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KTX Snap, Post & Win Contest (June Entry) is Ongoing

Every month, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Malaysia will give away 2 Korea return flight tickets to 2 lucky winners of KTX Snap, Post & Win Contest. For the June entry, the contest is already started from 1st until 30th June 2017.


How to participate?

Step 1: Travel in Korea with KTX and snap a creative photo of yourself with KTX.
Step 2: Register yourself as a Kaki Korea Club (KKC) member on KTO Malaysia website. Skip this step if you are already a KKC member.
Step 3: Post the photo on your Facebook, write a short story about your experience of traveling with KTX, specify when and where you took the photo and hashtag #MalaysianonKTX
Step 4: Change the audience of the post to Public.
Step 5: Copy the photo link address of Facebook and paste it as an entry on the KTX Snap, Post & Win Contest page of KTO Malaysia website.


Updated judging criteria

  1. Quality of your KTX story & photo on Facebook judging by KTO management. (50%)
  2. Number of Likes on your contest entry posted by KTO Malaysia Facebook page. Full score just needs 200 Likes. (50%)


Tip for the participants

Photo entry must show your face clearly, at least a KTX logo inside the train or a unique feature of KTX. Below are past winners’ photo entries.


  • Grand prize: 2 Korean Air return flight tickets (KL-Incheon) x 1
  • 1st Runner-up: 2 AirAsia return flight tickets (KL-Busan) x 1
  • Consolation prize: A Korean branded cosmetic set x 5


Hurry up! Participate in this exciting contest and win a FREE flight to Korea. Don’t forget to share this contest with your family and friends.

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