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Korea’s Muslim-Friendly Restaurants Guidebook 2018

Navigating the variety of dietary choices in Korea can be a challenge for any world traveler, even more so for those that have dietary constrictions due to faith. That is why Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) prepared this book, a guide to acceptable food for Muslims. It includes a catalog of dishes with informational tags to help Muslims make informed food choices. To ensure accuracy, we received valuable input from the Korea Muslim Federation as well as Islamic culture and halal food experts. We have also developed a restaurant rating system that provides accurate and useful information based on four categories: Halal certified, Self-certified, Muslim Friendly & Pork Free.

As compared to last year Korea’s Muslim-friendly Restaurants Guidebook, this year we have added Halal restaurants in the province, Jeolla to the existing provinces, Seoul, Gyeonggi (Incheon), Gangwon, Gyeongsang (Daegu, Ulsan, Busan), Chungcheong (Daejeon) and Jeju. The number of certified Muslim-friendly restaurants by KTO is also increased from 135 to 238. We hope this book helps the Muslim community discover the richness and diversity of Korea’s culinary delights.


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