Daegu City Tour Bus

Daegu is one of Korea’s six major metropolitan cities and has many traditional tourist attractions such as Bullo-dong Ancient Tomb Park, the largest concentration of ancient tombs in all of Korea and Daegu Bangjja Brassware Museum, one of Korea’s traditional cultural properties. Daegu’s City Tour Bus provides visitors with the perfect opportunity to see all the attractions Daegu has to offer, with a one-day pass allowing visitors to hop on and off the bus freely. During weekends and national holidays, there is also a special themed experience course.

Service Guide

  • Operation hours : 9:30am ~ 6:40pm (No operation on Mondays, Seolnal New Years Day, and Chuseok Thanksgiving Day)
  • Starting point : Daegu City Tour Bus Stop in front of Dongdaegu Train Station
  • Fares : 5,000won for adults & university students, 4,000won for middle & high school students, 3,000won for elementary school students, seniors & the disabled.※ 20% fare discount for
    – Passengers who have a train or express bus ticket for the same day
    – Passengers in groups of over 10 persons
    – Foreign tourists (with hotel voucher)
    ※ Allows for freely embarking and disembarking the city tour bus with a one time ticket purchase
  • Information & reservation
    Daegu Infrastructure Corporation : +82-53-603-1800, www.daegucitytour.or.kr
    ※ Reservation for group tours : +82-53-603-1154
    * Alley tour program is available separately using the Alley Tour App (application)

Theme Tour Course

Choose a tour that best meets your taste from the course arranged by themes full of major tourist attractions in Daegu.

Contact | Daegu Tourism Association +82-53-627-8900, +82-53-746-6407~9

Starting point>> Sinnam Metro Station(09:30) or Dongdaegu Train Station(10:00)

City Circular Course

Daegu is a city where modernity and tradition coexist. The eye-catching City Tour Double-Decker Bus will help you view and enjoy the history, culture, food, and everything about Daegu.

Contact | Daegu Infrastructure Corporation +82-53-603-1800

** City Tour in connection with Daegu Metro(Line3, Sky Rail) will be a new experience of Daegu!

Suseongmot Lake(City Tour) ↔ Suseongmot Metro Station(Line3 ↔ Seomun Market Metro Station(Line3) ↔ Seomun Market·Dalseong Park(City Tour)

Suseongmot Lake(City Tour) ↔ Suseongmot Metro Station(Line3) ↔ Daebonggyo Metro station(Line3) ↔ Kim Kwang-suk Road(City Tour)

For more info visit their website at: http://www.daegucitytour.or.kr/eng.html

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