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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Photo: Baekje Cultural Land

What would a love look like between a woman from the 21st century and a man from the early first century? If you’re curious, tune in to the recent historical TV Drama, “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.” The drama tells the destined love story of a 21st century woman, Ko Ha-jin (played by IU, also playing Hae Soo of the Goryeo Dynasty) who is transported to the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392), where she meets and falls in love with the fourth crown prince, Wang So (played by Lee Joon-gi).

In particular, the royal palaces of the Goryeo period featured in the drama are receiving plenty of attention from the viewers, both local and overseas. When visiting Korea, be sure you don’t miss out on these great tourist attractions and filming locations from “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo!”

Photo: Cheonjuho Lake

In the first episode of “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo,” Ko Ha-jin falls into the water, thereby entering a time slip to appear in the Goryeo Dynasty. This scene, with its fantastic background of waters and cliffs was filmed at Cheonjuho Lake at Pocheon Art Valley.

The razor-straight cliffs and emerald waters of the lake at Pocheon Art Valley were created by the granite quarry located here in the past. The area was converted into a tourist attraction in the 1990s. Cheonjuho Lake was created by spring waters and rain runoff filling up the hole created when the rock was quarried out. The deepest point of the lake is a mere 20 meters. In addition to Cheonjuho Lake, Pocheon Art Valley facilities include Pocheon Astronomical Science Museum, outdoor theater, walking paths, a sculpture park and more. Pocheon Art Valley is located atop a mountain with the walking paths traversing steep slopes, but using the monorail makes traveling around the site easy for all visitors.

  • ☞ Address: 234, Artvalley-ro, Sinbuk-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • ☞ Directions: Walk approx. 200m from Pocheon Intercity Bus Terminal to Sineup 7-tong∙Pocheon Chukhyup Entrance Bus Stop → Take Bus No. 87-1 to Cheonjusa Bus Stop → Walk approx. 300m to Pocheon Art Valley
  • ☞ Operating hours: March-October 09:00-22:00 (Last admission 20:00) / November-February 09:00-21:00 (Last admission 19:00)
    * Mondays: close at 19:00 (Last admission 18:00)
  • ☞ Fare
    Admission: Adults 5,000 won / Teens 3,000 won / Children 1,500 won
    Monorail: Adults round-trip 4,500 won, one-way 3,500 won / Teens round-trip 3,500 won, one-way 2,500 won / Children round-trip 2,500 won, one-way 1,800 won
  • ☞ Website: (Korean only)

Photo: Drama filming set at Ondal Tourist Park

Ondol Tourist Park is a complex of a variety of tourist facilities and attractions, drawing in many visitors. The filming set, one of the more popular attractions, has recreations of China’s Imperial Palace, the houses of noblemen and commoners, and a traditional shopping district of the past. The filming set has been used in many historical dramas, from “Yeon Gaesomun (2009)” and “The Legend (2007)” to “Faith (2012)”, “The Flower in Prison (2016)” and more. Visitors can freely tour the set, as well as see the costumes and props used for the actual filming. Ondal Tourist Park’s filming set is used for the palace of the Goryeo princes in “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.”

Photo: Ondal Cave

Ondal Cave is a limestone cave estimated to have formed over 400 million years ago. The cave features both stalagmites and stalactites among other cave formations. Approximately 760 meters in length, the cave is on the small side but the cave’s high and low points create an exciting feeling when exploring their vast differences. The cave is a great attraction year-round, with a stable temperature of around 15 degrees Celsius. Safety helmets are provided at the entrance and must be worn at all times inside the cave for a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • ☞ Address: 23, Ondal-ro, Yeongchun-myeon, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
  • ☞ Directions: Take a Danyang-Guinsa Bus from Danyang Intercity Bus Terminal to Ondalsanseong Bus Stop → Walk approx. 30m to Ondal Tourist Park.
  • ☞ Operating hours: Summer season 09:00-18:00 / Winter season 09:00-17:00 (Last admission one hour before closing)
  • ☞ Admission: Adults 5,000 won / Teens 3,500 won / Children 2,500 won

Photo: Panorama of Baekje Cultural Land

The main filming site of “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo,” Baekje Cultural Land is a recreation of a Baekje palace from the Three Kingdoms Period. The tourist complex is home to a recreation of the great Sabigung Palace;
Baekje’s repr
esentative temple, Neungsa Temple; Living Culture Village, showing a variety of housing styles across social classes; Wiryeseong Fortress, the nation’s first capital building; and ancient royal tombs which show the culture of funerals and burials.

Photo: Five-story Wooden Pagoda (left) / Living Culture Village (right)

When visiting Baekje Cultural Land, the first thing to catch the eye is the large, five-story wooden pagoda of Neungsa Temple. Shooting straight up to a height of 38 meters, this wooden structure is visible from a great distance. It is also famous for being Korea’s first recreated wooden pagoda from the Baekje Period.

Tile-roofed houses and thatched-roof houses gather together in peaceful harmony at the Living Culture Village. Visitors can see the lifestyle and customs of the Baekje people here. The houses, ranging from the highest of noblemen to various artisans and down into the lowest class of laborers, are elaborately decorated for an exciting look into the past.

  • ☞ Address: 455, Baekjemun-ro, Gyuam-myeon, Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
  • ☞ Directions: Take a taxi for approx. 6.5km from Buyeo Intercity Bus Terminal.
  • ☞ Operating hours: March-October 09:00-18:00 / November-February 09:00-17:00 (Closed Mondays & Jan. 1)
  • ☞ Admission: Adults 4,000 won / Teens 3,000 won / Children 2,000 won (Baekje Historical Museum included in admission)
  • ☞ Website: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Photo: Baekhwajeong Pavilion atop Nakhwaam Rock (left) / Baengmagang River & ferry (right)

Busosan Mountain is more of a hill than a mountain, only reaching 100 meters above sea level. Despite its low elevation, the mountain once served as the capital city and palace of the Baekje Dynasty, and is now known as Busosanseong Fortress. When entering from the main gate of Busosanmun Gate, the walking path winds through a dense forest before reaching the cliffs of Nakhwaam Rock, over 40 meters above the waters of Baengmagang River. Nakhwaam Rock gets its name from the story of Baekje court ladies jumping off the cliffs to their death in order to keep their fidelity as the joined forces of Silla and China’s Tang Dynasty overthrew the Baekje kingdom.

Below Nakhwaam Rock, at the foot of the cliff is Goransa Temple, estimated to have been built during the Baekje Dynasty. Visitors who want to get a better look at the cliffs and river can take the Goransa Ferry and enjoy a tour of Baengmagang River.

Photo: Gwanbuk-ri Relics

Located just south of Busosanseong Fortress is Gwanbuk-ri Relics, believed to be the remains of the royal palace from the Baekje period. Remains of historic roads, water drainage systems, ponds and more have been uncovered here. Gwanbuk-ri Relics and Busosanseong Fortress were included in the Baekje Historic Areas, designated a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 2015.

  • ☞ Address: Gwanbuk-ri, Buyeo-eup, Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
  • ☞ Directions: Walk approx. 500m from Buyeo Intercity Bus Terminal.
  • ☞ Operating hours: March-October 08:00-18:00 / November-February 09:00-17:00
  • ☞ Admission: Adults 2,000 won / Teens 1,100 won / Children 1,000 won

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Descendants of the Sun

DRAMA FILMING LOCATION of Descendants of the Sun

Have Descen
dants of
the Sun still lingered in your mind? This was the hottest K-drama of 2016 yet and has been rated that it went out of typical K-drama style. We believed the success factor was not only Song Joong Ki but the great storyline about philanthropy and patriotism as well.

But did you know that Gangwon province, Incheon & Gyeonggi-do has a filming location for Descendants of the Sun? Most probably many of you would think they had a filming in Greece only though but here we would like to tell you the “secret” filming location and what scenes were taken over here!

Jeongseon County

Jeongseon is the original place of Arirang song, which features Koreans’ sorrowful feeling. Also Jeongseon inspires visitors how the mining town has transformed into a great outdoor life town.

Samtan Art Mine (삼탄아트마인) 

Samtan refers to Samcheok Tanjwa, one of major coal mines in Korea which used to be a main producing place of anthracite. Samtan Art Mine is a meaningful that the mine site became an artistic site despite its historically poignant history. Many important scenes were taken here.

EP3) While workers work in construction site, earthquake begins.

Taebaek City

Taebaek is a city near located between Jeongseon and Samcheok city and sit adjacent to Gyeongsangbukdo province as well. Situated in 650 m ~ 700 m, Taebaek is the highest city in South Korea.365 safetown is a centre to experience the natural disaster such as earthquake, fire and to learn how to react to the unexpected situation.

Taebaek’s famous food is Mul Dakgalbi, which is stir-fried chicken but soupy style and has a very unique taste along with wild vegetable on top of it.

Hanbo Coal Mine (한보탄광)

Hanbo Coal Mine opened business in 1982 and led coal industry of Korea in ’80-90’s. By the slowdown in coal demand, it has completely stopped the operation in 2008 and transformed into a museum to tell the history to the visitors.

Hanbo Coal Mine performed as a military camp for Taebaek base in the drama. Here are the scenes in EP3 taken in Hanbo Coal Mine.

Scene 1) Taebaek soldiers were running around and Dr. Kang was amazed with them and Captain Yoo was feeling jealous on it.

Scene 2) Dr. Lee was having a happy photo taking time and warned by soldier to delete the picture of him as soldiers shouldn’t be taken

Scene 3) Captain Yoo apologized Dr. Kang that his pranks have gone too far and acknowledged to Korean national anthem together, confessing “I am glad to meet you again.”. 

Camp Greaves in Paju

Renovated and reopened in 2013, Camp Greaves is a former U.S. military base-turned-group youth hostel for civilians located just alongside the DMZ, an area off limits to the public. The facility still features many of the amenities from its heyday, such as a gym, bowling alley and ammo dumps. Since it is located in close proximity to Imjingak, the Third Infiltration Tunnel, and Dora Observatory and Dorasan Station, it is a great place from which to take day tours of the surrounding area its many attractions, all of which highlight the surreal, ongoing, and yet sad history of the two nations. Its is featured in episodes 2, 4, 9 and 11.

Address:  137, Jeoksipja-ro, Gunnae-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
Phone: +82-31-953-6970
More info:

Dal.komm COFFEE shop in Bundang (Gyeonggi-do)

Nestled away in a luxurious upscale suburban district called Jeongja, this coffee shop of the dal.komm COFFEE franchise was featured in the first and the thirteenth episode of Descendants of the Sun. It’s a great place to just relax and hang out with your friends.

Address: 234
Jeongja 1 ro, Budang-gu, Seongnam City, Gyeonggi-do

Phone: +82-31-712-1581


Wolmido Island & Sinpo street (Incheon)

Captain Yoo Si-jin(played by Song Joong-ki) and Sergeant Major Seo Dae-young(played by Jin Goo) played BB gun shooting game in Wolmido

Captain Yoo Si-jin and Sergeant Major Seo Dae-young captured a thief in the Sinpo street

IFEZ PR Center in Songdo (Incheon)

IFEZ PR Center is the filiming location where Captain Yoo Si-jin and Sergeant Major Seo Dae-young had served as a guard for VIP and got a gun shot in the drama “Descendants of the Sun”

This is located on the 33rd fl of the G-Tower and  introduces the development plan and progress status of its projects in Incheon Economic Free Zone. Through state-of-the-art exhibition facility of the simulation experience including the three-screen video media show, IFEZ PR Center shows the future vision of IFEZ and its development into one of the world’s top 3 free economic zones.

Dal.komm Coffee in Songdo (Incheon)

This café is the filming location of the drama <Descendants of the Sun) where Captain Yoo Si-jin surprised Doctor Kang Mo-yeon (played by Song Hye-kyo) by appearing near her house after he was back from his mission. They had a drink in dal.komm Coffee where Doctor Kang Mo-yeon named their differences and decided to end their brief relationship.

Oakwood Premier Incheon in Songdo (Incheon)

Oakwood hotel in Songdo where  the chief  director of the hospital and Doctor Kang Mo-yeon had an argument.

Situated only about 20 minutes’ drive from Incheon International Airport, Oakwood Premier Incheon commands the most spectacular views as it is located on the upper floors (36 ~ 64) of Korea’s highest building, the Northeast Asia Trade Tower (NEATT), a landmark of the Songdo International Business District. Oakwood Premier Incheon offers convenient access to adjacent facilities such as Songdo Convensia, the international business district, Bio Research Complex, Lotte Mall, Jack Nicklaus Golf Club, Incheon Art Center, Central Park, Sun Rise Park and other cultural facilities.


My Love from the Star

Korean drama My Love from the Star first premiered on December 18, 2013, and tells the story of an alien who landed on Earth some 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty and falls in love with a top star actress in the modern era. In this sweet and animated fantasy romance, extraterrestrial Do Min-jun finds himself falling in love with top star Cheon Song-yi, and saving her when she finds herself in perilous situations multiple times. The drama ended with lots of buzz about top stars Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun. Read on to learn more about the drama’s filming locations, which have drawn a lot of recent attention among the show’s fans.

Filming Locations

Café Alley in Baekhyeon-dong, Bundang

Episode 2 features a scene where Do Min-jun passes a street on a bicycle. This street is the Café Alley of Baekhyeon-dong (or Pangyo Café Alley), one of the three café alleys in Bundang. At the end of the alley is coffee shop “I’m Home.” This shop is housed in a retro-style building, and has long been known for being small and cozy. Café Alley has gained in popularity since appearing in the drama.

  • Operating Hours : 10:00~24:00
  • Location : 3-1 Pangyoyeok-ro 10-gil, Bundang-gu,Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do 
  • How to Get There : From Exit 2 of Pangyo Station (Sindundang Line), walk about 20 minutes.

The Flower-Scented Cartoon Café

The cartoon café run by Cheon Song-yi’s friend Bokja that appears in Episode 3 is a real comic book café. Do Min-jun visits the café to get comic books for Cheon Song-yi, and she also later comes here to consult with Bokja (a fortuneteller) about her relationship with Min-jun. Visitors can also read comics and take pictures. According to the shop assistant, people were unaware of the filming because it all took place in the early mornings. The shop has become popular with frequent visits by drama fans. It costs 2,000 won to read comic books for an hour and 5,000 won for up to three hours. Note that the shop does not really have the VIP room in which Cheon Song-yi reads comic books in the show. 

  • Location : B1, 50-6, Changc
    heon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
  • How to Get There : From Exit 3 or 4 of Sinchon Station (Line 2), go straight toward the Ewha Womans University, Hyeongje Galbi restaurant.

Hangang River Ferry Cruise

The Hangang River ferry cruise is popular among both local and international travelers. In Episode 4, a movie star invites other elite individuals to her private wedding on a rented ferry cruise. During the wedding, a mysterious homicide occurs. Professor Do and Cheon Song-yi also share their first kiss on the ferry. The Hangang River runs through the heart of Seoul, and is symbolic among Koreans. About 20 bridges light up the river at night. All visitors to Seoul are bound to cross over one of the bridges at some point during their trip to the capital city. The ferry cruise starts from the Yeouido Wharf and Jamsil Wharf. There are 11 departures from Yeouido and seven departures from Jamsil. During the Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain performance, those aboard the ferry can enjoy a beautiful night view of the rainbow fountain twice each day. The other ferry cruises offer live performances during this period. The cruise also offers a buffet lunch and dinner every day. The dinner buffet starts at 60,000 won. 

  • Operating Hours : 11:00~21:00
  • How to Get There : From Exit 3 of Yeouinaru Station (Line 5), walk about 7 minutes.

Hakrim Dabang

In Episode 8, Professor Do and Lawyer Jang play a round of janggi (Korean chess) at a café called Hangnim Dabang, which has been in business since 1956. When it first opened, it was a popular gathering place among Seoul National University students as well as figures from the art world—music, fine arts, theatrical plays, literature. The tables and chairs are still arranged in the same way as they were in the past, providing a unique old-fashioned ambiance. In addition to coffee and tea, the shop is famous for its cream cheese cake, made right at the cafe. The shop also has numerous old vinyl albums on display. Together with the piano and various coffee utensils, the old songs played with these records behind the counter enhance the café ambiance, taking visitors back to a special time in Korea’s modern history. The shop was also a filming location in Korean dramas The Heirs and High Kick Through the Roof.

  • Location : 94-2 Myeongryun 4-ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  • How to Get There : From Exit 3 of Hyehwa Station (Line 4), go straight about 60m.

Jangam Reservoir

The 10th episode features a scene where Cheon Song-yi and Do Min-jun spend time together in the snow-covered outdoors. This scene was filmed at the beautiful Jangam Reservoir in Gungmangbong Recreational Forest in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do. The reservoir is a bit tricky to find, making it relatively less known to the general public. Behind the reservoir are majestic mountain peaks and a beautiful lake. In the winter, visitors can also enjoy camping on the ice.

  • How to Get There : From Dongseoul Express Terminal, take a bus bound for Pocheon, and take a taxi to Gukmangbong Natural Forest (taxi fare : about 7,000won).

Korean Folk Village

Episode 11 goes back to a scene in the Joseon Dynasty. Do Min-jun consults with Heo Jun, a noted Oriental medicine doctor of the time, and confesses that he came from a far-away star. This scene was filmed at the Korean Folk Village in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do inside a straw shoe workshop. The shop normally displays Korean traditional straw shoes. The Korean Folk Village offers a great harmony between traditional Korean homes called hanok and the surrounding landscape. Lucky visitors can also spot a traditional Korean wedding or shooting of a movie or drama. Photo zones have also been set up at areas where movies and dramas were filmed, so visitors can take pictures against an array of backgrounds.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

In Episode 14, Cheong Song-yi shoots a scene where performs a stunt, diving off the side of the building supported by wires attached to her body. This scene was filmed in the well-known Dongdaemun area of Seoul. Resembling a space ship and located across from the Dongdaemun shopping malls, Design Plaza & Park, which opened on March 21, 2014. Designed by world-famous designer Zaha Hadid, the DDP took four years to build. It is a large urban development project featuring three floors above ground and three underground. It includes a museum, business center, and park.

  • Website :
  • How to Get There : Exit 1 of Dongdaemun History & Culture Park (Line 2, 4 or 5)

Petite France

In Episode 15, Do Min-jun kisses Cheon Song-yi by employing his supernatural powers. This romantic scene unfolds at Petite France in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do, which has since drawn considerable attention online. It was also a filming location of Korean dramas Secret Garden , Beethoven Virus , and variety program Running Men . On February 14, 2014, the Petite France extended its opening hours to 9 p.m. The extended hours will run through the end of August.

  • Website :
  • How to Get There : From Cheongpyeong Station (Gyeongchon Line), take a Gapyeong City Tour Bus.


In Episode 16, Do Min-jun faints after receiving a kiss from Cheon Song-yi. Cheon Song-yi grumbles and drives him home. The background of the scene changes from the Petite France in Gapyeong to Provence Village in Paju. Just like the Petite France, Provence Village also features French-style buildings. Following the opening of the first French restaurant in 1996, other restaurants, fashion stores, and cafes opened up, forming this village.

  • How to Get There : From Exit 2 of Hapjeong Station (Line 2 or 6), take a red bus No.2200 and get off at Seong-dong Samgeori. And the walk about 15 minutes.

N Seoul Tower

The dating site featured in Episode 16 and 18 can be quickly identified by anyone who has ever visited the local landmark. Travel site Tripadvisor’s users selected N Seoul Tower as the most popular tourist site in Korea. In the episodes, top star CheonSong-yi also wanted to go there on a date, and create a special lock with Do Min-jun to attach to the fence. N Seoul Tower features a 300-meter high observatory as well as various restaurants and shops. Located on the highest floor of the tower is n.GRILL, a luxurious restaurant offering Michelin star-rated French cuisine. Reservations are required. Lunch starts at 45,000 won, and a couple set menu is 320,000 won.

  • Website : 
  • How to Get There : From Exit 3 of Myeong-dong Station (Line 4), walk about 10 minutes. And then get on the Namsan cable car.

Ilsan Lake Park

Episode 17 features guest star Suzy, a member of K-pop group Miss A, whose presence causes Cheon Song-yi to feel jealous. The scene was shot at Ilsan Lake Park in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do (a satellite city of Seoul). The park features an artificial lake, a walking trail, and a music fountain where people can rest and hang out. A variety of performances and festivals held at the park year round. Near the park are LaFesta, KINTEX, Onemount Snowpark & Waterpark.

  • How to Get There : From Jeongbalsan Station (Line 3), walk about 10 minutes.

Jangsado Island

In Episode 19, Do Min-jun goes and Cheon Song-yi visit an island to find a quiet place to spend time together. They travel to the island of Jangsado, which is 1.9 kilometers in length and located west of the southern part of Geoje Island. The island’s name derives from its resemblance to a snake. Go up the stairs to the observatory to view the vast sea and natural scenery full of green colors. Jangsado has a variety of flora, but is particularly famous its red camellia, which are beautiful in full bloom. The first place Do Min-jun and Cheon Song-yi visit on the island is Camellia Path. The green tunnel and red of flowers are romantic to walk through
, with fallen petals
resting on the ground below. This is the place where Do Min-jun proposed to Cheon Song-yi.

  • How to Get There :
    • Take a bus from Busan West Bus Terminal to Gohyeon (it will takes about 1 hour 20 minutes of bus ride and the ticket price is 7,200 won).
    • At Gohyeon Bus Terminal Station, take the bus number 53-1, 55, 54 or 53 to Jangsado Cruise Ship Terminal.
    • At the Jangsado Cruise Ship Terminal, take a ferry to Jangsa Island. The ticket price for adults would be 15000 won (weekdays) and 16000 won (weekends). It will takes about 20 minutes to reach the island.
  • Ferry : 15,000 won (adult) 
  • Entrance Fee : 8,500 won (adult)


KINTEX: SBS Drama Special Exibition


With My Love from the Star still gaining huge popularity even after the broadcast, a special exhibition has been set up specifically for this drama. Avid fans will be able to walk into and experience being in the actual setting of this drama, such as Do Min-jun’s and Cheon Song-yi’s house. There are also photo exhibitions and interactive media booths that brings visitors back reminiscing this drama. The exhibition will go on until 31 August 2015.

  • Website :
  • How to Get There : KINTEX 2 Outdoor Special Exhibition. From Daehwa Station to KINTEX
    • Exit No.6 -> Bus No.58 -> KINTEX 2 -> 5mins walk
    • Exit No.6 -> Bus No.39 or 82 -> KINTEX 1 -> 5mins walk
  • Admission Fee :
    • Adults : 15,000won
    • School Children (7-18years) : 10,000won
    • Child under 6 free accompanied by an adult : Free (available for two)

Running Man


Running Man is a South Korean variety show aired by SBS. It was first aired on July 11, 2010. This show was classified as an “urban action variety” a never-before-seen new genre of variety shows focused in an urban environment. The MCs and guests complete missions in a landmark to win the race. The show has since shifted to a more familiar reality-variety show concept focused on games. It has garnered attention as being the come-back program for Yoo Jae-suk, the main MC of the program, The show has been popular in other parts of Asia as well, and gained online popularity among Hallyu fans, having been subtitled to a number of languages by volunteers, such as English, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese and Arabic.

Shooting Locations

Cheoggyecheon Stream

Cheonggyecheon is a stream that divides the downtown area of Seoul. In the 1950s, the stream was filled in and covered with an elevated freeway, but work to restore the stream began in 2003. Stop by in the summer, and you’ll find people cooling off and relaxing with their feet in the water or enjoying a conversation along its banks.

Seoul Museum of History

Seoul Museum of History offers a visual history lesson of the Korean capital of Seoul, from its founding at the start of the Joseon Dynasty (1392~1910) to today. It has a number of exhibit spaces focused on the daily and culture of the Joseon Dynasty. The museum is located next to Gyeonghuigung Palace, which makes an ideal destination to visit after the museum.

  • Website
  • How to Get There : About 470m from Exit 7 of Gwagnhwamun Station (Line 5)

Gamcheon Culture Village

Terraced community houses are lined up along the foot of a mountain and all the alleyways are interconnected with each other. The scenes that this arrangement produces are a distinctive feature of this village. The whole village is a piece of art and a tourist attraction thanks to the formative artwork built everywhere around the narrow paths by resident artists.

  • How to Get There : Take the bus No.87 from across from Busan Station and get off at Yangseong Supermarket.


Seopjikoji is a cape that juts out into the sea from Sinyang Beach ― koji means “cape” in the Jeju dialect. Thanks to the beautiful harmony of its
green hills an
d blue seas, it is frequently featured in TV and film productions.

  •  Location : 261 Seopjikoji-ro, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Aqua Planet

Asia’s largest aquarium, Aqua Planet is located near Sepjikoji Cape and has views of Jeju Island’s famous seaside crater of Seongsan Ilchulbong. Its main tank is 23m wide and 8.5m high and is a close recreation of the sea, complete with a school of sardines and rays fluttering through the water.

  • Website :
  • How to Get There : Take the bus No.38 from Jeju International Airport and get off at Sinchon 1-ri.

The Moon that Embraces the Sun

Based on the novel of the same title, The Moon That Embraces the Sun (also known as “The Sun and the Moon”) reached almost 20% in viewership from its first episode. The acting and the visual appeal of the young actors have stolen the hearts of young female viewers, and the show’s ratings only improve with each new episode. The Moon That Embraces the Sun is a historical drama depicting the first love of a fictional king, set in the royal court of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). It is a sad but beautiful love story of innocent young people, with the story developing around the conflicts and conspiracy of political powers vying for the throne against the king’s efforts for good politics. The drama is a quality fusion historical drama enhanced by the strong acting of the main and supporting actors, its visual appeal, and the engaging dialogue that draws from the humor on the Internet.

Filming Locations

Choichampandaek (Residence of Choi Champan)

The residence of Choi Champan is the background of Korea’s noted historical novel Toji (The Land) and a famous filming location. In The Moon That Embraces the Sun, it appears as the house where Yeon-woo spent her childhood. The residence is housed in a hanok building and has on exhibit various items showing the lifestyle and culture of the later part of the Joseon Dynasty. It boasts a splendid natural landscape with an expansive neighboring field and the Seomjingang River. In the spring, the area is bright with cherry flower blossoms along the river, and in the fall, the area turns into the venue for the Toji Literature Festival.

 • Location : 76-23 Pyeongsari-gil, Agyang-myeon, Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do


Yongin MBC Dramia

Yongin MBC Dramia is the filming set where Korean historical dramas like Jumong, Queen Seondeok, and Dong Yi were filmed. The facility features buildings from the Three Kingdoms era (the era of the Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla Kingdoms, between the 4th and mid-7th century) to the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). In The Moon That Embraces the Sun, royal palace scenes were mostly filmed here. With the popularity of Korean drama series, Yongin MBC Dramia is becoming a major tourist destination for both local and international tourists.

Korean Folk Village

The Korean Folk Village features the lifestyle and private houses of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). It has on exhibit various items from the era, including household tools, farming tools, and crafts. Various events are held by season, such as farmers’ music performances, tightrope dancing, and traditional wedding reenactments. The market inside the village sells various traditional foods like injeolmi (rice cake), bindaetteok (mung bean pancake), pajeon (spring onion pancake), and Korean liquors. In The Sun and the Moon, the local markets, the private residences of the commoners, and the night scenes were filmed here.

Secret Garden

Secret Garden may seem like a typical Cinderella story of love between a wealthy, intelligent and charming mogul, Kim Ju-won (played by Hyun Bin), and a poor stunt woman, Gil Ra-im (played by Ha Ji-won). However, a twist, the accidental switching of souls between the main characters, and unexpected episodes subsequently save the drama from slipping into banality. In fact, the viewers may feel content to learn the reversed psychology of men and women vicariously through the drama. The drama’s success, as evident in the highest viewership of the hour and the number of fans of all ages, is attributed to the perfect combination of witty lines, distinctive characters, and outstanding acting by Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won. Moreover, thanks to the drama’s success, several film locations like Maiim Vision Village (Kim Ju-won’s house in the drama), Seaes Hotel & Resort, and Resom Spa Castle have been transforming into popular tourist sites.

Filming Locations

Maiim Vision Village

The background setting for the homes of Ju-won and Oska is the expansive garden found in Maiim Vision Village, which is the training institute of a cosmetics and health food products company, Maiim Group. The homes of Ju-won’s mother and grandfather were also filmed at this location. The sophisticated interior with large windows, the elegant pond and the well-maintained flower garden are bound to catch the attention of the drama viewers. Located in Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do and spanning 330,000 square meters, the village includes an accommodation facility, a community area and sporting facilities. There used to be a youth hostel, but it has been turned into a training center when Maiim Group bought the land 10 years ago. Other Korean dramas like ‘Winter Sonata’ and ‘Star’s Lover’ were also filmed here.

Resom Resort

Scenes from the action school winter workshop, where Ra-im and Ju-won exchange an exhilarating eye contact, are filmed at Resom Resort in Jecheon. Resom Resort is home to pine trees over 150 years old, as well as many other types of trees, shrubs and wild flowers. Surrounding the forest are several hiking trails named Sosori Baramgil, Poreureu Solaegil and Gajaegineun Goljjakgil. Facilities at the forest include 406 rooms, Resom Spa Center, Hanbang (Chinese medicine) Wellus Center and an outdoor meditation center. In addition, cultural programs are offered all year round at the Cultural Arts Center, which houses a ceramics workshop, a gallery, an observatory, a museum, an event house and a cave wine cellar. Finally, at night, stars can be seen from the forest, which is located 450-600m above sea level. Resom Spa Castle Resom Spa Castle is the setting for the scenes of Ju-won’s mother and Seul at the spa. Resom Spa Castle is located in Yesan, Chungcheongnam-do, about 1.5 hours from Seoul and 30 minutes from many cultural tourist sites, including the surrounding mountains and the West Sea. The first membership spa resort in Korea, Resom Spa Castle has 400 rooms, a banquet hall, seminar rooms, a cultural and arts plaza, a garden and walking trails. The resort uses water from the Deoksan hot springs, which boast over 600 years of history, in al of its facilities. With many different facilities and programs, Resom Spa Castle is a one-stop place for leisure, health, business, culture and arts.

  • Location : 365 Geumbong-ro, Baegun-myeon, Jecheon-si,Chungcheongbuk-do

The Seaes Hotel & Resort

The “bench kiss” episode, which occurs after the souls of Ju-won and Ra-im switch for the first time, was filmed at the Seaes Hotel & Resort. The hotel stands between Jeju Convention Center to the right and Jungmun Beach and Hyatt Hotel to the left. The guest rooms are separated into different building units, each with a view of the ocean and Munseom Island. The 8th walking path of the famous Jeju Olle trail also passes through the resort, while Aldere Square and another walking path lined with palm trees are located on the right side of the hotel. Other popular Korean dramas, including Boys Over Flowers, Princess Hours and I’m Sorry, I Love You, were filmed here.

Petite France

Petite France is where Ju-won meets Ra-im for the first time in the drama. It is here that Ju-won’s love for Ra-im develops. Petite France is a French cultural community area located in Goseong-ri in Cheongpyeong, Gapyeong-gun. Spanning 117,000 square meters, Petite France has a youth training facility (Goseong Youth Training Center) and 16 French-style buildings for accommodation and various cultural experiences. There are 34 rooms with maximum capacities ranging from four to ten people. In addition, there are a gallery that showcases sculptures and paintings of a cock, which is a symbol of France, a shop that plays music from a 200-year-old music box, an herb and aroma shop, as well as a souvenir shop. Petite France has been drawing many tourists on weekdays, too, since it was used as the filming location for Korean dramas My Lover from the StarBeethoven Virus and Personal Taste.

  • Website : 
  • How to Get There : From Cheongpyeong Station (Gyeongchon Line), take a Gapyeong City Tour Bus.


Even before it went on air, the new blockbuster TV show Iris was the talk of the town. The show features high-profile Korean stars Lee Byung-hun, Kim Tae-hee, Kim So-yeon, Kim Seung-woo and singer Top of the band Big Bang. The drama was Korea’s first attempt at an action-packed spy thriller, and the 20 episodes depict betrayal, and romance among National Security System (NSS) agents. Iris was filmed in various locations, including Akita Prefecture in Japan, Budapest and Lake Balaton in Hungary, Shanghai in China, and of course, here in Seoul, Korea. The Seoul segments were filmed at Gwanghwamun Square, Cheonggyecheon Stream, Noeul Park, and other popular tourist destinations.

Filming Locations

Gwanghwamun Square

yun-jun, Sun-hwa, and Seung-hee face off with North Korean terrorists to stop them from detonating a nuclear bomb. The scene was filmed at Gwanghwamun Square in the heart of Seoul. It is a landmark that features statues of King Sejong the Great, Admiral Yi Sun-shin, and the symbol of Seoul, Haechi. Citizens also enjoy the pond, which is transformed into a fountain or an ice skating rink depending on the season.

  • Location : Sejong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul 
  • How to Get There : Exit 1 of Gwanghwamun Station (Line 5)

Noeul Park

The scene where NSS Director and the North Korean delegate hold a secret meeting is filmed at Noeul, on the grounds of the World Cup Park. This site includes five theme parks: Peace Park, Haneul Park, Nanjicheon Park, Nanji Hangang Park, and Noeul Park, which feature beautiful outdoor sculptures on an expansive field overlooking the Hangang River. True to the park’s name (noeul means sunset), visitors can enjoy a splendid view of the sunset.

  • Location : Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
  • How to Get There : Exit 1 of World Cup Stadium Station (Line 6)

9th Avenue

The site where Sa-woo convinced Iris members to take shopping mall customers hostage is the 9th Avenue shopping mall in Guro-gu. The entrance to 9th Avenue is where a bomb detonated by Iris hits special police forces. The unique site features Hallyu themes: Café de Juno, which is owned by Jung Jun-ho and Daejanggeum Korean Restaurant owned by Lim Ho (of Daejanggeum fame). The Lee Byung-hun Star Shop located on the first floor features the star’s hats and accessories and other collectables. At the Choi Ji-woo Star Shop, visitors will find Namu’s stylish shoes designed by Namuhana, the star’s personal collection, accessories, and drama props.

  • Location : 501 Guro 5-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul
  • How to Get There : Exit 1 of Guro Station (Line 1)

Lotte Hotel

This was the proposed site of the South-North Summit meeting. There, NSS Deputy Director met with Park Chul-young in preparation for the South-North Summit meeting and inspection teams from both sides met to discuss the agenda. Scenes of the Chief Presidential Secretary’s penthouse at the top of a deluxe hotel in Pyongyang were also filmed in the Lotte Hotel in Seoul. The Lotte is considered to be one of Korea’s finest hotels, with 1,120 rooms, 13 restaurants and bars, 15 function rooms, the Club Floor for businesspeople, duty free stores, fitness club, and a variety of other facilities.

  • Website :
  • Location : 1 Sogong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • How to Get There : Exit 7 or 8 of Euljiro 1-ga Station (Line 2)

Boys Over Flowers

The Korean drama Boys Over Flowers is based on the Japanese manga series of the same name, which produced 36 volumes over a period of 11 years. It has already been produced as a drama series in Japan and Taiwan, where it was hugely popular. Although there was some concern as to how it would compare to previous versions, the Korean version has been eagerly anticipated. The drama surpassed expectations, featuring magnificent locations such as New Caledonia and Macao, as well as some of Korea’s most beautiful destinations. The appearances of Korea’s good-looking cast have been praised for staying the most faithful to the original series, and their impressive acting skills are said to give the drama great depth. has been an enormous hit since its first day. The drama has daily been the center of media attention, and parodies have even been made of the drama.

Filming Locations

Keimyung University

Keimyung University is the setting for the prestigious Shinhwa High School, the school attended by the main characters in the drama and which only children of the top 1% of the wealthiest families in Korea can attend. Keimyung University is situated in the city of Daegu. Its Western-style buildings and gorgeous natural surroundings make it one of the top ten most beautiful campuses in Korea, and consequently it’s a popular filming location for dramas and films. Major productions filmed at Keimyung University include the drama East of Eden and the movie Thirst.

  • Location : 1000 Sinsang-dong, Dalseo-gu district, Daegu
  • How to Get There : From Seoul station, take a train to Dongdaegu. From Dongdaegu station, get on the subway and get off at Keimyung University station (Line 2).

Damyang Dynasty Country Club

The Damyang Dynasty Country Club is the setting for the home of Shinhwa Group’s Gu Jun-pyo, as well as a film set in Hwaseong. This Italian villa style clubhouse features enormous luxurious buildings, which have even been called ‘the palace of the gods’. The country club was designed by the internationally renowned architect Andrei Visego, who recently designed the interior for a high-class hotel in Dubai. The buildings are furnished with the highest-quality natural marble floors, beautiful pillars replicating Athen’s shrines, luxury antique furniture, and famous works of art, and are sure to dazzle all visitors.</ p>

Lotte Hotel World

Lotte Hotel World Lotte Hotel World was the location for the homecoming party of Min Seo-hyeon, Ji-hu’s girlfriend. The party takes place in episode two, and Jan-di comes dressed up as Wonder Woman, to everyone else’s amusement. However, Min Seo-hyeon helps Jan-di change into a beautiful dress, and she captures the heart of Gu Jun-pyo. This scene was shot in the Topaz Room, the Lotte Hotel’s third floor banquet hall. Lotte Hotel World is located in Jamsil in Seoul and is part of a complex that includes an extra-large supermarket, a department store, and the Lotte World theme park. Conveniently it is directly connected to Jamsil station on subway line 2. The hotel can be reached directly from Incheon and Gimpo airports by limousine bus.

  • Website :
  • Location : 40-1 Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul 
  • How to Get There : Connected directly to exit #3, Jamsil station, subway line 2

Gyeonggi English Village, Yangpyeong Camp

The English Village in Yangpyeong was the setting for Shinhwa High School’s hallways, lobby, and exterior facades. First opened in April 2008, Gyeonggi English Village Yangpyeong Camp covers a 100.935㎡ area and has a total of 55 buildings, which are modeled on historical buildings in Virginia, United States. This educational English camp consists of condo-style dormitories, an artificial soccer turf, indoor gymnasium, health club, swimming pool, outdoor concert hall, observatory facilities, and more. The English Village was the location for the scene when Jan-di’s friend, Oh Min-ji, spills ice cream on Gu Jun-pyo’s shoes.

  • Website :
  • Location : Damun-ri San 25, Yongmun-myeon,Yangpyeong-gun region, Gyeonggi-do
  • How to Get There : From Dong Seoul terminal, take a bus headed towards Yongmun (est. travel time of 1hr). Get off at Unbong Mart and walk straight past the overpass. 

Gyeongju Shilla Millennium Park

Ragung hotel in Gyeongju was the setting for Yun Ji-hu’s traditional hanok home. This high-class hotel consists of 16 separate houses, which are connected by corridors. The construction of the hotel required the largest number of specialized carpenters since the restoration of Gyeongbokgung Palace. Ragung was actually the name for the royal palace during the Silla dynasty. Guestrooms include private gardens and hot spring baths. The hotel is located in Korea’s very first historical theme park, the Shilla Millennium Park, and hotel rates include breakfast, dinner, and admission tickets to the theme park.

  • Website
  • Location : 719-70 Sinpyeong-dong, Gyeongju city, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • How to Get There : From Gyeongju station, take a bus heading towards Bomun Tourist Resort. Get off at the Bomun Tourist Resort Shilla Millennium Park.
  • Hotel rates : 300,000won ~ 460,000won (per night)

Shinsegae Department Store

Before Gu Jun-pyo and Jan-di leave for their vacation in New Caledonia, they go shopping at a department store. The main branch of the Shinsegae Department Store, in Myeong-dong, was the location for the scene in which Jan-di becomes the envy of girls everywhere. Gu Jun-pyo shows off his money and drags her around buying her all sorts of merchandise. This department store is divided into a main building and an annex. It stocks a wide selection of famous brand names. Luxury brands can be found inside the deluxe main building while the elegant annex building contains both domestic and international brands. Visitors to the Shinsegae department store can also enjoy shopping at Namdaemun Market and Myeong-dong, which are located nearby.

  • Location : 52-5 Chungmuru 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • How to Get There
    • From Exit 5 of Myeongdong station (Line 4), walk straight towards the Namdaemun Market then walk through the underground passageway.
    • From Exit 7 of Hoehyeon station (Line 4), take the moving walkway all the way to the Shinsegae Main Building.

N Seoul Tower & Grand Hyatt Hotel

N Seoul Tower is the location where Gu Jun-pyo waits for Jan-di in a freez
ing winter nigh
t. The two had planned to go on a date, but become trapped in the gondola on the way to the N Seoul Tower and have to spend the night there. On their way down from Namsan mountain the next day, the couple are photographed by the paparazzi and are thought to be coming out of the Grand Hyatt Hotel. The Grand Hyatt Hotel is the location where the Jan-di and Ga-eul and their boyfriends enjoy a double date on the ice skating rink. A spectacular view of the Hangang River and Namsan can be seen from the high-class Grand Hyatt Hotel. The hotel contains a total of 601 guestrooms as well as 11 restaurants andbars, a fitness center, and other luxury facilities.

  • Website :
  • Location : 747-7 Hannam 2(i)-dong, Yongsan-gu district, Seoul
  • How to Get There : From Incheon International airport, limousine buses run directly to the Grand Hyatt Hotel (5:45 am ~ 6:35 am; departs every 20~30 min; 14,000 won).Free shuttle buses to the hotel also run from in front of the Itaewon Family Mart and the Migliore Shopping Mall in Myeongdong from 10:00am to 9:00pm 

Muju Resort

In the 12th episode, F4 and Geum Jan-di decide to take a ski trip. Jun-pyo gives Jan-di a special necklace, but she ends up losing it. Desperate, Jan-di heads off into the mountains alone to look for the necklace and gets lost in the dark. Fortunately, Gu Jun-pyo finds her, and they take shelter in a cabin, but they become trapped for the night due to the heavy snowfall. The ski resort that F4 and Geum Jan-di visit is Muju Resort, and they stay at the resort’s Hotel Tirol. As well as skiing in the winter, Muju Resort offers leisure activities throughout the year. It was also the filming location for the popular drama . Visitors can enjoy a gondola ride to the beautiful peak of Deokyusan Mountain or relax in the resort’s outdoor hot springs Artinus Farmer’s Table The Farmer’s Table is a restaurant located on the first floor of the Artinus building in Heyri Art Village, which is designed to capture the simplicity and comfortable atmosphere of a farmer’s table. The walls are made of stone and wood, and the floors and tables are made from natural materials. The herb garden at the center of the restaurant makes visitors feel as if they are in the center of forest. This was the location for the posh cafeteria of Shinhwa High School. Visitors can enjoy refreshments and food while reading the complimentary books that are placed around the restaurant. There is also a children’s bookstore on the second floor and a gallery on the basement floor, where various exhibitions take place.

  • Operating Hours : 11:00~22:00
  • Website :
  • Location : Heyri Artinus 1F, 1652-393 Beopheung-ri, Tanhyeon-myeon region, Paju town, Gyeonggi-do
  • How to Get There : Take the bus No. 200 or 2200 from Exit 2 of Hapjeong station (Line 2). Get off at Heyri and go through gate No. 4 then make a right on the first 4-way intersection.

The First Shop Of Coffee Prince

She’s back! Following her roles in Princess Hours and The Man of the Vineyard, which made her an icon of trendy Korean dramas, Yoon Eun-hye is now starring as a tomboyish young girl dressed as a man in The First Shop of Coffee Prince. This big hit drama in Korea, which is based on a novel with the same title, has attracted a large female audience by casting some well-known actors to play “handsome princes” in this marshmallow drama. This is the first long dramatic series ever to be produced by MBC’s first female drama producer Lee Yoon-jung who had previously directed shorter dramas such as Taeneung National Village. With her sophisticated and feminine dramatic sensibility, Lee has succeeded in capturing the hearts of viewers who are largely young males and females in their thirties.

Filming Locations

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince at Hongdae

The 1st shop of Coffee Prince is actually an old coffee shop that was remodeled for the drama. This inconspicuous coffee shop was packed with fans that flocked there to catch a glimpse of the production in process. Set to reopen after filming, both the exterior and interior have been totally overhauled in line with the film. Inside, visitors can find a painting by Han Yoo-joo as well as a number of props from the drama. The only thing missing are the people like Han-gyeol, Eun-chan, Mr. Hong, Wapeulseongi, Minpyeminyeop, and Jappeokarim. If you are a real fan of the drama, Coffee Prince, you may want to stop by for a cup of coffee and enjoy the memories of the drama.

  • How to Get There : Take Subway Line 2 to Hongik University, and go out of Exit 8. Turn right into Seven Springs corner and pass the intersection a At the 3-way intersection, turn left a Walk about 100 meters on the road above the playground and walk towards the road on the right side a Walk about 500 meters until you find the coffee shop on the right.

Seoul Animation Center

Seoul Animation Center can be visited by walking up Namsan Mountain from Myeongdong station. It was opened in May 1999 as a Mecca of Korean cartoons and the animation industry. The center hosts an animation festival, and offers a variety of daily programs like a theater, an information center, exhibitions, and education. It also holds many theaters and galleries including a library, a v
isual material
information center, a theme exhibition gallery, and an animation exhibition gallery. In particular, AniCinema is the nation’s first animation-only theater with 179 seats and a dolby digital sound system. It also has facilities for education such as an experience gallery, seminar rooms, and digital education rooms, as well as a video editing room and recording room for professionals.Thanks to its location at the foot of Namsan Mountain, the center has a great view that can be seen from the rooftop. This was the location of Han-gyeol’s house in the film. Built of wood, it had a romantic garden with a wooden deck and a swing, with a panoramic view of downtown Seoul.

  • Website :
  • How to Get There: Take subway line 4 to Myeongdong Station and go out of Exit 1 a Walk 400 meters in the direction of Namsan cable car along the ascending road to the right a The center is located inside the white steel building opposite the road just below Soongeui Women’s College. 

Bugak Skyway Palgakjeong

The day after her father’s memorial day, Eun-chan prepares some food from the memorial service and goes to visit Han-gyeol. Wishing to avoid meeting her, Han-gyeol says he is jogging. He calls Yoo-joo, and the love triangle scene unfolds, which includes Yoo-joo (who prepared a nice lunchbox upon Han-gyeol’s request) and Eun-chan (who walks back and forth restlessly with the food). The scene was filmed at a jogging course at Palgakjeong on the Bugak Skyway. From here, you can see a great view of Seoul and enjoy the beauty of nature all within the city limits. No wonder it is popular as a dating spot for young couples. In the evening, many are out to enjoy a drive. Together with Namsan Mountain, this is a popular night time attraction in Seoul.

  • How to Get There : Take subway line 3 to Gyeongbokgung Station, and go out of Exit 3 a Take a taxi and go to Palgakjeong along Bugak Skyway.

Kyobo Bookstore (Gwanghwamun branch)

Eun-chan possesses a natural gift for smelling and distinguishing good coffee. As such, she works for Coffee Prince and dreams of becoming a barista. Han-gyeol quickly notices her ability and one day takes her to a bookstore where he buys her a book about coffee. The place where the exterior of the bookstore was filmed is Kyobo Bookstore in Gwanghwamun, which is the largest bookstore in Korea.

  • How to Get There : Take subway line 5 to Gwanghwamun Station a The bookstore is connected with the station.

Hongdae Playground

Han-gyeol has been involved in a one-sided love with Yoo-joo, who is the girlfriend of his elder cousin. After many years, he still has romantic feelings for her. One day, he goes out on a date with her, and has a great time. Yoo-joo shows an interest in a hat sold by a street vendor and Han-gyeol buys it for her. The date scene was filmed on the street in front of the playground opposite Hongik University. In the evening, street vendors sell a variety of accessories and clothes. On weekends, a flea market is held on the open grassy field, where you can buy everyday necessities and accessories made by young artists. There is also an Indie-band performance.

  • How to Get There : Take subway line 2 to Hongik University, and go out of exit 6 a Walk straight along the road and turn left after crossing the road at the crossroad a Walk ahead and turn right at the 3-way intersection a Walk 50 meters.

My Lovely Samsoon

The K-drama phenomenon of 2005, My Lovely Samsoon attracted a massive viewing audience and went on to create a “Sam-soon syndrome.” It won numerous MBC awards in eight categories, including Best Actor and Best Female Actress for Kim Sun-a in her role as Sam-soon and Best Male Actor for Hyun Bin in his role as Jin-heon. My Lovely Samsoon was the top hit miniseries of 2005, featuring a great cast: Kim Sun-a, a popular actress who has appeared in more movies than TV miniseries; Hyun Bin, who is considered the handsomest next-generation male star; Daniel Henney, a good-looking Korean/American star born of a British father and a Korean mother; and Jeong Ryeo- won, a singer-turned-actress and former member of the female group Chakra.
While the miniseries caused a stir even before the first episode, the biggest news is that actress Kim Sun-a gained fifteen pounds to nail her role as the – 46 – fiery, overweight Sam-soon. My Lovely Samsoon doesn’t conform to the stereotype of the typical K-Drama Cinderella. The Korean version of Bridget Jones’s Diary tells the story of a rather ordinary-looking heroine who meets a younger and good-looking, rich man. The romantic dramacreated much buzz with each episode comically depicting the love between the not-so- beautiful woman and the ill-tempered younger man. The “Sam-soon syndrome” is still being felt in Korea long after the miniseries ended. And Kim Sun-a, Hyun Bin, Daniel Henney, and Jeong Ryeo-won continue to be the most soughtafter stars in Korean entertainment. In this edition, we invite you to enjoy the warm, cheerful stories of My Lovely Samsoon and some of its most popular filming locations.

Filming Locations

COEX Aquarium

The aquarium where Sam-soon and Jin-heon took Mi-joo was at COEX. On the wall outside, look for photos of celebrities who have visited, and see if you can find your favorite star. A photo of the miniseries scene serves as an indicator of where the scene was shot, so you can’t miss it. Unfortunately, the Deep Blue restaurant, where the three dined together, is no longer there. Todai Restaurant Bon Appetit Todai is where the Bon Appetit restaurant scenes were shot. In the drama, Jin-heon owned the restaurant and Sam-soon worked there as a pastry chef. During filming, the restaurant was closed, and afterwards it reopened as TODAI, a sushi buffet chain restaurant. The exterior of the building is the same as when it was filmed, but the interior was redone. The downside is that prices are rather high.</span >

  • Website :
  • Menu : Seafood buffet including California roll, sushi, raw fish, and salads
  • Operating Hours : 11:00~23:00
  • How to Get There : Subway Line 2, Samseong Station, Exit 2. Walk straight ahead and turn left at the first intersection. The restaurant is on the left opposite a golf link.

Live Jazz Club: Once in a Blue Moon

At Once in a Blue Moon, Jin-heon and Hee-jin enjoy wine and cocktails while watching a jazz performance. This is one of the favorite filming locations for miniseries and movies. You may already have seen it in Lovers in Paris, Wolf, Green Rose, and Marrying the Mafia. It is also often used to film TV commercials. If you are in the mood for some jazz music, this night spot will offer you some smooth, romantic jazz rhythms in an upscale ambience.

  • Menu : Wine, alcoholic drinks, coffee, meals
  • Operating Hours : 17:00~02:00
  • Website :
  • How to Get There : Subway Line 3, Apgujeong Station, Exit 2 → Walk straight ahead and take the crosswalk → Pass by S-Oil gas station and walk ahead → At the Galleria Department Store intersection, cross the street and turn right (a 15-minute walk from the subway station).


The bakery where Jin-heon takes Sam-soon to show her some real French pastry is actually the high-end bakery Duchamp in Apgujeong-dong. The pastry chef is a Cordon Bleu-trained Japanese chef who makes 60 different types of cakes. Along with the huge variety of cakes, you can also enjoy chocolate, bread, and drinks. The bakery has two floors as well as an outdoor terrace. The scenes were shot at the center table on the first floor.

  • Operating Hours : 11:30~24:00 
  • How to get there: Take Subway Line 7 to Cheongdam Station and go out of Exit 9 → Cross over at the Cheongdam 4-way intersection → Walk ahead in the direction of Apgujeong → Make a right-hand turn at the 2nd alley and walk straight about 100 meters

Restaurant Neurige Geotgi

Located opposite Dosan Park in Apgujeong-dong, Neurige Geotgi is the backdrop for the dispute between Hee-jin and Sam-soon over Jin-heon. Known for the unusual location of the kitchen in the center of the space, the restaurant uses only fresh, organic ingredients. You can order a simple meal or a drink, and when the weather is good, you can take a leisurely stroll in the beautiful Dosan Park afterwards. This is a great place to spend a lazy afternoon.

  • Operating Hours : 11:00~02:00
  • How to Get There : Subway Line 3, Sinsa Station, Exit 1 or Apgujeong Station, Exit 2. Take a taxi to Dosan Park.

The Plaza Hotel

Scenes at the hotel owned by Jin-heon’s mother were shot at the Plaza Hotel opposite Seoul City Hall. The swimming pool scene showing off Jin-heon’s hot body was shot in the fitness center of the hotel (Access is limited to hotel guests and members.) At the Plaza Pub, Jin-heon becomes jealous when Sam-soon meets her ex-boyfriend Hyeon-woo. Other scenes were shot in the restroom, lobby, and the main entrance. All the cakes Sam-soon created were actually made by the pastry chef at the Plaza Hotel bakery. Currently, the bakery sells a special Sam-soon cake as well as a am-sik cake. The hotel also offers a Sam-soon package.

Gwanghwamun Youngpoong Bookstore 

To escape the heat of summer, Jin-heon and Hee-jin take Mi-joo to this large bookstore in Jongno where they browse the book sections, buy Mi-joo a toy, and spend a good time together. On the first floor are children’s books, Korean books, magazines, puzzles, and records, while the basement level has a restaurant, coffee shop, stationery, and foreign books.

Guesthouse, Rakgojae

The guesthouse where Henry stayed is the hanok-style Rakgojae, located in Jongno, Seoul. For 150,000 won, you don’t just book a room; you get the entire house for up to five people, making Rakgojae an inexpensive lodging choice if you need to
accommodate frien
ds or family. Rakgojae also offers meals, so if spending a night is too expensive, you can still dine in the traditional ambience of a hanok.

Mt. Namsan Cable Car

The location for the final scene is Mt. Namsan cable car and thestairway, where Sam-soon and Jin-heon shared blissful moments. In the finale, Sam-soon has found blossoming love and now owns her own business, and Jin-heon is deeply in love with her. The cable car will bring back fond memories of the scene, so don’t miss it. Combine your cable car excursion with a trip to the popular N Seoul Tower. The best way up to Mt. Namsan is by cable car. Then, like Sam-soon and Jin-heon, come down the stairs by a game of rock-paper-scissors.

Le Saint Ex

At this Paris restaurant, Sam-soon and her boyfriend Hyeon-woo spent happy times and even a first kiss. The restaurant is actually not in Paris, however. Le Saint-Ex is a French restaurant nestled in Itaewon, Seoul. It is always bustling with people looking for a cozy, comfortable ambience, and delicious food. The day’s menu is written on a blackboard, and a server will come to your table to offer more details, so even if you are not familiar with French cuisine, you won’t have much trouble choosing.

  • Menu : steak, salmon, toast and salads, wine
  • Operating Hours : Lunch from 12:00 to 15:00, dinner from 18:00 to 21:30
  • How to Get There : Subway Line 6, Itaewon Station, Exit 1 → Take the first side street to the right and turn left at the first three-way intersection → The restaurant is located in the last building on the left at the end of the road.

Itaewon Crepe Restaurant, ARVORIG

In the series, the head chef of Bon Appetit restaurant recommends that Sam-soon visit a favorite crepe restaurant, which is actually Arvorig in Itaewon. The restaurant serves a variety of crepes and dark, robust coffee. A popular restaurant in Itaewon, it has a cozyfeeling with an impressive chandelier and red wallpaper. The place is definitely worth a visit for its magnificent crepes and pancakes made by a handsome looking French chef.

  • Menu : Sugar and butter crepe, ice cream crepe, Cappuccino
  • Operating Hours : 11:00~02:00
  • How to Get There : Subway Line 6, Itaewon Station, Exit 2 → Take the first side street to the left and you will find the restaurant on the second floor of the building to the left.

Hongik University SU Noraebang

Do you remember the scene in which Sam-soon’s elder sister, mother, and Sam-sik had a great time singing in a noraebang (karaoke)? If so, you may want to visit SU Noraebang, a franchise establishment. The scene in which Jin-heon sang his best to please Sam-soon’s mother was shot at the Edward SU Noraebang near Hongik University. The rooms have been recently remodeled, and the facilities and interior are so up-to-date that most noraebang scenes in Korean miniseries and movies are shot here. Each of the twenty rooms is decorated in a unique theme. Some rooms have a piano, drum, and other musical instruments, while others have a stage and side bar. SU Noraebang is definitely worth a visit.

  • Menu : Sugar and butter crepe, ice cream crepe, Cappuccino
  • Operating Hours : 11:00~02:00
  • How to Get There : Subway Line 2, Hongik University Station, Exit 6 → Walk ahead and turn left after taking the crosswalk → Turn right at the second side street and walk up → The Noraebang is located at the first intersection (8 minutes by walk from the station).

Sangam-dong CGV Multiplex Theatre

Thanks to its upscale and elegant ambience, the Sangam-dong CGV has become a popular filming location for movies and miniseries, and was the main filming location for Lovers in Paris. In My Lovely Sam Soon, the theatre was used to film the scene in which Hee-jin and Henry watch a matinee movie together, and Hee-jin runs out because she doesn’t feel well. Hee-jin and Henry enjoy a favorite Korean summer treat patbingsu (shaved ice) at the Tous Les Jours bakery across the street from the theatre. Sangam-dong CGV is located in the World Cup Park along with a Carrefour store and a jjimjilbang(sauna/spa), so visitors can enjoy shopping and sightseeing at the same time.

  • Operating Hours : 09:00~24:00
  • How to Get There : Subway Line 6, World Cup Stadium Station, Exit 2 → Go through the North Gate of the stadium → CGV is on the first floor

Mt. Hallasan in Jeju Island 

If you still remember the touching scene in which Sam-soon walked up Mt. Hallasan in the rain to find Sam-sik waiting for her, you’ll probably want to visit Mt. Hallasan, one of the most spectacular spots on Jeju Island. If you want to walk up to the summit like Sam-soon, you’ll need to start your hike no later than 9 or 10 o’clock in the morning. The major hiking trails are the Seongpanak and Gwaneumsa trails. Sam-soon took the Seongpanak trail, which takes nine hours round trip.

Lovers in Paris

In the summer of 2004 all Koreans, no matter their age or gender, were glued to their television sets every weekend waiting to see what would happen next on Lovers in Paris. This TV miniseries/drama successfully portrayed a modern Cinderella story, with Park Shin-yang and Kim Jeong-eun as the lead characters.

Filming Locations

Including the scenes shot in Paris, France, there were also many unforgettable scenes filmed in Korea. Fans of the show will enjoy learning more about the many filming locations in Seoul.

Namsan Fountain (Mt. Namsan)

Located in front of Namsan Botanical Gardens, this is where Tae-yeong and Gi-ju throw a coin into the fountain before getting engaged, and Tae-yeong says, “Let’s just love!” Those that want to toss a coin in the fountain and wish for love can do it anytime with Namsan Fountain open 365 days a year.

Naksan Park (Dahangno)

Tae-yeong’s roof-top apartment looks over all of downtown Seoul and is located just behind Naksan Park. The yellow paint will make it easy to spot. At Naksan Park, there is a bench where Tae-yeong and Gi-ju used to sit and talk.

Oakwood Premier COEX CENTER (Hotel)

The Oakwood Premier can be seen in the first and second episodes as Han Gi-ju’s home in Paris. This lavish penthouse is on the 27th floor equipped with a private elevator. Gang Tae-yeong works here as a housekeeper, keeping the spacious home clean. Her little notes on the bathtub and refrigerator make her character seem even cuter. The coffee shop on the first floor of the hotel also became well known after the hit TV miniseries, Winter Sonata, filmed some scenes here. Located in the heart of Seoul, this hotel is always bustling with people, be sure to make a reservation in advance if you are thinking of staying here.

  • Website :
  • How to Get There : From Seoul subway line 2 Samseong Station, go out exit No. 5 or 6 and walk for 3 minutes. When coming from the airport, take a limousine bus.

Grand Hyatt Seoul

The romantic swimming pool scene, the kiss between Tae-yeon and Gi-ju in the lobby, the sweet song Gi-ju sings for Tae-yeong at thebar, the college hockey party held at J.J. Mahoney’s and the unforgettable engagement ceremony at the grand ballroom were all filmed at the Grand Hyatt. The Grand Hyatt Seoul hotel is located on Mt. Namsan, with panoramic views of Seoul and the Han River. This five-star hotel boasts 602 rooms and a variety of facilities. The outdoor pool is turned into an ice rink in the wintertime and becomes a popular location for dating.

  • Website :
  • How to Get There : From Seoul subway line 6, get off at Noksapyeong station and go out exit No. 1. From here it is a five-minute taxi ride to the hotel.

Sangam CGV Multiplex Cinema

The multiplex cinema CGV is the model of CSV where Gi-ju’s ex-wife Baek Seung Kyeong works. With its 24 domestic branches, the multiplex cinema CGV is a joint stock company of Korea’ s CJ company, Hong Kong’s Golden Harvest, and Australia’s Village Roadsow. This is where Tae Yeong works for a while, and has a pajama party and dates with Gi-ju. At the Golden Class here, you are served by staff and can use a private lounge and bar. Just like the first class of a plane, there are only 30 seats at the Golden Class. Located at World Cup Stadium in Sangam, you can also visit World Cup Park.

  • Operating Hours : 09:00~24:00
  • How to Get There : Subway Line 6, World Cup Stadium Station, Exit 2 → Go through the North Gate of the stadium → CGV is on the first floor

Mokdong Ice Rink

With a ground level and below ground ice rink, Mokdong Ice Rink was where Su-hyeok and Gi-ju enjoyed playing ice hockey. This is also the place where Su-hyeok confessed his love for Tae- yeong. The below ground ice rink is usually used for ice hockey, while the ground level rink is used for ice skating.

Itaewon Land (Jjimjilbang)
During Gi-ju’s first visit to a jjimjilbang (Korean sauna), he unknowingly makes a comical mistake causing Su-hyeok and Tae-yeong to break into laughter. This five-story building contains various types of saunas, including bul hanjeungmak (hot room), salt room, ice room, charcoal room and more. In addition to the saunas, this facility also has a DVD theater, PC room, comic bookroom, health room, and coffee shop, which make it a great place for relaxation and entertainment.

  • Location : 732-20 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
  • How to get there : From Seoul subway line 6, get off at Itaewon Station and go out exit No. 3. Approximately 15-minute walk.
  • Fees : Daytime 7,000 won / Nighttime 10,000 won

My Girl

My Girl is a unique romantic comedy drama depicting the encounter between two unusually attractive characters: a young man whose charm isn’t in the least overshadowed by his haughty audacity and a pretty young woman whom no one can despise for all her lies. The drama may be stereotypical, but it doesn’t fail to deliver a certain catharsis as it shows the evolution of a woman, who was born a liar yet is not a fraud, and the maturation of an arrogant man born to privilege, who realizes that his life cannot be complete without her. My Girl offers a cast of attractive characters with unique personalities not seen in other Korean dramas.

Filming Locations

Jeju Island

Filmed in early episodes, Jeju Island is the birthplace of Yu-rin and the location of Gong-chan’s hotel. Most scenes in episodes 1 and 2 were filmed in Jungmun, the largest tourist complex on the island. While scenes were filmed all over the island, some major locations are Seongsan Ilchulbong, Cheonjeyeon Falls, Cheonjiyeon Falls, and Seopjikoji. Among the scenes were Jeong-woo and Yu-rin being chased by some mobs and the one in which Yu-rin steals mandarin oranges from an orchard to sell on the roadside. At the Lotte Hotel Jeju (one of the hotels owned by Gong-chan), a man chases Jeong-woo after finding him in a room with his blonde girlfriend. In one scene, the blonde shoots at Jeong-woo, and the gunpowder accidentally hit his bare foot, resulting in an NG. Set amidst fantastic scenery, the Jeju Medical Center is where Yu-rin was filmed running from the mob. In a particularly hilarious scene, she escapes from the hospital clinging to the back of an ambulance. Finally at Jeju International Airport, Gong-chan had been approached by Yu-rin who was putting up an act as his ex-girlfriend.

Flora by Lee Jeong-hwa

Yu-rin’s friend Jin-sim works at this Cheongdam-dong hair salon, living in one of the rooms with her brother Jin-gyu. Yu-rin often stops by for a visit, and in one scene, Jin-gyu impersonates Yu-rin’s father during a phone conversation with Gong-chan’s grandfather. In another scene, Gong-chan came here to look for Yu-rin after she left, and fell asleep on one of the couches.The salon, which often appears in the drama, is popular among brides and celebrities for its make-up services. You can visit the salon for a beauty treatment, which will bring back fond memories of the drama.

  • How to Get There : Exit No.2 of Gangbyeon Subway Station(Line No.2) → Use Shuttle Bus free of charge. (Running Interval: 20min.)

Lotte Hotel World

One of the main locations, Lotte Hotel World was filmed as the hotel managed by Gong-chan. So numerous scenes were filmed here, including scenes of romance and heartbreak. This is also where Jin-gyu stops by every day to meet Gong-chan’s secretary. The ballroom, restaurants and sports center all appeared in a few scenes. Peninsula, where Jeong-woo had dinner, and Venetia, the Italian restaurant where Gong-chan and Jeong-woo dined, are worth a visit. Mega CC in the Lotte Hotel Jamsil is the location of Jeong-woo’s favorite bar.

Spa Castle

In a bar called the Spa Castle, Gong-chan and Yu-rin played billiards and had a drink together . In the same bar, Jin-gyu did a modeling photo shoot. In one memorable scene, Jin-gyu mistakenly sits on the orange that Gong-chan’s secretary gave him. He is crestfallen because he is in love with her and cherishes even the piece of fruit. Spa Castle is a must-visit destination for couples nowadays.

Olympic Park

Jeong-woo introduced this park to Yu-rin as his own retreat. After realizing her one-sided love for Gong-chan,
Yu-rin often c
ame here when she felt low. The park’s tennis court is also where Se-hyeon played a tennis match. Because it was shot in the middle of winter, Se-hyeon had to endure the cold wind wearing a skimpy tennis outfit. Olympic Park, one of Korea’s major parks, is popular for inline skating or family walks.

Carib Café

This restaurant offers an upscale interior design and culinary experience of a deluxe hotel. There is also a great view and a live guitar performance every evening from 8:30pm to 11:00pm. The restaurant serves Swiss cheese fondue at an affordable price along with steak, shrimp, and grilled seafood. The most popular dish is the Carib jeongsik (set meal), which comes with a steak, seafood, broiled potato and vegetables. The restaurant was often the scene of Yu-rin and Gong-chan’s meetings.

  • How to Get There : Subway Line 5, Balsan Station, Exit 2 → From 88 Gymnasium, walk in the direction of Gimpo Airport and the café is on the right.

Daehangno ‘Lo Chef’

This restaurant, with its impressive classic interior, was used to film the scene in which the four main characters met for a tension-filled dinner. Among the many restaurants in Daehangno, this one is authentic Italian. Because of its quiet ambience, it is especially popular with couples out on a date. The most popular choice is spaghetti but the tortilla pizza runs a close second. The price of a steak is more affordable than at other restaurants. From the entrance, candlelight creates a romantic ambience. The restaurant seats up to 80 people, and there is ample space between the tables, making it perfect for intimate conversation.

  • How to Get There : Subway Line 4, Hyehwa Station, Exit 2 → Walk up to the KFC corner. → The restaurant is in the building next to the Mindeulleyeongto building at the dead end.

63 Square (Old “63 City”) Observatory
Newly remodeled in 2006, the 63 Square Observatory is a major tourist attraction in Seoul that offers a panoramic view of the city. The view of the Hangang River from the observatory and the elevator leading up to the observatory are particularly popular. As a child, Yu-rin had always wanted to come to the 63 Square Observatory. Finally, she is able to visit with Gong-chan. The observatory is one of the few sites offering a beautiful night view of Seoul. It is especially recommended for couples looking for a romantic evening. In the elevator, Yu-rin talks about holding her breath and making a wish.

  • Website :
  • How to Get There : Subway Line 5, Yeouinaru Station, Exit 1 → Walk ahead. (10 minutes)

Ilsan Lake Park

Here at the park, Gong-chan’s aunt sets up her easel to sketch. Mr. Jang comes to meet her with open arms, and she runs toward him. After a period of comic interaction where the two find out about their love, they decide to get married. Ilsan Lake Park is the largest in Ilsan. Over the lake, there is a bridge adorned by eulalia plants. The park attracts crowds of picnickers and sightseers, and its scenic views make it a favorite choice for wedding photos. Wonderful in any season of the year, Ilsan Lake Park is easy to find, so if you are in the area, it will be worth a visit.

  • Operating Hours : 
    • April ~ October 05:00~22:00
    • November ~ March 06:00~20:00
  • How to Get There : Subway Line 3, Jeongbalsan Station, Exit Lotte Department Store → Pass by Migwan Plaza and walk for about 10 minutes.

Alone in Love

The drama Alone in Love is an honest and realistic portrait of today’s relationships between men and women. Though the drama ratings were not very high, this drama has secured a large group of ardent fans, more so than other dramas. What is interesting is that the male viewers who did not show much interest in love stories are actually huge fans of this drama. This drama is based on a Japanese novel by Nojiwa Hisashi, in which the story is about the daily lives of a divorced couple who are still in love with each other.

Drama Alone in Love won the ‘2006 First Half Year Good Program Chosen by SBS Viewers’ award, and was also selected as Korea’s Excellent Drama. Regardless of the low audience rating, Alone in Love has been applauded for being a well-structured and in-depth drama.

Filming Locations

Kyobo Bookstore (Gangnam Branch)

The large bookstore Dongjin works in was filmed at Kyobo Bookstore in Gangnam. This is the place where he meets and falls in love with Eunho. As the first meeting place for the two, th
is is a meaning
ful place for Dongjin. The bookstore is seen frequently in the drama because it is also where he works. Kyobo Bookstore is located in a commercial district in Gangnam, and is one of Korea’s largest bookstores which people go to buy books, meet friends, etc. Kyobo Bookstore houses national and international bestsellers along with other books, stationeries, and more.

  • Operating Hours : 09:30~22:00
  • How to Get There : Take Subway Line 2 to Gangnam Station and go out of Exit #6 → Walk about 500 m in the direction of Nonhyeon Station (Link to Kyobo Bookstore )

Café Forest

Many viewers noticed a café made of wood in which Eunho passes on her bicycle as she goes to work in the first episode of the drama. This café is seen many times in the following episodes as a meeting place for Eunho and Dongjin. The inside and outside of it are styled with wood providing a comfortable atmosphere. A cozy stove and various dolls and small items make the place friendlier. Café Forest is located in a quiet part of a neighborhood, and is ideal to enjoy tea and talk.

  • Operating Hours : 11:00~24:00
  • Location : near HI Mart at Bundang Jeongsa-dong

Grand Hyatt Hotel

Eunho and Dongjin’s wedding takes place in this hotel. The Grand Hyatt hotel is also a favorite film location for many dramas. This is also the hotel they go to for dinner on their first wedding anniversary because they receive a free coupon. The Grand Hyatt hotel is located along Namsan, and has a magnificent view. It is also famous as the film location for the drama ‘Lovers in Paris.’

  • Website :
  • How to Get There : Take Subway Line 5 to Gwanghwamun Station → Take bus No. 402 or 4012 in front of Sejong Center.

Jeongdongjin Beach

When Dongjin and Eunho continue to meet after their divorce, Junpyo and Jinho come up with a scheme to get them back together, and go on a trip. The four people head for the very beach where Donjin proposed to Eunho. At this memorable place, Dongjin and Eunho seem to become more intimate. Jeongdongjin Beach is famous for its beautiful sunrise, and is a favorite location for young couples. Once you step off the train the beach is right in front of you, making this beach unique.

  • How to Get There : Cheongryangri Station → Take the train to Jeongdongjin or take the bus bound for Jeongdongjin at East Seoul Bus Terminal → Link to Jeongdongjin Beach

Tancheon Bicycle Road
The bridge and bicycle road Eunho passes on everyday is located at Bundang Imae-dong, known as Tancheon Bicycle Road. Many people come here to take a nice stroll, roller blade, or ride their bicycles. This road also leads to the Han River. It has a clean natural environment.

  • How to Get There : Take subway to Jeongja Station and go out of Exit 4. → Follow the road next to Parkview Apartment to Tancheon.

Daejanggeum (Jewel in the Palace)

The TV miniseries Daejanggeum, or Jewel in the Palace, which aired on MBC from September 15, 2003 to March 23, 2004, set many new records. The miniseries, whose viewer rate averaged 47%, and even reached a high of 57.8%, is based on the story of a real historical figure (Jang-geum) who was the first and only woman to serve as head physician to the King in the rigidly hierarchical and male-dominated social structure of the JoseonDynasty. Daejanggeum , in English, “the Great Jang-geum,” caught the attention of Korean TV viewers with its unique combination of two themes: the successful rise of a female, which is rarely covered in historical genre, and the elements of traditional food and medicine. For three months, beginning in May 2004, Daejanggeum aired in Taiwan, overtaking other Taiwanese miniseries, and snatching the title of most viewed program of the season.

In fact, nowadays, visiting Taiwanese fans flock to the main filming locations on Jeju-do Island, the Korean Folk Village, Naganeupseong, Suwon Hwaseong Haenggung Palace, and Changdeokgung Palace. The series was also launched on NHK satellite TV beginning October 8, 2004. In spring 2004, Daejanggeum also gained popularity in the West when the drama aired in 60 episodes on WOCH-Ch in Chicago, drawing large numbers of Daejanggeum aficionados.These days, the main filming locations in Jeju Island, Korean Folk Village, Naganeupseong, Suwon Hwaseong Haenggung Palace, and Changdeokgung Palace are crowded with Taiwanese fans.

Filming Locations

To enhance the visual impact of the miniseries, Daejanggeum was filmed in numerous locations throughout the country, from Seoul to Jeju Island. Presented here are the major locations, which are not only popular tourist destinations, but relatively easy to get to.

[Seoul & Vicinity Area]

Changdeokgung Palace

Changdeokgung Palace has been designated by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site. It appeared in episode 1 depicting the procession of King Yeonsangun, episode 3
g the procession of King Jungjong, episode 51 where King Jungjong is prevented from entering the residence of his son Gyeongwondaegun, and episodes 51 and 52 in which King Jungjong walks and talks with Jang-geum.

Korean Folk Village

The Korean Folk Village was the location of episode 54, in which Jang-geum gives birth to Min Jung-ho’s child, and Jang-geum, Min Jung-ho and the baby become a family. It is also the site of episode 51 in which Jang-geum takes care of smallpox patients in a village. Numerous other scenes were also shot here.

Suwon Hwaseong Haenggung Palace

Scenes of little Jang-geum undergoing training at the palace in episodes 3 and 4, the cooking competition in episode 8, the training of women doctors and Naeuiwon (medical facility in the palace) scenes in the latter episodes, and many others were filmed at Haenggung Palace.

[Jeju Island]

Jeju Folk Village

Many of the scenes in which Jang-geum learns medicine as a maidservant for the Jeju local government from episodes 27 to 32 were filmed at the Jeju Folk Village. Here, information with photos and descriptions of the scenes make it easier for visitors to find the locations. In particular, there is a large photo of Daejanggeum in front of the Jeju government office gate, where visitors like to take photographs.

Hyeopjae Beach

The scenes in episode 28, in which Min Jung-ho looks out to sea as Jang-geum leaves by boat, and the scene in which Jang-geum runs towards her cottage residence were shot here. Hyeopjae Beach is famous for its jade-colored waters.


In episodes 30 and 31, Jang-geum stands alone on a precipice looking out to the sea in firm resolution. A site offering a spectacular view, Oedolgae is one of the most visited tourist sites on Jeju Island.

Jeju Jinjigul Cave

In episode 54, Jang-geum finds a woman in labor inside the cave. She performs an operation that saves both the woman and her child. Jinjigul Cave is actually man-made. Aiming to use Jeju Island as an advance base to protect its mainland, the Japanese military excavated Jinjigul Cave in early 1945. An exhibition showing military equipment and everyday articles used by the Japanese military is recently being opened in the cave, and it is becoming a popular tourist attraction.

Seongeup-ri Ranch Area

Many of the scenes were filmed on an open range located in Seongeup-ri, Pyoseong-myeon, Namjeju-gun. Filmed here were scenes of Jang-geum carrying the dying Courtier Han on her back and later burying her. This is also where Jang-geum is taken by a military guard to a place of exile on the island. Other scenes shot here were Jang-geum going back to search for Lady Han’s grave, and erecting the tombstone. Visitors can still see the tombstone by registering for the Daejanggeum tour operated by ATV Jeju Joy. A thrilling experience awaits tour-goers, who will visit the filming locations in an all terrain four-wheeled vehicle.

  • Location : Seongeup-ri, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

[Other Areas]

Naganeupseong Folk Village

This location, a butcher’s village, appeared in episode 1, in which Jang-geum’s father Seo Cheon-su and other officials deliver poison (given them by the king) to deposed Queen Yun. Images of the Royal Guards training grounds and Joseon-era marketplace scenes were also filmed here. Episode 39, in which a contagious disease ravages the village, and episode 40, in which Min Jung-ho visits adisease-ridden village to save Jang-geum, were also filmed here.

  • Website :
  • Location : 30, Chungmin-gil, Nagan-myeon, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do

Seonunsa Temple

Well known for its beauty, Seonunsa Temple provided the location for episode 2. Filmed at Jinheunggul Cave near Seonunsa Temple, it shows Janggeum’s mother, Madame Park, alone in a cave absorbed in thought. The scene in which Jang-geum hides from a military search party, in a rock crevice was filmed at Dosoram Hermitage. The scene in episode 6 where Jang-geum climbs down the mountain carrying a golden pheasant was filmed near the temple. The scenes at the stone tomb of Madame Park in episodes 23, 27, 28 were all shot nearby. Finally, in episode 48, Lady Choi asks for forgiveness at Madame Park’s tomb.


A drama on an unprecedented scale, Damo tells a tale of love, conspiracy, loyalty, and honor. Setting a new standard with breathtaking cinematography, dazzling special effects, and mystical martial art scenes, Damo was awarded as the best drama at the 9th Asian TV Awards in Singapore in 2004. Even though the TV series had only 14 episodes, it stole the hearts of Korean TV viewers. Some were literally addicted to the drama, watching every episode of Damo from beginning to end, opening a Damo website with their fellow addicts, and even using lines from the drama in everyday life. After huge success in Korea, Damo was released to audiences in other nations. The drama went on to become a big hit in Taiwan.

Filming Locations

Damo was filmed in areas with great scenic beauty. It was reported that no countryside was too remote for the TV drama’s crews, as they made their utmost effort to capture the unique characteristics of Korea’s nature. As some of the filming locations are hard to find for foreigners, we will introduce to you locations which are widely known to the public and easy to find.

Korean Folk Village

Scenes at the Police Bureau, which frequently appears in episode one, were filmed at the Korean Folk Village.

Chungjuho Lake

Scenes of Korea’s traditional ferries in episode five were filmed at Chungjuho lake.

  • Website :
  • Location : Jongmin-dong, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do Jecheon-si, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do

Mungyeong Saejae Provincial Park

This is where Jang Seong-baek and Chae-ok rode horses in episode seven.

  • Location : 932, Saejae-ro, Mungyeong-eup, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Gwanghallu Garden

This is where Chae-ok swam across a lake to meet Emperor Sukjong in episode nine.

  • Location : 1447, Yocheon-ro, Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do

Seonamsa Temple

This is Seonams
a Temple, which Chae-
ok visited in episode 10. This is where the unforgettable last scene was filmed in which Yun and Seong-baek have their life-or-death fight scene.

  • Location : 450, Seonamsa-gil, Seungju-eup, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do

All In

On March 3, 2003, eighteen reporters from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand were in a bustle in Jeju International Airport. Why did they come to Jeju Island, one of the most beautiful places in Korea? The answer is All In, a special TV drama produced by SBS (Seoul Broadcast System) based on the true story of Cha Min-su, a pro gambler and a pro janggi (Korean chess) player.
Mr. Cha is the model for the main character Kim In-ha, played by Lee Byung-hun. Mr. Cha has had an even more dramatic life than what was portrayed in the drama. He went to Las Vegas with only 18 dollars and became a millionaire. All In is a story about a passion for success, victory and defeat in business and at the casino, and a love sorrowful and pure. It was inspired by Mr. Cha’s fiction-like life. efore this drama came on the air, East Asians were interested in he main actress Song Hye-gyo and actor Lee Byung-hun. Lee Byung-hun plays an orphan who became a great pro gambler, and his sweetheart is Song Hye-gyo. These two make this drama extremely popular with a program rating of over 40 percent in Korea. They received hard training in Las Vegas and at a special casino in Korea. While making the film in Las Vegas the whole staff applauded their talents and hard work.
Also, Jeju Island is in the news quite a bit these days and the All In drama sets there are becoming popular. Many tourists have already visited the sets at Seobjikoji and other studios, and more tourists are expected to come steadily. All In has already signed acontract with G-TV in Taiwan, and is hoping to be exported to I-TV in Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore.


Lee Byung-heon Song Hye-gyo

Filming Locations

Lotte Hotel

You can enjoy the beautiful Jeju scenery overlooking the Pacific and the romantic atmosphere of a Dutch windmill on a lakeside cliff. The windmill shows up frequently in important scenes in the drama. You will see the scene when Su-yeon first meets In-ha at the Lobby Lounge,and Jeong-won and Su-yeon miss bumping into each other at stairs of the Lobby. Su-yeon gives a gift to In-ha at the bench in front of the windmill, and after In-ha is promoted, he looks over the beach from the observation platform there. There are now signposts with scenes and lines at the each of these places.

  • Website :
  • Location : 2812-4 Saekdal-dong, Seoguipo-si, Jeju-do (located in Jungmun Resort)
  • How to Get There : Take an airport limousine bus (No. 600) from Jeju Airport to the Lotte Hotel (every 15 minutes, a 50-minute ride).

Hyatt Regency Hotel

The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Jeju transforms into the ‘Sea World Hotel’ in the television drama, All In. The ambitious Choi Do-hwan, played by actor Lee Deok-hwa, runs the Sea World Hotel and casino along with his son Jeong-won, played by Jiseong. The presidential suite on the 11th floor is a place for making deals and for Jeong-won, falling in love. It was here where he first set eyeson Min Su-yeon, played by Song Hye-gyo. Jeong-won spent many times on the balcony of the 11th floor suite looking out over the cobalt ocean and thinking about his new love. At the Island Lounge, Jeong-won drinks with Su-yeon and realizes that she still has feelings for her first love. She drinks too much and Jeong-won ends up carrying Su-yeon on his back to the suite. Another scene in the drama takes place in the Dadami Room of the Japanese restaurant at the hotel. Here Jeong-won’s father tries to set up his son with a wealthy business man’s daughter.

  • Website :
  • Location : 3039-1 Seakdal-dong, Seguipo-si, Jeju-do (located in Jungmun Resort)
  • How to Get There : Take an airport limousine bus (No. 600) from Jeju Airport to the Hyatt Hotel (every 15 minutes, a 50-minute ride).

Paradise Hotel Jeju

Built where former Korean President Syngman Rhee had his villa, this hotel first opened in 1963 in the Mediterranean style. It is located near Jeongbang Falls at Seogwipo Beach and offers a truly majestic view of the ocean and surrounding cliffs. Honeymoon House is the Korean restaurant in this hotel with a sweet decor, proud to serve the traditional teas of Jeju Island and a high quality menu. In the drama, Su-yeon has dinner with Jin-hui in this restaurant. Other sets in the drama include the living room and lobby of the hotel’s honeymoon suite, and a walk around the suite is shown.

  • Website :
  • Location : 511 Paradise Hotel Jeju, Topyeong-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
  • How to Get There : Take the airport limousine bus (No. 300 or 600) from Jeju Airport to the Paradise Hotel Jeju (every 15 minutes, an hour and 20 minutes’ trip).

International Convention Center (ICC) Jeju

The Inter
national Convention Center Jeju located in Jungmun Resort was designed in grand style and acted as Lee Byeong-hun’s character’s office in the drama. His office was located on the second floor with large glass windows offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape as well as his rival’s hotel, the Hyatt Regency. This area is now used as a restaurant.

Jungmun Golf Course

Located in Jungmun Resort on the southern coast, this 18-hole course offers exotic southern coastal views. It is Korea’s only seaside course, above seashore cliffs and a plunging valley. Golfing is all year round on evergreen lawns amid surrounding beauty. Jiseong’s character played many rounds of golf here. Lee Byeong-hun also had some scenes here after his character returned from the United States and needed to refine himself into a proper young business. Scenes of his golf lessons were shot here.

Daeyu Land

Daeyu Land offers bird hunting, sporting clays, and rifle and pistol target shooting all year round, with ultra-modern facilities. You can have a shotgun rental, hunting dog, suit and shoes, and a guide, for a hundred thousand won. You can get in a round of practice with clay pigeons for 30,000 won, and cartridges are 1,000 won apiece. Afterwards, you can go out for pheasant or quail in about three hours. You can also enjoy the pheasant-breeding farm, clubhouse, and, of course, the large hunting ground. In thedrama, Jin-hui and her father meet Jeong-won and his father at Daeyu Land after shooting clays.

Gaeul Donghwa (Autumn in My Heart)

In the fall of 2000, audiences across Korea were glued to their television sets as Gaeul Donghwa (Autumn in My Heart) began towin the hearts of all. This television drama was the first part, in a four part series based on each season, by producer Yun Seok-ho. The talented young actors and actresses, along with beautiful filming locations, made this tragic love story a piece of television artistry that captured the hearts of all. Even after the seriesended, many fans still visit the filming locations. Some of these include the beautiful sands of Hwajinpo Beach, nostalgic Abai Village, and a small closed elementary school set in the countryside.

Filming Locations

Hwajinpo Beach : The Lingering Sadness of Tragic Love

Hwajinpo Beach was the set of the last scene in Gaeul Donghwa where the two lovers spent their last moments together. As young and handsome Jun-Seo carried the beautiful yet dying Eun-Seo on his back down the beach, the deep blue winter ocean slowly comes in and out of the shore. This unforgettable scene invites an endless trail of visitors to Hwajinpo Beach where you can also find other attractions such as the magnificent Hwajinpoho Lagoon, historical summer villas and a refreshing pine tree forest.

Daegwallyeong Samyang Ranch : Dreams of Honeymoons

Samyang Ranch in Daegwallyeong is not only Eun-Seo and
Jun-Seo’s honeymoon destination, but also Asia’s largest green pasture on the plateau. This ancient and vast meadow is where milking cows feed. The view from the plateau is remarkable as well. If you go up to Daegwanryeong Observatory early in the morning, you can witness a spectacular sunrise from the East Sea beyond the peaks of Mt. Odaesan. The lake where cows drink water is called Samjeongho Lake. In order to get around this grand ranch, you should take a car or bicycle. By car, it will take about 2 hours while bicycles will take about 5~6 hours.

  • Location : 708-9, Kkotbadyangji-gil, Daegwallyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun

Abai Village, Sokcho ― Eun-Seo’s home

Abai Village appears in Gaeul Donghwa as Eun-Seo’s home. The village is reminiscent of the homes in the 1960s and 1970s. The scene of Eun-Seo arriving on a sailing boat or the village’s tiny grocery store attracts many who pass by this little quaint village. Abai Village in Sokcho is actually where many North Koreans settled after the Korean War. After Korea was divided, North Korean gathered in Abai (“father” in North Korean dialect) Village, but sadly, most villagers are second generation North Koreans who settled in the south after the war. You can get to Abai Village by car or by boat. The boat fromSokcho to Cheongho-dong can carry 35 people at most because it not powered by an engine. After getting off the boat, walk southward a bit and you will find Cheongho-dong Dock. It is an excellent course for a stroll. This area is also well known for its ‘Abai Sun-dae (Korean style sausage).’ It is made of squid and other seafood.

  • Location : Cheongho-dong, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do
  • How to Get There :
    • From Sokcho Express Terminal, take city bus 1, 7, or 9 (10 min ride). Taxi takes 5 min.
    • From Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal, take city bus 7-1 or 9-1 and get off at City Hall (10 min ride). Walk 5 min and take a boat on the way to Cheongho-dong.

Gyeoul Yeonga (Winter Sonata)

Gyeoul Yeonga was first released in Korea in January of 2002 quickly becoming one the most popular shows on television. This hugely popular TV drama was produced by Ho Yunseok, the same man responsible for immensely popular TV drama, Gaeul Donghwa (Autumn in my Heart). This director has begun aseasonal theme of TV dramas. The third in his series is Yeoreum Hyanggi (The Scent of Summer), which aired in the summer of 2003 in Korea. Gyeoul Yeonga was released in 2001 to the Hong Kong audience and later released in China and Japan. Broadcast on NHK BS2 television in Japan, it was first shown in April~September of 2003. Due to popular demand, it is aired again in December 2003. The demand is growing internationally for this love story that is stealing the hearts of all who watch.

Filming Locations

Nami Island ― Snow Falling of Winter Sonata

This island is the location where many scenes were shot. A leisurely walk around the island will take approximately 2~3 hours.Many visitors opt for biking part way. Bicycles can be rented at the administrative office located near the center of the island. There is a small farm area on the island with many ostriches, which are free to roam the island on days when there aren’t many visitors. It’s fun to race the ostriches while riding bicycles, but don’t plan on winning unless you have legs of steel. Summer tourists can enjoy boating around the island, but fall is certainly the loveliest time of year here.

  • Website :
  • Location : 1 Namiseom-gil, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si Gang-won-do


This is where Jun-sang and Yu-jin rode their bicycles. This sign has been placed here for fans to find the location with ease.

  • Location : 603 Jungdo-dong, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do


Gongjicheon (road with the white fence)

This is the spot where Jun-sang and Yu-jin get off the bus together after they realize that they have missed their stop. They return to the same location 10 years later in a retrospective journey.

  • Location : 25, Ethiopia-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do

Famous shopping street in Chuncheon

Yu-jin and Jun-sang promise to meet here on New Year’s Eve. Yu-jin waits outside in the cold not realizing that Jun-sang was ina car accident. The two return to the scene 10 years later.

Yongpyong Resort

Yu-jing’s company, Polaris, and Min-hyeong’s company sign a contract to work on the same design project at the Dragon Valley Ski Resort. The two main characters spent much time here working and falling in love again.


10 years after the supposed death of Jun-sang, Yu-jin is on the way to her engagement party when she a see a man who looks just like her first love, Jun-sang. She tries her best to follow him around the streets, not realizing that so much time had passed, she end up missing her own engagement party.

  • How to Get There : Hyehwa Station, Seoul Subway Line 4

Seoul Plaza Hotel

Min-hyeong (Jun-sang) checks into this hotel for an extended period of time. It is just outside this hotel where Min-hyeong is in his second car accident which brings back all of his memories.

Oedo Botania

The two lovers are reunited for the final time at the house that Min-hyeong built for Yu-jin. The house is on the picturesque island of Oedo.


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