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Jeju Welcomes You, Muslim Traveller!



Also known as the Hawaii of South Korea, Jeju Island is a must visit place in South Korea if you are looking for natural landscape. Having won UNESCO-accredited titles such as Biosphere Reserve, World Nature Heritage and Geopark, Jeju is a world-renowned treasure island worthy of worldwide attention and conservation.

But wait…..where can you get Muslim friendly food and perform solat comfortably in Jeju??

Being a Muslim, also a traveller at the same time in a foreign land is the most difficult time ever.  Whoever experienced this kind of situations know how the struggle we have. But, now Muslim travellers too can experience the splendour of Jeju Island without having to compromise on their faith-based requirements.

Jeju is now having some research on Muslim halal industry to expand the Muslim travellers to enjoy Jeju with such an ease and comfortable feeling ^^

Some of the Jeju Island’s best dining spots for Muslim travellers also provided with contact details so that they can be located with ease. Each restaurant has also been a Muslim-friendly.



Jeju also has services for Muslims, which provides essential items for prayer (a mat, Quran and Qiblat). 

Do check it out  so that there’s no big prolem regarding solat and eating in Jeju anymore!





Don’t forget to check out the recommendations of what to eat in the beautiful Jeju!

 Yes, Jeju welcomes YOU, Muslim Malaysian people!



So? Wanna come to Korea with me?


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