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3Ks Fam Trip July 2015 (Seoul & Jeju Island) – Jeju Island: Part 2

KTO Activities: KTOKL 3Ks Fam Trip 2015 (Jeju Island – Part 2)

On the second day of our stay in Jeju Island, the first destination that we went was the Seosokkak Estuary and to our surprise, the roads to that area were already packed with cars! Due to the summer peak season in Jeju Island, there were many local and foreign tourists visited the place and because of that we were not able to try the transparent Kayak experience T_T….

For your information, Soesokkak Estuary is located at the mouth of Hyodoncheon, where the stream meets the sea. Deep water, oddly-formed rocks, and strangely-shaped stones and a dense of pine tree forest will welcome you when you arrive at this beautiful place. The water maintains a temperature of 18 Celsius degrees all year round, so you can swim even in Autumn! Isn’t that amazing?!

Besides enjoying the breathtaking nature scenery, the Transparent Kayak Experience is one of the activities that you can do here at Seosokkak Estuary. This activity is popular among couples as it creates romantic atmosphere where you can even enjoy the view of the water right from the Kayak while rowing slowly through the stream. We really wished we could experience the Kayak but it’s alright, we will try it out in the future trip to Jeju Island!


After spending some time at Seosokkak Estuary, we then proceed to go to our K-Pop adventure in Jeju Island!

A special museum dedicated to K-Pop called the PLAY K-POP which recently just opened in June 2015 has adopted the new concept style of entertainment space where Korean music meets the new media technology. Everything looked incredible here and we really liked it!

There’s even the Live Hologram Concert Hall where, famous K-pop stars including Psy, Big Bang and 2NE1 come alive with the latest digital restoration technologies, allowing the audience to submerge themselves into a realistic feeling of being at an actual live concert! We got to watch the hologram concert ‘G-Dragon – Awake’ Special Concert and it was…whoa AWESOME!

Besides that, the special exhibition hall features a variety of hands-on activities including ‘Meet the Star,’ where visitors can go on a date with their favorite Hallyu star, ‘I am a Star,’ where participants can become an idol, and much more to enjoy. You can even make G-Dragon to lie down on your lap! HAHA! So, if you are a K-Pop fan, this is a must visit place for you! Only in Jeju Island!


Settled with our lunch, we went directly to the Jungmun Tourist Resort Complex which is located at the beautiful Jungmun Beach to experience the Shangri-La Yacht Tour. The Shangri-La Yacht is well-known as the luxurious and romantic cruise sailing for four seasons and all year round! Plus, you can even have your marriage proposal or wedding reception on board of the yacht! Super romantic!

Shangri-La Yacht also has been frequently appeared on TV dramas and other various medias such as in ‘Boys Over Flowers’, Miss Ripley, ‘Swallow the Sun’ and many more.

We had really great time during the 1 hour yacht tour! We got to do fishing, enjoying the sea waves, beautiful sightseeing and the summer ocean breeze! This is definitely one of the activity that you must try once in a life time!

Hello Kitty Island in Jeju is located quite near to Jungmun Tourist Resort Complex. So, after the yacht tour activity, we went directly to visit the Hello Kitty Island.

Hello Kitty Island is a special exhibition hall, themed around Hello Kitty, beloved by many people all over the world. Visitors can enjoy the many various exhibits, comprised of a gift shop, Kitty History Hall, Art Education Hall, Music Education Hall, Art Gallery, World Gallery Hall, Trip around the World Gallery Hall, Constellation Education Hall, Planned Gallery, Hello Kitty Café, 3D Theater, Outdoor Modeling Gallery, and more. At Hello Kitty Café, hot coffee and other beverages are served along with Hello Kitty sweet deserts.

The place was packed with Hello Kitty fans from all around the world! Fans of Hello Kitty will definitely love this it! With its bright attractive pink color concept, Hello Kitty Island is definitely a cute destination for you to visit while in Jeju Island! Don’t miss your chance to get to know in depth about Hello Kitty when you are here!


 And the final activity that we did on our last day in Jeju Island was the Seogwipo Submarine experience!

Located in Seogwipo, the Seogwipo Submarine is known as the safest submarine tour in the world and it is the world’s first ISO-9001 certified operator in the submarine tour service. It began to operate in 1988 which was the first in Asia and the 3rd in the world.

Seogwipo Submarine offers safe undersea tours in its recently acquired state of the art submarine from Finland. Mun Island, where the submarine travels, is home to outstanding coral reefs, colourful schools of fish, and rich seaweed. The exquisite landscape makes it one of the most beautiful places to dive as well.

We went down deep into the 40 meter sea-bed, where we were able to see countless fishes, rare iridescent coral reefs, and a surreal-looking shipwreck with schools of fish surrounding it. It was our first time submarine experience and we were very thrilled and excited at the same time! The submarine tour is definitely a very unusual adventure but hey, when you are trying to live life to the fullest, this activity should in your bucket list!


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