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KTO Annyeonghaseyo Spring 2016 FAM Trip – Part 2: Daegu

KTO Annyeonghaseyo Spring 2016 FAM Trip – Part 2: Daegu



On the next day, we started our day by departing to Daegu from Gyeongju. The first place that we went was the Palgongsan Cable Car. Standing almost 1.2㎞ and bordering five differentcities and districts of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province,Palgongsan Mountain is one of the major mountains in the southern region.Palgongsan Cable Car runs a distance of 1.2㎞ from the base of Palgongsan Mountain to an elevation of 800m. Since we went there during the Spring season, there were cherry blossom trees along the way to the cable car area. The scenery was so beautiful!


Next, we went to Seomun Traditional Market, located in the Daegu city. Seomun Market (formerly known as ‘Daegu-Keun Market’) of Daegu is steeped in history. Along with Pyeongyang Market and Ganggyeong Market, Seomun Market was one of the three main markets during the Joseon Dynasty. The specialties of the current Seomun Market include fabric-related items like silk, satin, linen, cotton, knitted goods, & men’s and women’s wear. You will also be able to find a decent selection of crafts, silver products and dried seafood.  The market is so big that we wished we could spend more time there to shop!


For our lunch, we went to a grilled seafood restaurant located Daegu shopping area in Dongseongno. If you are a fan of seafood and would like to try it while you are in Daegu, then you should visit this restaurant. The seafood served were fresh and they staffs even demonstrated to us the way they prepared the grilled octopus on a skewer. Don’t forget to include the fried rice at the end of your grilled seafood experience because the taste was amazing!


Address: 91-11 Dongseongno 3(sam)-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea


Google Map: Click HERE


Located nearby our lunch place was a cosmetic cafe called ‘Sky Lake’. The cafe belongs to a  middle aged Daegu lady started a beauty product business using 18 kinds of oriental herbs under the name of Sky Lake (Hanul Hosu). Her products are well known for the mild and healthful ingredients so that even little children can use it. The products manufactured at a small factory near Daegu are sold at a café under the same name of Sky Lake while exporting the products abroad such as China, Japan and Hong Kong. We got to experience the mask pack making using the natural ingredients provided by the cafe. We had so much fun and excited during the learning process! The cafe owner even helped to assist us throughout the experience!


Daegu is well known as the city of oriental medicine and because of that we also went to learn about the history of oriental medicine at Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine. The museum is full of useful information and you will even get to experience the on side medical check up. A name brand that represents Korean traditional medicine, Yangnyeongsi is an international hub of commerce for traditional medicine ingredients. It is an interactive museum which on the upper two levels with re-creations of traditional clinics, video quizzes and hands-on learning opportunities It’s a visually exciting introduction to oriental medicine such as insam (ginseng) and reindeer horns, and the people who popularized it.

While we were there, we got to experience the traditional foot bath where for 15 minutes and yes the outcome was such a fatigue reliever! We felt more energetic and less tired after the treatment! Definitely what we need after all those visiting activities and walking!


If you are in Daegu, make sure to visit the Daegu E World! E-World (formerly Wooband Tower Land) is a theme park built around Woobang Tower (Oct. 1987). The area around the tower was remodeled as a European-style park and opened to the public in March 1995. Nestled just behind E-world Daegu’s theme park is the 83 tower. During Spring season, It is best to visit at night as it will be filled with various colors of LED lights and cherry blossom flowers. The scenery was super beautiful and romantic once they turned on all of the LED lights at night! There is even the Euroseum where you can take crazy photos with 4D images.


For our dinner, the staffs of Daegu Metropolitan City brought us to a fancy restaurant which served super delicious grilled eel! The eel was so delicious and we just can’t stop eating it! Besides that, the other dishes served for us were also tasty and different from what we have tried before. Using only the best ingredients to prepare their food, no wonder this restaurant is popular among the locals here!

Address: 1190-3 Suseongdong 4(sa)-ga, Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Korea


Google Map: Click HERE

After the delicious dinner, we went to Daegu Interbulgo Hotel to spend our night there. The next day we traveled to another exciting place in Gyeongsangbuk-do! Check out my next post to know more!

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