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KTO Annyeonghaseyo Spring 2016 FAM Trip – Part 4: Andong

KTO Annyeonghaseyo Spring 2016 FAM Trip – Part 4: Andong



We started our journey in Andong by visiting our first destination which was the famous Andong Hahoe Folk Village. We were joined by Mr Kim, a local tour guide for the village. For your information, Hahoe Village is home to descendants of the Ryu clan of Pungsan and is well-known for its traditional houses.

Well-known as the birthplace of renowned scholars of the Joseon Period such as Gyeomam Ryu Un-ryong and Seoae Ryu Seong-ryong, the village became even more famous after Queen Elizabeth of England visited the village on April 21, 1999. Hahoe Village (translating to “Village Enveloped by Water”) gets its name from Nakdong River, which flows around the town’s perimeter. Hahoe Village, along with Yangdong Village in Gyeongju, was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List under the category of “Historic Villages in Korea” on July 31, 2010. The best time to visit the village would be in autumn season as Andong Mask Dance will be showcase during that time.



Besides Andong Jjimdak (braised chicken), braised mackerek is another dish which is also well-known and a must try in Andong. So for our lunch, we went to a local restaurant located in the Andong Hahoe Folk Village. The braised mackerel was really nice and fresh! It tasted a little bit different from other braised mackerel that I have tried before! Definitely a must try when you are in Andong!


Address: 301-2 Haheo-ri, Pungcheon-myeon, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea

Phone: +82 54-823-1500

Google Map: Click HERE


After lunch, we went to hike on the Buyongdae Cliff where we could see the whole view of Andong Hahoe Folk Village from the top area. For your information, Buyongdae is a cliff about 64 meters high situated where the Taebaek Mountain Range ends. From the summit, you can get a bird’s eye view of the Hahoe Village in Andong. The name was taken from an ancient history of China. Meaning lotus, the name Buyongdae is said to be given for Hahoe Village’s configuration which is like a lotus flower. Located near Buyongdae are Ogyeonjeongsa House, Gyeomamjeongsa House, and Hwacheon Seowon Academy.


Andong is also well-known for its traditional paper which is called as ‘Hanji’. To experience the process of making the Hanji, we went to the Andong traditional paper factory to get a glimpse of it. Located at the entrance to Hahoe Village, the factory is an area preserving Korean tradition and customs, has done its best to manufacture traditional Korean paper. Andong Korean paper is made of Korean paper mulberry and clean water. Andong Hanji is very proud that it maintains exceptional quality, and the highest production capacity for Korean traditional paper. Hanji has been widely used as drawing papers, calligraphy, window paper, floor paper, book paper, wallpaper, wrapping paper and many more!


Andong is well-known for its Confucianisme. In order to fully understand what Confucianisme is all about, we visited the newly opened Andong Confuican Land. Confucian Land was built for the purpose of introducing Confucianism to local and international visitors to Andong. Construction took three years to complete, and the building is three stories tall and has an area of 13,349 square meters. Here, we were able to directly and indirectly experience various aspects of Seonbi culture through educational programs to introduce their ancient rules.  Seonbi was a dignified and learned individual. It specifically refers to a certain status in the hierarchy following the philosophy of Confucianism during the Joseon Dynasty.

DINNER @ NUTINAMU (Seafood Chicken Soup)

We then proceed to a seafood chicken soup restaurant called Nutinamu for our dinner. The hot soup definitely was a great choice for us to counter the cold night.The combination of chicken and seafood in a soup was suprisingly delicious!

Address: 610 Susangdong, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Phone: +82 54 857 3338

Google Map: Click HERE


To visit this destination when you are in Andong is a must as this place has breathtaking views during sunset and night time! And it is a favorite spot for photographers from all over the world as well! Wolyeonggyo Bridge is the biggest and the longest wooden bridge in Korea based on the memorable love story between Lee Eung Tae and his wife. The shape of the bridge is similar with ‘Mituri‘ (traditional shoes) which Lee’s wife made by using her hairs and buried together with her husband. It is best to visit the bridge at night as the view will be more beautiful with the lights. There are also cafes that you can go near to the bridge area while waiting for the sunset. Definitely worth it!

We ended our night at Yeongju Hotel located in Yeongju as we had to take the V train from the Yeongju Station on the next day morning. Check out the next post for our V train adventure as well as the filming location for the popular K-Drama, ‘Descendants of the Sun’!

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