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KTO Annyeonghaseyo Spring 2016 FAM Trip – Part 3: Mungyeong

KTO Annyeonghaseyo Spring 2016 FAM Trip – Part 3: Mungyeong



On the next day, we headed to Mungyeong City, which was our next adventure place to discover in Gyeongsangbuk-do province. We departed at early in the morning since there were many places that we had to visit in Mungyeong. Our first destination was Mungyeong Saejae Provincial Park. The weather was cold and the air was really fresh!

The Mungyeong area is home to Mungyeongsaejae, a mountain pass connecting Mungyeong City and Goesan County. During the Joseon period, Mungyeong Saejae played an important role as the gateway in and out of Gyeongsang Province. Saejae, meaning “bird pass,” refers to “a pass so high and steep that even birds find the crossing difficult”. The Mungyeongsaejae-gil road inside Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park is well developed and suitable for hikers of all ages. The park tour guide followed us along the journey to explain more about the beautiful place. We took the park boogey car to explore the huge park. 


If you are a fan of Korean historical drama, then you must visit this place! I am a super fan and I was like a kid when we visited the Mungyeong filming site! 

The Mungyeong filming site is where KBS makes historical drama films set in the Goryeo era. The reasons to choose Mungyeongsaejae for the filming site were because the terrain of Joryeongsan and Juheulsan were considered to be similar to Songaksan in Geseong (in what is now North Korea), the capital of Goryeo. Also, well-preserved ancient paths were very suitable for filming historical dramas as well.

So far, KBS epic TV dramas such as Taejo Wang Geon, The Dawn of the Empire, Age of Warriors, Dae Jo Young, King Geunchogo, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, King Sejong The Great, King Gwanggeto The Great, and period movies such as Scandal and the Romantic Assassin were filmed here! Nevertheless, many other Korean historical dramas were filmed here! Believe me you will be able to recognize the filming site if you happen to see in the dramas!

LUNCH @ MOSHINJEONG (Korean Traditional Vegetarian Food)

For our lunch, we went to a Korean Traditional restaurant which is famous for its delicious Korean traditional vegetarian food. The food tasted suprisingly delicious and you will forget that the food served were actually made all from vegetarian ingredients and contains no artificial flavors at all! Besides that, the restaurant is also well-known as a traditional wedding ceremony venue in the area. We were also joined by the Mungyeong city Director and staffs where we felt honored to have them with us!

Address: 518-1 Sinhyeon-ri, Maseong-myeon, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea

Phone: +82 54-571-1845

Google Map: Click HERE


After the heartful lunch, we then continued our discovery journey in Mungyeong city by visiting the Mungyeong Coal Museum. For your information, coal is our only natural energy resource and has been contributing to the progress of the national economy by playing an essential role in providing fuel and boosting the national infrastructure industry. However, as alternative resources develop the demand for coal is decreasing.

This museum was built to preserve important historical data by collecting artifacts and documenting the history of the coal industry in one place and provide a learning environment to understand the coal industry as a whole for posterity.


Located in the same area as the Mungyeong Coal Museum is the Gaeun Filming Set. Gaeun Filming Set includes reproductions of houses and fortresses of the Goguryeo Period based upon historical documents and meticulous research. Naturally, buildings are designed using flashy colors, which were typically found in tomb murals during the Goguryeo Period. To go to this filming set, we took the cable tram since the set is located at the top of the hill. It was amazing how the whole area view looks like when we arrived at the filming site.

Filmed in this set are popular soap operas such as Yeon Gaesomun, Hong Gil Dong, Iljimae, Six Flying Dragons and many more! So, for the historical drama fans, make sure to include the filming sites in Mungyeong city as places to visit when you plan your trip to Korea, okay?


Mungyeong is full with nature view and for that we went to try the Mungyeong Rail Bike activity which is located about 10 minutes bus ride from Gaeun Filming Site. There is another rail bike area but according to the tour guide that followed us, this one is better than the other one. So, do take note on this okay!

The Mungyeong Rail Bike is a specially-designed bike that runs along the very same tracks that were once used by a trains carrying coal across the country, nearly 20 years ago. We pedaled along the tracks and through the tunnel where we got to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Jinnam Gyoban in a more unique way. For your information, Mungyeong Rail Bike is the first railway cycling recreational site in Korea. Amazing right? I strongly suggest for you to try this activity during spring and autumn seasons so that you can enjoy the fantastic beautiful nature scenery to the maximum!


Another fun a
ctivity to experience in Mungyeong is the clay shooting!
After the rail bike, we went to Mungyeong clay shooting range to try out the shooting activity. This shooting range is one of the few clay shooting range in Korea, along with the shooting ranges for handguns and air guns. For your information, the guns that we used for this activity were the real one. How amazing was that, right? Whatever it is, safety is definitely the first priority when you want to try this activity. Before we started the experience, one of the rangers showed us the right way of handling the gun to avoid any unwanted accident from happening during the activity. For female shooter, a shoulder protector was also provided since the gun is quite heavy to handle. Nevertheless, we had so much fun and the activity is definitely an adrenaline rusher! For those who likes to challenge themselves should try it!


After the long day in Mungyeong, we then proceed to Andong which is located almost 2 hours of bus journey from the Mungyeong city. Once we have arrived in Andong, we then directly went to have our dinner which was the famous Andong Jjimdak or also known as the Braised Chicken. Here in Andong, the braised chicken is like the food that represents the city. So, to try it, we went to a local restaurant called Myeongga Jjimdak. For your information, this restaurant can provide the braised chicken dish using the HALAL chicken as long as they receive your request earlier. Very convenient for Muslim travelers, right? And yes, their Andong Jjimdak was super delicious!


Address: 178-10 Seobu-dong, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea

Phone: +82 54-859-4481

Google Map: Click HERE

After the delicious dinner, we then proceed to Andong Grand Hotel to rest. The weather in Andong was colder than other cities that we have previously went before. Our adventure in Gyeongsangbuk-do province will be continued on the next post so don’t stop reading yet okay!

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