MSU, Shah Alam Campus

We had about 50 students from Management Science University visited Korea Plaza on Saturday (31st January 2015) for the unique Korean cultural experience!

The students who participated in the event are the members of the Korean Cultural Association in their university. Our event started with a short presentation by our Assistance Director, Mr Cho Hyun Cho. It was a fruitful presentation as the students were feed with various information on the history and culture of Korea.

The presentation was followed by some interesting videos produced by Korea Tourism Organization. The videos include $10 tour in Korea as well as the newly produced mini movie. The students also enjoyed Korean cooking class by Mr John Lee who is from the Hana Press Publisher and who is also the chef of B- station restaurant. On that day the students made 고추전 (gochujeon aka chilli pepper stuffed meat) 고기완자전 (gogiwanjajeon aka meat pancake) with the guidance of Mr John Lee. It was really really tasty!

After the students filled their tummy with food that they made themselves, they had an opportunity to try on hanbok (Korean traditional costume) and take pictures among themselves. They even managed to experience wearing the royal hanbok! Before the students left, we managed to take a group picture together with Mr John Lee and Mr Cho. 


 We hope that the students will gain a new insight on Korean food, language and culture and and visit Korea soon in the future!


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