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3Ks Fam Trip July 2015 (Seoul & Jeju Island) – Seoul: Part 1

KTO Activities: KTOKL 3Ks Fam Trip 2015 (Seoul – Part 1)

At the end of July 2015, Korea Tourism Organization (Kuala Lumpur branch office) has organized a Familiarization trip with selected local media and travel agents representatives. The purpose of this FAM trip was to get together with local media and travel agencies to experience the fun and vibrant of daily life in Seoul and Jeju Island.

Nevertheless, the main objective of this trip is to let the public know that the life in Korea is still going on as normal, fun and fantastic regardless of the recent MERS outbreak in Korea. The main attractions of this trip were based on the three Ks which are K-Wedding, K-Beauty & K-Pop.

And yes, the daily life in Korea was still as normal as always and our days spent in Korea throughout the trip were awesome! As of that, we would like to share our experience with you! Let’s get it started!

Once we have arrived in Seoul, we directly went to visit the Gangnam Terminal Underground Shopping Center and the Gangnam Station famous photo booth and yes we did the Gangnam Style pose too! And next we went into the Gangnam Terminal Underground Shopping Center which is a perfect place to get stylish items without breaking the bank.

Yes, good news to shophaholics! This shopping area is so reasonable that it could be called a “5,000—1,0000 won Heaven”. Located under one of Seoul’s major bus terminals, this shopping center is easily accessible by subway, bus or car from inside or outside of Seoul. You can get almost everything here!

We wished we could do some shopping here. However, due to time constraint, we were just able to do window shopping only here. We will be back that’s for sure!

After our quick visit at Gangnam Terminal Underground Shopping Center, we went to SM Town Coex Artium located in Samseong area. SMTOWN at COEX Artium is composed of SMTOWN STUDIO, a virtual space offering visitors a glimpse into the real educational experience of SM artists, SMTOWN LIVErary CAFÉ, and SMTOWN THEATRE, featuring a large-scale Panavision screen where visitors can enjoy a mix of holographic and live performances. For a K-Pop fans, this is a MUST place for you to visit! DEFINITELY!

So, we joined the Studio Tour. When you join the Studio Tour, you will get to experience the K-pop idols workplace. Oh my! The fee for studio tour will be 30000won per person and you need to make your reservation before your tour day. Would you pay that price to experience the place where the idols work? Yes for me!

We even got to see some trainees practicing their dance moves, vocal training too, music video shooting set, idols clothes, official photos that are not release yet and the work station for DBSK/TVXQ new TV program. It was really fun! Me and two other ladies, Shanice from Oriental Daily News and Joanna from Female Magazine got to experience the brow fixer from the make-up artists at SM Town Coex Artium. We feel honored as they are the make-up artists for the K-Pop idols from SM Entertainment and the make-up studio is where the idols got their make-up and hair done.

One of the most favorite couple activity that you can experience in Korea is making couple rings!

So, after our K-Pop experience at SM Town Coex Artium, and our delicious Korean Traditional food lunch at JinJinBara, we went to a DIY ring shop called Ring Village (Banji Maeul): Two Ring By located in Hongdae. This shop was featured in MBC TV program, We Got Married where the couples came here to make their own couple rings.

If you would like to make your own couple rings with your partner, the cost will be around 50000 won per ring. The price will be including the ring making experience cost and also the ring where you can customize your intial according to your own creativity. Awesome right?! ^^


After our couple rings activity in Hongdae, we dropped by at Mecenatpolis Mall located in Hapjeong. Located at Hapjeong Station, Mecenatpolis is the latest addition to Seoul’s mixed-use commercial district that embraces shopping, entertainment, and residential compounds.

A diverse range of retail, dining, and vibrant communal spaces merge to create a new urban haven under a single roof, providing a new social destination for city slickers. Lotte Cinema is conveniently located within the compound. This mall is famous for its colorful umbrellas.

The mall is connected together with luxury residence condominium where celebrity such as members of Big Bang, Infinite, and A-Pink are living there. Besides that, Mecenatpolis is one of the favorite filming location and photo shooting spot for couples due to its colorful umbrellas. We really like the rainbow-colored umbrellas!

After our dinner at Samcheongdong, we went to Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) to see the LED Rose flowers. These LED flowers have been featured in var
ious TV program and dramas and one of it was Korean dr
ama ‘The Producer’.

The LED Rose flowers produced romantic and beautiful view. We can see many couples came here to make memories with the lovely flowers. And of course, we wouldn’t want to miss the chance to enjoy the gorgeous LED Rose flowers! We then went to Hotel President where it is located near to Seoul City Hall and Myeongdong. We stayed there for 2 of our nights in Seoul. 

On the next day, we went to Kwangdong Hospital of Traditional Korean Medicine. If you have been looking for a place where a discreet and attentive Oriental medical service provider, this hospital would be the answer.

It is a healthcare center that offers holistic and patient-oriented wellness medical services such as medical aesthetic, weight management, and many more. visited the Kwangdong Oriental Hospital. The hospital operates since 1994 as a subsidiary of Kwangdong Pharmaceutical, one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies famous for its herbal remedies and health products.

Some of us got to experience the face acupuncture treatment which helps in making your face look more radiant, young and fresh without make up while the others experienced the oriental laser treatment which helps in treating pigmentations and uneven skin tones.

We could see the results instantly after the treatment and we were very happy about it! 


After our visit to Kwangdong Hospital, we went to 4ever Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology Clinic located in Gangnam area.

Forever Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology Clinic is a leader in the Korean aesthetic industry, which its promises to continuously exert its utmost efforts to be reborn as a global cosmetic surgical brand aimed at the world stage. This would be based on research in new medical technology, reliable top-notch medical experts, and systematic medical systems.

The Medical Services that they provide at 4ever are Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping), Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery), Anti-Aging, Body Contour (Liposuction), 3D Fat Grafting, Hair Transplantation and many more!

We got to experience the Korean celebrity Peeling & Whitening treatment and the outcome, smooth and fresh skin can be seen instantly! 


We went to Soobin Academy located in Gangnam area after a nice lunch at La Grillia to learn about the current make-up trend in Korea.

Soobin Academy provides hair and make-up lesson as well as beauty service for customers. It is also was featured in the ‘Get It Beauty’ show. The instructor, Ms Kim Hyun Ah and her assistants showed us how to do our make-up naturally with just a few simple steps. She also taught us the ways to emphasize the eyes area with natural looks inspired by Miss A’s Suzy make-up style.

Some of us got to experience being dolled up by the make-up artists and we were satisfied with the outcome!


After the make-up lesson at Soobin Academy, we went to a hair salon located in Gangnam area called ‘Jageun Sa-i’ (very close to entertainment companies like JYP & CUBE). The hair salon is one of the salons that are frequently visited by Korean celebrities.

At this salon, every customers will be given a special treatment that is fit for a King. Here at this salon, customer will be served drinks with variety of choices and there is even a reading area for customer to enjoy while waiting for their turn.

Two of our members got to experience the hair cutting session with the professional hair designers and they loved it! You should try this experience too when you are in Korea.


From Gangnam area, we went directly to SBS Prism Tower located at Digital Media City in Sangam to attend a live Kpop music show called SBS The Show 4.

We were very excited as we will be able to watch live performance of the current artists that are making their comebacks such as Infinite, Got7, Hello Venus, 9Muses, Sonamoo, Stellar, Gfriend, Minx and many more! There were total of 17 performers on that show and it was awesome!

KTO and SBS The Show are offering you a chance to see your favorite Kpop stars in person! So, for those who would like to have the same experience as we did (as a studio audience), you may apply for the music show through KTO website. Don’t miss out this opportunity to enjoy Kpop, okay?! ^^



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