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New Korea Travel App – Korea Travel Books

Thinking about taking a trip to Korea, or already in the country? Carry our interactive guides with you. Korea Travel Books is an e-book application launched by Korea Tourism Organization that have all the information you need about everything that’s exciting, inspiring and creative in Korea.


Whether you’re looking for a tourist map, a great place to eat, a unique accommodation or a fun activity to try, Korea Travel Books has got you covered. The app supports up to 3 languages (English, Chinese & Japanese) and has real-time weather and exchange rate updates for over 200 countries. You can write, underline or highlight on pages, then save for future reference.

And the best part is the app is for absolutely Free!

How to Download on Your Phone?

  1. Google Play Store – http://bit.ly/2vcFWzR
  2. App Store – http://apple.co/2vFGscq


Download and start planning your Korea trip easily!

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