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2017 Jeju International Tourism Marathon Festival

Do you love running or enjoy beautiful seaside sceneries? If yes, you should join Jeju International Tourism Marathon. It will be a long-lasting memory for you.

Jeju International Tourism Marathon Festival is one of the oldest marathons in Korea and is organized by Jeju Government since 22 years ago. Every year, the marathon has attracted more than 2,000 foreigners to join as a participant. Participants will receive a T-shirt, snack, water, gift, official race time, and seafood porridge for lunch after running!


Date: 21 May 2017

Courses: 10 km walking course, 10 km running course, 21 km half course, 42km full course

Route: Gujwa Life Sports (Gimnyeong Beach) > Woljeong Beach (turning point of half course) > Sehwa Beach > Hado Beach > Hado Migrant Bird Habitat > Jongdal Coastal Road (turning point of full course)

Registration: Through Jeju Marathon official website (before 2 May 2017)



Jeju Island is a volcanic island, which has been declared a natural heritage by UNESCO. The very special geography of Jeju Island consists of mountains (1950 m), volcanic cones (200 – 500 m) and coast area. Jeju has a lot of unique beaches made of a gradient of black, white, red and gray sand as well as the famous black volcanic stone of Jeju Island. Running through this beautiful scenery and exploring the nature will be a great experience for you.

For more attractions in Jeju Island, please visit VistKorea website.


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