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5 things to experience in Korea after Covid19 - Korean Tourism Organization Malaysia

5 Things to experience in Korea after Covid-19

Catching that travel bug especially during this Covid-19 season ain’t fun, who knows when will we be able to travel again. Since it is not advisable to travel right now, why not make use of the plenty of time you have to plan your trip? Once the travel restriction is lifted, you’ll be ready to hop on the first flight to Korea. 

It’s so easy to get lost in such a beautiful country because there’s just so much to see and so much to do there—how will you even choose where to go?! Unless you’re staying in Korea for a month or more, it’s crazy to cramp everything in just 5-7 days. So, we’ve picked a few things to do in Seoul for you to remember Korea by. It’s only the tip of the iceberg but once you’ve gotten a taste, you’ll be coming back for more!


Vintage Clothing Rental

Find yourself dreaming that you were living in the 1940s after watching the drama, Mr.Sunshine? Ikseon Boutique Rental Shop will make your dream come true and transform you into someone who just walked right out of the film set. As you stroll down the streets of Ikseondong Hanok Village, don’t forget to take some photos with that sepia filter for that 40s retro vibe. There are also some cafes and eateries featuring the 1940s interior to rest your feet and enjoy the nostalgia. 

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Cooking Tour by OME cooking lab

If you’re a foodie and likes cooking, you’ll definitely love this next one. Imagine going on a guided tour through the local market, shopping for ingredients and getting a hands-on cooking experience. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not because OME cooking lab has got the full culinary experience by personally taking you through all of the above. Everything is taught in Korean, English and Chinese so don’t worry about language barriers. The best part is you’ll get to enjoy your dishes in a traditional Hanok-style house. 


Tea therapy (Wellness cafe)

One thing that Koreans are big on (other than Kpop, of course) is wellness. So, you’ve really got to experience it while you’re here. Tea Therapy gives you a blend of cafe and health centre as the intention was to make professional oriental medicine available to everybody through teas and diets. One of the popular teas ordered here is the Weight Loss blend—all the ladies rejoice! It has a zingy flavour of the dried tangerine peel with the toasty buckwheat aroma. There are also brunch items on the menu as well. While sipping on your tea, try the foot bath outside the cafe and rest your feet for all the walking that’s to come.

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즐거운 주말 저녁 보내고 계시나요? 티테라피를 사랑해주시는 여러분들께 조금은 서운한 말씀을 드리려고 합니다 2008년 7월의 어느날 티테라피는 나름 부푼 꿈을 안고 오픈했습니다 한의원+카페+스쿨이라는 나름 독특한 컨셉으로 오픈 당시 다수의 국내외 촬영팀들이 찾아와 매스컴에 종종 소개되곤 했었습니다 오히려 낯설은 한의원, 카페엔 손님은 없고 촬영팀만 복작였다는 웃지못할 에피소드가… 광고지 만들어 압구정 한복판에서 광고지도 돌려보고, 저녁에 말없이 빵꾸낸 스텝 대신해서 아가들 데리고 나와 마감도 하고… 손님 없는 홀을 바라보며 듣는 보사노바 음악이 그렇게 슬프게 들렸던.. 그렇게 하루하루 열심히 임하다 보니 12년이란 세월이 지나갔네요 2011년 9월 이상재원장님이 교수님으로 티테라피를 떠나고도 8년을 더 꾸려나갔네요 2019년 11월 이제는 압구정 티테라피 본점의 문을 닫으려고 합니다 북촌에 위치한 티테라피 행랑점은 앞으로도 계속 유지될 예정입니다 그리고 압구정 티테라피 본점에서 이루어졌던 차 제조시설은 서촌으로 이전합니다 새롭게 꾸며질 서촌 티테라피는 티테라피의 모든 차를 만들 제조시설과 그리고 차를 연구하고 공부하는 스튜디오 형태로 내년 1월에 오픈할 예정입니다 오랫동안 최선을 다해 가꿔온 공간을 떠난다는 것은 참 많이 서운한 일입니다 하지만 또 새로운 공간에서 새로운 컨셉으로 새로운 일에 도전하는 일 역시 설레이고 가슴 뜨거워지는 일인 것 같습니다 티테라피를 사랑해 주신 여러분 앞으로도 계속 애정을 가지고 지켜봐 주시고 조금씩 성장해 가는 티테라피를 응원해 주시면 감사하겠습니다 현재 서촌 티테라피는 예쁘게 단장 중입니다 완성되면 제일 먼저 소개해 드리겠습니다 2008년 오픈 당시 찍었던 옛날 사진들 올려봅니다 족욕통을 욕조로 알고 제대로 즐겼던 꼬마숙녀는 이젠 어엿한 중학생이 되었구요 예쁜 한의대생 후배분들은 이제 멋진 한의사 선생님들이 되셨겠죠? 이상재 교수님도 엄청 젊으셨네요 ㅎㅎㅎ 11월 티테라피 본점은 단축영업합니다 월화수 10:00-19:00 목금 10:00-22:00 토10:00-19:00 일10:00-18;00 평일 런치는 11/22까지만 운영합니다 고맙습니다 #티테라피 #teatherapy #서촌티테라피 #티테라피본점 #한방차 #ティーセラピー #韓方茶

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Picnic by Hangang Parks

It’s not every day you get to hang out on a wide-open grass field by a river in Malaysia, but when in Korea, how can you not come to the Hangang parks along the Han River. With more than 10 different parks around, we highly recommend you visit the Banpo Hangang Park where you’ll see a panoramic view of the Floating Islands, the Rainbow Bridge and Namsan Tower. Bask in the afternoon sun and have a Korean-style picnic here—either by packing your own food, eating ramyeon from the nearby convenience stores or getting ‘chimaek’ (chicken and beer), if you’re familiar with their food delivery services. As night falls, the city truly comes alive as everyone gathers at the park to watch the colourful Banpo Bridge Moonlight Fountain Show. And, the street food vendors set up along the roadside will be sure to keep your tummy very happy. 

5 things to experience in Korea after Covid19 - Korean Tourism Organization


Perfume making at G.N Perfume

What better way to remember your travels than to make your very own perfume. Check out G.N Perfume for this unique experience because you’ll learn how to develop perfume from scratch, not to mention, it will be your one-of-a-kind scent. The professional perfumers are really friendly as they guide you through the whole process so don’t be shy to ask and you might learn a secret or two of the trade. When you’re done mixing, seal off your work of art in a handpicked perfume bottle with your personalised inscription on it.

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