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Korea Free & Easy Starter Kit: 11 Must-Have Mobile App

Free and easy traveling is not hard, but it will require pre-planning and be resourceful. Here are some mobile apps that will help you travel in Korea hassle-free, from finding your way around to translation service and photo-editing.


1. Korea Travel Books


Download and read various tourist publications by KTO on-the-go, including tourist maps, travel guidebooks, unique accommodations, transportation, themed and special interest tour.


2. NAVER Map Navigation


Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit info. Search and explore nearby restaurants, cafes, recommendations and more.


3. Korea Tour Card


Utilizing the NFC function, you can now use the app as T-money on your smartphone to pay for public transports. You can also check balance, reload, or refund anytime, anywhere.


4. Subway Korea


Korea subway navigator that provides the most accurate subway timetable of Seoul, Busan, Daejeon, Gwangju and Daegu, and the fastest routes to your destination as of the current time.


5. Kakao T


A ride-hailing app where you can get the nearest car or taxi at an upfront fare.


6. T-Locker

Find, reserve and pay for the use of approximately 5,500 lockers at 279 stations on the Seoul Subway lines 1 through 9.


7. Seoul PASS


Build a personalized travel pass for yourself. View and purchase attraction tickets through the app and show the tickets on your phone to enter the site.


8. MangoPlate


A restaurant recommendation app that resolves your daily problem of where to eat by connecting you with trustworthy people as well as the best restaurants in Korea.


9. NAVER Korean Dictionary


Find definitions for Korean words, learn spelling, study grammar and pick up new vocabulary. Handwriting, voice, and text recognition input methods.


10. Eggbun


A chatbot tutor that allows you to practice your Korean speaking, reading, listening and writing skills anytime, anywhere.


11. Foodie


Over 30 professional quality live filters for you to capture the perfect moment. Easily share photos to social networks.


One does not always have a smooth trip, so equip yourself with some handy apps just in case.

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