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Muslim-Friendly Routes in Korea Travel Guidebook

Traveling aboard is always exciting and fun, especially if you are visiting a country with a unique culture like Korea. The country’s charms await you – more than 5,000 years of history, unique geographical features as peninsula with mountainous terrain, delectable foods, plus K-pop and hallyu culture.

Muslim-Friendly Routes in Korea introduces Korea’s unique charms, and it provides useful information specially geared for Muslims, such as locations of Muslim prayer rooms, Muslim-friendly restaurants plus other travel tips. There are 3 parts in the book, which include 10 traveling themes in Korea, 10 suggested tour courses in Korea and Korea travel information. From Hallyu to shopping, and from natural landscape to beauty wellness, we got all of your interests covered!



Get the book now from Korea Plaza for FREE and worry less about cultural inconveniences during your travels. We hope you enjoy your time in Korea and create as many memorable experiences as possible.

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