‘AKU BUKAN BIMBO’ Drama Series

‘Aku Bukan Bimbo’ Drama Series is in Korea!

Great news for Malay drama fans out there, we are glad to inform that there will be an upcoming drama series entitled ‘Aku Bukan Bimbo’ that will be aired on Astro Ria and Astro Ria HD channels (104)! Starring a great line of casts like Shaheizy Sam and Nadya Nissa, this drama revolves around the love story of Dani Ikram and Elsuraya and also on their conflicts and friendship. The drama has been filmed in both Korea and Malaysia and you will be thrilled with the beautiful sceneries of winter season, spontaneous comedies, catchy theme songs that would make you swoon over the romantic holiday scenes in Korea!

We have selected several beautiful locations for the drama to be shot in Korea. Scroll over to view the shooting locations of the drama series ^^

Gangwon Province

Vivaldi Park Ski, Daemyung Resort

We have been recommended by Gangwon Province to select Vivaldi Park Ski Resort as the main filming location in Gangwon area. Vivaldi Park is located at Daemyung Resort in Hongcheon and it is a great place to visit during winter season as they have wide variety of accommodation and as many as 13 ski slopes to choose from. We started the shooting at the Ski World right away on the first day upon arrival as the weather was really great and sunny! Check out the photos of Shaheizy Sam and Bell Ngasri being trained by the professional ski trainer and having fun skiing at the Vivaldi Park Ski Resort! ^^


Sono Felice Equestrian Club 

After the ski activity, Daemyung Resort suggested us to shoot at their Sono Felice Equestrian Club as it is a beautiful clubhouse with classic European architecture, making it a perfect site for shooting location. It has some great facilities such as the indoor practice area, round track and the great thing about this clubhouse is that it is not only for professional level, but also for beginner. According to the manager, they have around 50 high quality and German pedigreed horses that can be used for training. The main casts, Shaheizy Sam and Nadiya Nisaa had their filming done there accompanied by two charming horses, walking them around the clubhouse.


Nami Island

Our next location in Gangwon-do was at Nami Island as we were there to capture the romantic scenery of Nami Island during the winter season. We also filmed inside the famous the halal restaurant which is the Dong Moon Restaurant as it is famous among the visitors from Southeast Asia for the halal Korean and Asian cuisine cooked by a Korean Muslim chef. If you are planning to visit Nami Island, make sure to include Dong Moon restaurant in your itinerary as you can enjoy the halal meal while enjoying the nice view of Nami Island. The restaurant building has prayer’s room on the second floor so it would be no problem for Muslim visitors to perform their prayers there.





Hwacheon Sancheoneo Festival

We were lucky to get the chance to feature the Hwacheon Ice Fishing Festival in the drama! The festival was held for a month from 9th January to 31st January 2016.  You can experience the fun trout ice fishing ice sledding and be amazed at the exhibition of the ice sculptures at the festival. It was our first time experiencing ice fishing so we were pretty excited about it although none of us succeed in catching a fish. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience and some kind locals gave out the fish that they caught to us for free! You can bring the fish to the sashimi station where they will slice the fish for you for 2000won only ^^


Gyeonggi Province

Herb Island

Located in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do, we visited the Herb Island to continue with the drama shooting there.  Although it is great to visit the herb garden during spring and summer time, the winter time is not dire as well as you can enjoy the  Lighting Festival at the Santa Village at night time. This place is also famous for the Korean drama shooting ‘Oh My Venus’ starring Seo Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah ^^ The Herb Indoor Botanical Garden offers over 180 different herbs while the Outdoor Botanical Garden showcases an impressive array of herbs surrounded by nature. Additional attractions include the Herb Museum, Living & Herb Exhibition Hall, Herb Restaurant, Herb Barbecue Restaurant, a café, a bakery, a gift shop, Aroma Therapy Center, Venetia Village, Herb Studio (do-it-yourself crafting), Mini Zoo, and an outdoor performance hall. After the shooting, we had a rather unique for lunch at the Herb Café where they serve all the meals based on the herbs and flowers they grew there. We really cannot forget the taste of herb bimbimbap, the herb pizza, and the seafood pasta as they were so scrumptious!



We proceeded to ID Beauty in ONEMOUNT to do the shooting for makeup session with the professional Korean makeup artists. ID Beauty is a one stop beauty center that features one of the biggest hair salons in Korea or the world as well as all kinds of items needed both women and men to enhance their beauty such as hair treatment and styling, makeup service, nail art products and services. With the aim to be the best playground in the world, ONEMOUNT features a shopping mall, indoor snow park, water park, and members-only luxury sports club, and organizes various performances, events, and parties year round, the first of its kind in Korea.


Seoul City

N Seoul Tower

Our first location to shoot in Seoul was at the N Seoul Tower or you may call it Namsan Tower. The romantic atmosphere on top will definitely make your heart flutters as you can see a lot of couples taking photos and locking the love lock together at the tower deck. We got lucky that we have been interviewed by the KBS TV channel here in Seoul! You can watch the KBS interview video in the link provided below ^^

‘Aku Bukan Bimbo’ Drama Series KBS Interview

Itaewon Mosque

Our next shooting location was in the Itaewon area. This district is basically a must visit for Muslim tourists to Korea as it is famous among Muslim tourists due to abundance of Halal restaurants and the significant Seoul Central Mosque. Located in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu in Seoul, the Seoul Central Masjid was the first Islamic mosque in Korea and they even have the Islamic Center that hold various religious activities attached to the mosque building. The production team even took a chance to pray at the beautiful mosque!



We were pretty excited about visiting EID Restaurant as it is so popular among Muslim travelers who would like to taste Halal Korean meals like samgyetang, bulgogi, jajangmyeon and others. Just a few minutes walk from the mosque, it is a perfect restaurant to dine in after visiting the mosque. The production team shot several restaurant scenes there to feature Halal Korean meals in the drama. The EID restaurant can also deliver to lunch pack to you if you are in Seoul. We tried out their lunch box when we were shooting at the Namsan Tower and it was so delicious!


Slow Garden Café@Samcheongdong

Our next shooting location in Seoul was at the Slow Garden Café at Samcheongdong Café Street. We were lucky enough the snowfall happened that morning, making the romantic scene in the café much more exciting! Here at Samcheongdong Street, you can stroll around the area and enjoy the beautiful street as there are many cafes with that features both modern structure with traditional hanok roof, definitely a fascinating sight that you can rarely see elsewhere.


Bukchon Hanok Village

After Samcheongdong, the production team visited Bukchon Hanok Village to capture the view of traditional side of Korea. Bukchon Hanok Village that brings the meaning of ‘North Village”, This particular spot is a must visit for all tourists here as you will be attracted to the patterned walls and tiled roofs, contrasting with the modern city that surrounds it.
It was lovely to see the casts donning the traditional Korean outfit, ‘Hanbok’ while strolling around for romantic scene at the main alleys of Bukchon Hanok Village.


Ring Village@Hongdae

We went to Hongdae to visit “Panji Maeul” which means Ring Village for the casts to try out the DIY Ring Making activity. It was their first time making it so it was quite exciting to sculpt the ring from scratch. You can even engrave your name and the loved one on the rings that you make yourself!

It was definitely a memorable shooting trip for the whole production team as we cover the beautiful regions of Gangwon-do, Gyeonggi-do and also Seoul. Don’t forget to watch the drama series ‘AKU BUKAN BIMBO’ starting from 29th February 2016, from Monday to Thursday, 10PM to 11PM on Astro Ria and Astro Ria HD!










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