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Recommended Attractions (2015 Autumn)

As we step into the second half of the year, it is the time when Korea transforms into a palette of breathtaking colors highlighting the beauty of autumn season. 

Jeolla Province


Baegyangsa Temple


One of the best places for viewing Korea’s autumn crimson leaves is none other than Naejangsan (“Naejang” equivalent to “many secrets” and “san” which means “mountain” in Korean). Located and being designated as a national park in the Jeolla-do province, it has  some of the finest autumn foliage in Korea. The best known temple spots are the Autumn Foliage Tunnel that leads to Naejangsa Temple, as well as the reflection of Ssanggyeru Pavilion and Baekhakbong Peak at the pond in front of Baegyangsa Temple.

Mt. Maisan Provincial Park is located in Jinan-gun, Jeollabuk-do. During the Silla Kingdom, it was called Seodasan, during the Goryo Dynasty, Yongchulsan, and finally named Maisan during the Joseon Dynasty. There is a myth that has been passed down through the generations regarding Mt. Maisan. It tells of two gods that came down from the sky, had a child and lived on earth for a while. As they were going back up to the sky, a village woman saw them ascending, and were trapped on earth and were transformed in to a rock mountain. Even today, you can see the father peak and the child peak, and the mother peak on the other side. The pagodas atop Mt. Maisan were built from native rocks and the top of these towers look as sharp as nails.

 Jeonju Hanok Village

Another destination which we would like to highlight would be the Jeonju Hanok Village, which is located in the city of Jeonju and overlaps Pungnam-dong and Gyo-dong. There are over 800 traditional Korean ‘hanok’ houses. While the rest of city has been industrialized, Hanok Maeul retains its historical charms and traditions. At Jeonju Hanok Village, when the autumn season is at its peak, the place will be covered with the vivid autumn colours while the huge and old ginkgo tree standing majestically tall with its gorgeous yellow leaves.


Autumn leaves in Beomeosa Temple


Gamcheon Cultural Village

Gamcheon Cultural Village or Taegukdo Village would be the must visit place whenever you are in Busan. With pastel paints, quirky art installations and chirpy wall murals, Gamcheon Culture Village is the kind of place to go to put a smile in your heart. Gamcheon Culture Village is a hub for artists and arts students who constantly create projects to be exhibited at the village. Famous for its brightly coloured terrace houses spread across the face of a steep hill looking out to the sea, Gamcheon Culture Village has been nicknamed Santorini of the East.

Busan International Fireworks Festival 2015

The “Busan Fireworks Festival” takes place every October along Gwangalli Beach (Diamond Bridge). The festival’s diverse programs of cultural events, high-tech laser light shows, and myriad of unique and colorful fireworks make this one of the area’s most popular festivals, drawing crowds of over 1 million visitors each year.

 Jeju Island

 Autumn in Hallasan

Muslim-friendly foods

Jeju Self-drive

There are various attractions all over the island and self-drive is probably one of the best ways to tour Jeju Island. The most popular course is 1132 Ilju Road, along which you will get to see many small villages around Jeju. The best sections are past a group of oreum (small hilly landscape caused by the volcanic activity) in Songdang and the windy road between Aewol and Jeoji. With all the beautiful coastal roads that can be explored through self-drive, one will definitely leave Jeju, bringing back the scenic views imprinted in their mind.

Gangwon-do Province

 Seoraksan (Mt. Sorak)



Chuncheon Chosun Ilbo Marathon 

Chuncheon Chosun Ilbo (The major newspaper company in South Korea) marathon has come with a very long history since 1947. With an inspiration from Mr.Ki-Jung Son, the gold medallist at 11th Olympic in Berlin, Chosun Ilbo with the intention of enhancing the spirit of unity and strength in the Korean people after Liberation, the Chosun Ilbo has started to hold the marathon race until nowadays.

Marathon is held with programs of full course (42.195km) and 10km courses. Whoever is healthy and over 18 years old can join the full course and entry fee is applied.

 Gangwondo Jeongseon – Skywalk, Rail bike

Jeongseon in the east side of Gangwon is full of outdoor life. This beautiful county having a sorrow of Arirang, the traditional folk song in Korea used to be the biggest mining town for many years. Now it has been reborn as a place of outdoor life by recycling the infrastructures from previous era.

Skywalk – From the Skywalk, you can walk through glass floor and enjoy the view of Korean Peninsula shaped valley and river. Rail Bike – Rail Bike is a chain-driven cycle that is ridden on railroad built for cargo train for mines before. It takes an hour and gives you a beautiful view of mountain area, even running man members were amazed with rail bike.

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