K-Shuttle Bus (Nationwide)

K-Shuttle: a hop on & off tour nationwide

Since Air Asia flew from KL to Busan, many Malaysians have been visiting to Busan these days. About a quarter of them travel to Seoul to see and enjoy more of Korea.

The fastest way to travel from Busan to Seoul is using KTX speed trains. K-Shuttle bus is another way to get to Seoul.  If they want to be a slow tourist or look around more of Korea on the way to Seoul, K-Shuttle Bus would be a wonderful option to choose.

K-Shuttle bus is a tour program for free and independent travelers. The bus departs from Seoul every Friday, and tour around Korea Peninsula opposite clockwise. The K-Shuttle tour can be customized to 2 Days, 3 Days or 4 Days depending on your time and budget. The whole course will take around 5D & 4N to finish but if you would like to explore only half part of of Korea peninsula, why not take a look at the 3 Days 2 Nights tour? ^^

The tour course can be divided into two courses: The first one is 3D 2N tour for western part of the peninsula (Seoul to Busan route which go through Jeolla province where the Jeonju, Suncheon, and Yeosu located) and the other is a 3D 2N tour for eastern part of it (Busan to Seoul route which will go through Gyeongsang & Gangwon provinces).

Busan is in the middle of the tour course. If tourists are in Busan, they can ride on the bus at 1 pm every Sunday in front of Toyoko Inn Hotel, Busan Station.

The 3D 2N tour from Busan to Seoul includes Gyeongju, Andong, Mt. Sorak which are well-know destinations to Malaysia. It is recommended for Malaysian free and independent travelers who want to explore more beyond Busan and Seoul.

The K-Shuttle runs once a week and arrives in Busan on Sunday. 

Check out their website for more information: http://www.k-shuttle.com/

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