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Enjoy Big Sale in Korea with Korea Sale Festa 2017

As one of the leading festivals in Korea, Korea Sale Festa will feature big discounts on both online and in stores as well as Korean wave cultural festival and various customized events for foreign visitors. The event is organized by Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and will be held for 34 days from 28 September until 31 October 2017.

More than 300 companies, including department stores, hotels, online shopping sites, traditional markets and manufacturers will be joining this festival, offering incredible deals and discounts to shoppers from 28 September until 9 October 2017. Shoppers also can enjoy various entertainments such as lucky draw events, cultural performances, and concerts during the period of Korea Sale Festa.


From 10 until 13 October 2017, there will have a Cyber Hot Days online event where shoppers can get extra discounts for purchasing fashion, digital, beauty and living products online.

The festival will also introduce a new concept of shopping experience, Virtual Reality (VR) Shopping mall. Have fun trying out virtual shopping!


Check out what other special benefits for foreigner shoppers on the webpage!



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