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Korea Plaza will open for visitors starting from tomorrow

As Malaysia is now entering the recovery phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are happy to announce that Korea Plaza is ready to resume its operation by tomorrow, with adherence to the necessary standard operating procedures (SOPs) required by the Malaysia government.

  • Wear face mask all the time in Korea Plaza
  • Scan body temperature upon arrival
  • Leave your contact details
  • Maintain one-meter distance with Korea Plaza staffs and other visitors
  • Maximum 15 visitors are allowed to enter Korea Plaza at one time
  • Hanbok trial and student visitation are not available yet


Despite international travel is still prohibited currently, you are most welcome to visit Korea Plaza to learn about Korean culture, seeking consultation for your next trip to Korea (finger crossed for those who will be traveling to Korea for autumn or winter this year), and we will be having our long-awaited Korean language exam on this Wednesday. All the best to our students!


Can’t wait to see you soon, and meanwhile, please stay safe! =)

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