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Are there any wheelchair facility provided for old / disable people at the tourist spots area or on public transportation?

i) Subways: Subway stations in Korea are equipped with elevators and/or have wheelchair lifts for those who have difficulty using the stairs. In addition, the platforms of most subway stations have Braille tiles that can help visually impaired passengers navigate their way around the platform area and to the subway cars. Every subway car has priority seats for senior citizens and visitors with disabilities, which is a major plus during rush hour,

ii) Buses: Low-floor buses are equipped with ramps at the doors and have extra space for wheelchairs and/or strollers. Unfortunately, low-floor buses are not yet in widespread operation. However, all buses in Korea have priority seating for senior citizens and passengers with disabilities,

iii) Airports: Airports provide handicapped parking and wheelchair accessible restrooms and typically even offer free wheelchair rental services. Every airport provides specials services for seniors and visitors with disabilities. Though services may vary by airport, airline, and flight route, services generally are as follows:


Priority check-in and check-in assistance, assistance filling out departure documents, escort service onto plane


Assistance with filling out embarkation documents, special care services


Assistance with entry procedures & baggage inspection, escort service to transportation

Electric cart service:

Available at passenger terminals for passengers who may have mobility difficulties including passengers in wheelchairs, senior citizens, pregnant women, and the visually impaired

iv) Tourist sites

Major tourist sites and cultural facilities offer discounts or free admission for visitors with disabilities. However, some small organizations or tourist sites may not offer these types of discounts. In order to receive your free admission, you must present proper certification identifying your disability, especially if it is not readily apparent. Tourist attractions such as Cheonggyecheon Stream, and the Hangang Park Ttukseom District (weekends only) and cultural facilities including the Seoul Museum of Art, National Museum of Contemporary Art, and National Museum of Korea offer wheelchairs, usually free of charge. In order to rent a wheelchair, you will need to provide identification such as a passport or driver’s license.

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