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How can I get my tax refund in Korea?

i) Make a purchase of 30,000 won or more at a participating retail store. Participating stores are designated by the “Global Blue Tax Free” or “Global Tax Free” logo. Be sure to keep your VAT refund receipt when purchasing items

ii) At Airports and Seaport Terminals:

① Issue your boarding pass.

② Show the purchased goods to the customs officer and get the “All Goods Exported” endorsement on the refund receipt.

③ Proceed to the oversized baggage counter at the check-in area and check-in your bags.

④ After going through customs, proceed to the Refund Counter on the departures floor to get your cash refund.

Other Tax Refund Booths

① Present your purchased goods, VAT refund receipt, passport and international credit card (VISA, Master, American Express) at the VAT refund booth.

② The tax refund will be credited back to your international credit card upon departure or you can get an on-site refund in cash

iii) If you are at an airport or seaport where there is no refund counter, or if the refund counter is closed, place your forms in the designated mailbox (after receiving your endorsement from customs). Your refund will be sent by post (via money order) or directly deposited to the bank account associated with your credit card. Please allow one or two months for payment.

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