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Busan K-Beauty Familiarization Trip Jan 2015

KTO Activities : KTO Busan K-Beauty Familiarization Trip 

At the end of January 2015, KTO has organized a Familiarization trip with the selected agents to check out the interesting places in the Southern part of Korea for this coming spring season and to experience the real Korean traditional medicine in creating good health and also beauty. The places that we covered during this trip were Gyeongnam, Daegu and Busan. It happened that all of the participants were females and you can guess how chaotic the trip was!

On the first day of the trip, right after we arrived in Busan, we directly went to Gyeongnam to visit the Jinhae Cherry Blossom sites such as Gyeonghwa Station and Yeojwacheon Stream. Both sites are well-known as the Cherry Blossom Road. Every spring season, Jinhae will have the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival which is the largest cherry blossom festival. For this year, it has been said that the festival will begin in the early of April 2015! So, if you happen to be around the area in this coming spring season, don’t forget to visit Jinhae! ^^

After lunch, we directly went to Sancheong, which is located in Gyeongsangnam-do. It took about 2 hours of bus journey from Jinhae. In Sancheong, we visited the Donguibonga, in Korean Medical Healing Town. The Donguibonga in Korean Medicine healing town is a Hanok village located on the west of Donguibogamchon. The place is for healing the body and soul of tired urban and contemporary people. And oh my, the place was so huge! The air surrounding the area was very fresh too! We felt really calm and at peace while we were there. We got to experience the Korean traditional treatment such as Cupping, Korean Acupuncture, Korean Body Massage, Korean Facial Massage, and Korean Herbal Bath. We even got to try the beautiful traditional Hanbok and tasted the Korean Herbal Tea while waited for our turn for the treatment and consultation. The experience was really refreshing! We spent our night at the Healing Town Hotel which is located about 5 minutes bus trip from the Donguibonga.

On the next day, we stopped by at Hwangmaesan Mountain which is located in Sancheong, Gyeongsangnam-do. The mountain is popular with Royal Azalea flower festival during spring season. By looking at the view that we saw, we can imagine that the mountain will be very beautiful in spring time.

After that, we continued our journey to Daegu. We stopped by at Cheongdo Wine Tunnel where it is the perfect place for aging persimmon wine, which is made by the process of fermenting seedless persimmons, a local specialty of Cheongdo. For individual traveler, there are exhibitions, wine sampling, a café, and a wine market for traveler to experience and enjoy.

When we were in Daegu, we went to the Design Center that is located within the Daekyeung University. We were greeted by the experts in fashion, hair design and make-up together with the good looking models! We were then being dolled-up with the Korea traditional costume, Hanbok because we had to do the fashion show at the center! We were very excited to get to see each one of us being transformed into a model! The Korean beauty experts together with their trainees did a very good job in handling us! The runway fashion experience was definitely something that we didn’t expect at all!

On the third day, we started the day by transferring to Busan. We visited the Dalmaji-gil Road. It is a small walkway on the corner to Songjeong Beach. During spring season, the road will boasts with beautiful cherry blossoms and pine trees, which are located just beyond Haeundae Beach, on the slope of Mt.Wausan. The landscape, with the blue sea, sandy seashore, and pine trees, is beautiful enough to be the representative place of this area for a long time to come. And we really like the scenery here! We can imagine it would be really beautiful during spring time!

After lunch, we transferred to Nubien to visit a place which is well-known for its Korean traditional wine, ‘Makgeolli’ (rice wine). We visited ‘Yeo Nyo Jae’ to learn the process of making the Makgeolli face mask. One of the benefits of Makgeolli face mask is it can helps in moisturizing the skin and make the skin feels supple and fresh. We were excited to get to learn the process and it seems that the mask can even be prepared by our self at home! (With complete materials of course!)

After the ‘Makgeolli’ experience, we went to Hurshimchung Spa to experience the hot spring spa which popular among Koreans. Hurshimchung Hot Springs is a new type of tourist zone that aims to improve the health of visitors through the power of comfortable hot spring bathes, relaxation, and physical training. Facilities there including hot, lukewarm, and cool baths, dry sauna rooms, fountains, showers, a half-bath with tables, and massage and exfoliation services. All baths there use only natural ingredients such as salts and medicinal herbs. We had great time relaxing our self at the sauna even though it was our first time experience there. We then moved to Busan University Shopping Street for our shopping time! The street was full with youth energy and there were a lot of latest trends and unique designs that you ca
n purchase there! We spent
our nights at Crown Harbor Hotel Busan. It is located at a very strategic area which is near to many of the tourist spots area such Jagalchi Market, Busan Seoul Tower, BIFF Square and many more!

On the following day, we went to Gimhae to visit the newly built theme park by Lotte Group. Known as the largest water park in Korea, the Gimhae Lotte Water Park is “Polynesian” themed and its styled surroundings and water rides are sure to leave visitors with lasting memories. Equipped with an outdoor water pool, indoor wave pool, tornado slides and much more, the facility is the size of 17 soccer fields and aims to grow as a must-visit vacation spot in Busan. When we were there, the outdoor theme park was closed due to cold weather and some areas were still under developing. The theme park is also very close to Lotte Premium Outlet which is located at the opposite of the theme park.

The final activity that we did on the last day of the trip was shopping experience at famous shopping area in Busan which is located in Nampo-dong! We went to Gukje Market Food Street where we got to taste the authentic Korean street food prepared by the ‘Ahjumma’. It was interesting experience since we had to sit on a small low stool while enjoying the delicious homemade ‘Japchae’ (Glass Noodle) and ‘Chungmu Kimbab’ (Seaweed Roll with Spicy side dishes). The shopping experience around BIFF Square and Gwangbokdong Fashion Street were definitely going to make you shop a lot!

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