MICE Experience Programs

MICE Experience Programs in Korea

Finding out what kind of unique activities that you should try out in Korea? Have a look at our suggestions on what kind of exciting activities your group can experience here!



Hanbok Fashion Show

Looking for a fun team-building activity in Korea that incorporate both traditional and modern aspects? Why not try out our Hanbok Fashion Show suggestion! It’s fun, simple and entertaining for your incentive groups to try out!


Korean Style Makeup Class

Appearance and beauty have always be the two major aspects for South Korean people. Since the country is famous for its ever-evolving beauty trends, you can’t just escape from admiring their makeup style and how good it looks on them! Plan a Korean makeup class for your incentive group and it would definitely be something that they would never forget in South Korea!


Perfume Making Experience at Jeju Cafe Story in Jeju Island

Learn how to make your own natural based perfume at Jeju Cafe Story in Jeju Island! Famous for its natural resources, you will learn on how to make perfume from natural oil and dried flowers. Apart from that, you will also get the chance to make house fragrance and other items and the best part it, you can bring it home! ^^

Korean Skincare-Making Experience at Skylake Cosmetic Café in Daegu

Similar like the perfume-making activity, here you can learn on how to make your own skincare item from scratch. It’s an interesting activity for all genders and all range of age, since you can learn and control what kind of ingredients that will go into the skincare that you use.


K-pop Dance Class at Real K-pop Dance Studio in Hongdae, Seoul

Since Hallyu Wave has caused K-pop craze all across the globe, there is no reason that you should not be trying out the K-Pop Dance Class in Seoul! Equipped with live DJ and famous dance instructor from big entertainment companies, you can definitely feel the rush and excitement of the latest K-pop music sensation!


Cheese & Ice-cream Making Experience at Uiyaji Wind Village in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do

One thing for sure, you definitely can’t miss trying out their cheese and ice cream making experience. You can learn on how to make it from scratch, au naturel without the preservatives and food additives! They have a large space caters for big incentive groups so you should include this in your itinerary. Apart from cheese and ice-cream, they also have a class on pizza and chocolate making activity as well. 


Korean Cooking Class Experience at O’ngo Food Communication in Insadong, Seoul

This private culinary class is perfect for your client to experience on how to make famous Korean dishes like bulgogi (stir fry beef), pajeon (Korean pancake), various of jjigae (soup), all up according to your client’s request. Smaller class size means more conductive session for your clients to learn on how to make these dishes. The cooking teacher is also a great English speaking chef with immense experience, so that your clients will have the best time learning about Korean food its history.

 Tile-Art Making Experience at  Clay Arch Museum in Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do

Located near to Gimhae Airport Busan, you can experience on making this unique tile art. With spacious classroom, hassle free activity at affordable rate, this would be good for both leisure and incentive groups. You can also visit the tile museum afterward before departing to the airport.

Fishcake Making Experience at Goraesa Company in Busan

Another exciting hands on activity to be tried out here in Korea is the fishcake making activity. There are two famous fishcake companies in Busan, Go
raesa and Samjin and you can try to make your own fish
cake bar from scratch. It is really tasty and healthy since you can control the ingredients used while making it.


Sea-Rex Kayak Experience

Looking for a great team building that incorporate sport activity? Why not trying out kayaking activity in the beautiful Jeju Island? We visited there to inspect the kayak activity for Malaysian incentive groups. The staff there provided very detailed explanation on how to row and direction of rowing. We were given safety jacket and gloves and each boat can accommodate around 8-9 people. Before the competition started, they divided us into 3 teams and instructed us on how to row after we completed the warm up session. They pulled our boats to the starting point at middle of the sea before the competition began. The first team that arrives at the final point will win the competition and receive a prize from the company. Apart from kayak activity, you can also experience the exciting rafting activity in Hongcheon, Gangwon Province and it is not located that far from Seoul city!

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