Politeknik Muadzam Shah, Pahang

We received a visit from students of Politeknik Muadzam Shah, Pahang last week. Check out the exciting story here!

On 30th September, as many as 40 students from Cultural and Heritage Club visited our Korea Plaza on that day. We were pleased to receive their visit as the main purpose of it to learn more about Korean culture. The event started with a brief introduction on the function of Korea Plaza and what kind of activities that Korea Tourism Organization organized here by one of the KTO staff. We could see that the students were pretty excited about visiting here for the first time and in awe with the Hanbok set and Korean traditional food that were displayed there. Our Assistant Director, Mr Chun Cho began the session with presentation on Korea, its culture, history, and latest attraction. Since we have informed that there be quiz coming up soon based on the presentation and we have prepared special gifts for the lucky winner as well, the students seemed to give full attention during the session. 

 We had a quiz session that was held right after that and of course they managed to answer almost of the questions correctly, despite getting just a brief info about Korea. Congratulations again to all the lucky winners! ^^

Next up was the Korean cooking class by Chef Lee, the owner of B Station restaurant in Ampang and the writer of the Hanokstay book. Chef Lee was kind enough to teach the students on how to make the famous Korean dishes which are Kimbap (seaweed rice roll) and Tteokbokki (spiy rice cake).

He carefully explained and demonstrated to the students step by step.

Happy with the taste! <3

 After the demonstration ended, all the students got the chance to cook the dishes on their own! They managed to cook everything from scratch and we were glad that they liked the taste of Korean food. 

We were even surprised that the boys did pretty well on rolling and making the Kimbap! Well done everyone! ^^

 The two goofy boys! Be careful with the knife people ^^

 After the cooking session ended, we let the students to try out the Hanbok with the assistance from our Korean interns. They were really happy that they got to try out the traditional clothes for the first time! We had a group photo session in front of our Korea Plaza with together Chef Lee and the lecturers. Everyone looked so good in the Hanbok outfit, both boys and girls ^^

The visitation session ended around 1PM and we bid goodbye to the students. We hope that they had a great time at our Korea Plaza and shared it with their friends back in their college. Don’t forget to come visit us again at Korea Plaza and see you soon in Korea!

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