nan Fang Holidays

 2. Orient Escape Travel

 3. Parlo Tours

 4. Asia Cathay Travel

 5. Golden Tourworld Travel

 6. Eden Tours & Travel

 7. Summit Holidays

 8. LV Travel & Tours

 9. ABC Holidays

 10. Pearl Holiday

 11. Triba East Travel



Daegu known officially as the Daegu Metropolitan City is the principal city of the surrounding North Gyeongsang Province. The Daegu E-World is a theme park that was remodelled as a European-style park. Nestled behind the park is the 83 Tower which is the symbol of Daegu. This place is best to go at night as colourful LED lights will fill the area.

Travel Packages to Daegu:

 1. Z.G. Nan Fang Holidays

 2. Parlo Tours

 3. Asia Cathay Travel

 4. Eden Tours & Travel

 5. Summit Holidays

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 6. LV Travel & Tours

 7. ABC Holidays

 8. Pearl Holiday

 9. Triba East Travel



Standing almost 1.2km and bordering five different cities and districts of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, Palgongsan Mountain is one of the major mountains in the Southern region. Palgongsan Cable Car runs a distance of 1.2km from the base of Palgongsan Mountain to an elevation of 800m. Visitors can see beautiful views while taking the cable car regardless either during autumn, winter, spring and summer.

Travel Packages to Daegu:

 1. Z.G. Nan Fang Holidays

 2. Parlo Tours

 3. Asia Cathay Travel

 4. Eden Tours & Travel

5. Summit Holidays

6. LV Travel & Tours

7. ABC Holidays

8. Pearl Holiday

9. Triba East Travel



Busan is a very exciting city for tourists whereyou can see a variety of landscapes from the ocean to the mountains, enjoy delicious foods, and the outstanding differences between day and night. The Songdo Cloud Bridge, located at Songdo Beach is the longest over-water walking path in Korea and is well-known for the glass and metal grating installed on the floor in various sections along the trail. These see-through areas allow you to see the ocean just below your feet, really driving home the feeling of walking on air!

Travel Packages to Busan:

1. Z.G. Nan Fang Holidays

2. Apple Holiday

3. Sri America Travel

4. Komtar Tours & Travel

5. Orient Escape Travel

6. Mayflower Holidays

7. Parlo Tours

8. Asia Cathay Travel

9. Golden Tourworld Travel

10. Eden Tours & Travel

11. Summit Holidays

12. LV Travel & Tours

13. ABC Holidays

14. Pearl Holiday

15. Triba East Travel



Another location to visit in Gyeongsangnam-do Province, located in Geoje will be the Oedo Botania Island. It is a European-like marine botanical garden located in Hallyeo Maritime National Park which has the beautiful view of the South Sea and the surrounding landscape. The garden on the island will change according to the season. Camellias and various kinds of rare flowers from all over the world can be found at Oedo. Definitely Oedo Botania Island is a true paradise.

Travel Packages to Geoje:

1. Asia Cathay Travel

2. Pearl Holiday



Gaining its popularity through K-drama called ‘My Love from the Star’; Jangsado Sea Park in Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnamdo has become a popular tourist destination. The island’s name derives from its long shape which resembles the ‘silk worm’. Camellia flowers can be found over the island from winter to spring and hydrangeas flowers will appear in the summer season. Thanks to its beautiful landscape and scenery, it is favourite location for many films and dramas including ‘Uncontrollably Fond’.

Travel Packages to Tongyeong:

1. Pearl Holiday




The Introduction of Marathons tourism in Korea

With the rising marathon activities globally, it has been a keen step for Korea Tourism Organization in introducing the marathon tourism to Malaysians. For this coming Autumn season, there will be two major marathons that will happen such as Chuncheon Chosunilbo International Marathon (October) and Jeju Mandarin International Marathon (November).


The Chuncheon Chosunilbo International Marathon is usually referred as the “Autumn Legend” and the running course is famed for its beauty by marathoners. It will be great way to enjoy the fantastic autumn foliage while running in Chuncheon. The run will be during the peak fall season (23rd October 2016) so if you are interested to experience these activities while in Korea, contact listed agents for more details.

Travel Agency for Marathon:

1. Goal Travel


Known as the island with full of delicious Mandarin oranges, the Jeju Mandarin International Marathon is definitely an event that should be looking forward to by marathoners. It will be a great opportunity to enjoy the nature beauty of Jeju Island while running through the trees of mandarin oranges. The race will be on 13th November 2016.


Fun Festivals to Experience in Korea in this Autumn season!


Going by the slogan ‘All for all and all for one in Busan’, 2016 Busan One Asia Festival, an anticipating musical festival will be held amid the bustling city of Busan. The festival is not just showcasing the popular Hallyu stars, but also the Asian culture as a whole. The One Asia Festival is said to be the representative in cultural context of Asia which will set to proliferate the dynamic image of Busan and the Korean Wave to the world. The festival will happen for 23 days beginning from 1st October 2016 – 23rd October 2016. 



Knowing as one of the most popular festivals, the Busan Fireworks Festival will take place every October along the Gwangalli Beach. With colourf
ul fireworks
, high-tech laser light shows, diversity of cultural events and many more makes it flock with large number of crowds every time. The event will happen on 22nd October 2016.


The major cultural attraction for Andong is the Andong Mask Dance Festival. The Mask Dance Festival has over 50 events and hands-on experience programs including the National & International Mask Dance Performance, World Mask Competition, original mask performances; mask dance learning, madang play, original puppet plays, a world mask exhibit, mask making and more.
The festival will begin on 30th September 2016 – 9th October 2016

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