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Brand New Korail Pass

Korail launched a new pass for foreigner travelers. The new Korail Pass allows a pass holder to take almost all trains operated by Korail in a selected period of time, including KTX, ITX, O-train, V-train, S-train, DMZ-train, A-train & Westgold-train.



KTX is South Korea’s high-speed rail system operated by Korail that runs on 5 lines (Gyeongbu Line, Honam Line, Gyeongjeon Line, Jeolla Line and Gyeonggang Line) with the top speed of 305kph. KTX trains connect Seoul Station to Busan Station via Dongdaegu Station on the Gyeongbu Line; Jeonju Station and Yeosu Expo Station via Yongsan Station on the Jeolla Line.



There are various types of Korail Pass, you can either purchase the Normal Pass (up to 7 days), Flexible Pass (with 2 or 4 days schedule), Saver Pass (perfect group traveling) & Youth Pass (specially for students).



Steps on Purchasing a Korail Pass Online

  1. Visit Korail website (www.letskorail.com)
  2. Select the pass type and fill in all the required info
  3. Click “Agree” to Korail’s T&C and privacy policy
  4. Insert your credit card number and expiration date. It will show a success message if your card is valid.



*Remember to bring along your Korail Pass, passport and train ticket for checking when boarding a Korail train.


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