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Transfer from Incheon to Gimpo Airport
Posted By : nabilahmohd   Posted On : 2017-04-24 12:13:24

Hi KTO. What is the fastest way for transfer from Incheon to Gimpo Airport? I need to catch a flight to Jeju right after I reached Incheon Airport. Thank you.

MalaysiaJejutourism Apr 26 , 10:00:12 AM
Hi Nabilah. From Incheon Aiport to Gimpo Airport, you can take a non-stop bus limousine to Gimpo, within 40 minutes. Direction: Go to Gate 4 Arrival Hall, you can buy ticket there and please be aware of time. You can check here the schedule time for bus https://

Posted By : nurhafizaheyusis   Posted On : 2017-04-20 21:26:17

Hi KTO =) I would like to know for those who residing outside KL and Selangor, do we need to send altogether C4 envelope with stamp attached and pos laju parcel. Thank you.

Korean Language Class
Posted By : Misyaameera   Posted On : 2017-04-19 18:57:34

May I know when is the registration for the language class and how much the fees?

Korea Plaza Apr 23 , 00:49:38 AM
Hi there,

The language is free for Kaki Korea Club member. The next intake will be open in June and the student selection will randomly choose by the management.

Thank You

Gyeongbokgung Night Tour Timetable
Posted By : foomee   Posted On : 2017-04-18 05:07:53

Hi KTO, I"ll travel to Seoul begin of October 2017. May I Know Gyeongbokgung Night tour timetable for 2017? Thank Q.

Korea Plaza Apr 20 , 11:04:29 AM
Hi there,

Kindly inform that Gyeongbokgung Night Tour are only available from 16th of April 2017 to 27th of April 2017.
You may visit for more information.

Thank you~

Posted By : asyidaaziz   Posted On : 2017-04-17 04:58:18

Hi! I'm still waiting for the coupons/voucher. FYI, I've sent self envelope (for 3 pax) last week on the 8th April by Pos Laju. We will go to South Korea on the 25th. Thanks.

Korea Plaza Apr 20 , 10:42:27 AM
hi there,

we already send the parcel to your address. you may wait for it to be arrive at your place.


How to use Gapyeong City Tour Coupon
Posted By : hazirah   Posted On : 2017-04-15 15:47:23

Hi. I noticed in the booklet there is a Gapyeong City Tour Coupon with one serial number which consist of 3 parts (Bus Company A, Bus Company B, Customer). Which parts should I present to the bus driver in order to get discounted price?

Korea Plaza Apr 17 , 18:58:48 PM
Hi there,

You should present all of it to the bus driver, later he will give the copy for passenger to keep.


Posted By : FathirahM   Posted On : 2017-04-14 05:43:52

Hi admin, as for the flight itinerary need to present together with other required documents during redemption, is it compulsory to submit both depart and return flight itinerary? because of i haven't decided return date yet.

Korea Plaza Apr 17 , 18:57:10 PM
Hi there,

It's not necessary to give return date as long as you have the departure details.


Error to Open DKYW 2017 site
Posted By : nurhafizaheyusis   Posted On : 2017-04-13 05:13:20

My friend has already signed up and log in. Unfortunately, when she try to open tours & packages site the page will pop out this Duplicate entry '' for key 'PRIMARY' SQL=INSERT INTO `kto_session` (`session_id`, `client_id`, `time`) VALUES ('', 0, '1492060065') " Please advise.

Korea Plaza Apr 14 , 10:25:05 AM
Hi there,
Can you email to us her email address?
Email to


Discounts coupon.
Posted By : Firdaus86   Posted On : 2017-04-11 08:31:06

Hi, i just completed the survey and received survey code. I just need to present this code together with required documents to KTO for coupons redemption right?

Lim lai yee Apr 13 , 11:44:45 AM
Ask for survey code
Korea Plaza Apr 12 , 19:17:17 PM
Hi there,

Yes, just bring the documents needed to Korea Plaza or Nu Sentral KTX exhibition centre to redeem the booklet.


free travel guidebooks/brochures/maps/current discount coupons
Posted By : StepJane   Posted On : 2017-04-07 01:16:29

Can I get all these at NU Sentral KTX Exhibition Center too?

Korea Plaza Apr 07 , 10:19:54 AM
Hi there,

Yes, of course. You can drop by at KTX Exhibition Center in Nu Sentral to get the booklet.


Posted By : ying9777   Posted On : 2017-04-06 14:44:48

I want to ask if I want to help my friends for redeem the coupon books and t money card, can I just show their ic in printing form? As they unable to come to kl for redeemption. And also we all 3 are booking together for our flights, do I need to print 3set of itinerary? Hope you can reply me ASAP, as friday afternoon I will go for redemption. Thank you

Korea Plaza Apr 07 , 10:06:12 AM
Hi there,

You can come to Korea Plaza or KTX exhibition in NU Sentral and just bring the documents including your friends' IC copy or softcopy and survey code.
For flight itinerary, you can just bring one hardcopy itinerary as all of you in the same booking number.


redemption of voucher/ booklet or T- money for 2017
Posted By : ivlim   Posted On : 2017-04-04 23:51:04

I have already completed the survey, shall I send flight ticket to your representative in order to redeem voucher/ booklet or T- money for 2017? My family members are travelling to Korea in May and we need it via postal delivery ( noted that we need to cover the cost of courier). Many thanks!

Korea Plaza Apr 06 , 14:38:37 PM
Hi there,

If you residing outside of KL and Selangor, please send all the required documents and a stamped envelope or a POS Laju parcel via mail. The envelope must be in C4 size (229mm X 324mm) with an RM 3.50 stamp attached and the POS Laju parcel must be at least 280mm X 200mm or bigger (depending on the number of your redemption). Please indicate the address below on your envelope:
Korea Plaza,
Korea Tourism Organization
Ground Floor,
Menara Hap Seng,
Jalan P. Ramlee
50250 KL.

We will process your redemption once we have received your envelope or parcel. It will take around 5-7 working days for us to process your redemption.


Coupon books
Posted By : ying9777   Posted On : 2017-04-04 16:29:44

Can anyone tell me if wan to take coupon book at ktx nu central, which floor should I go, or anyone can provide me the link?

Korea Plaza Apr 06 , 14:35:36 PM
Hi there,

You can go to NU Sentral KTX Exhibition Center at Level 1.


Posted By : nurul91   Posted On : 2017-04-04 15:27:01

Hi there. If i want to redeem coupon on behalf of my friend. how to provide document for username and email? print them out on paper or just say it during redeem time? thank you

Korea Plaza Apr 06 , 14:33:51 PM
Hi there,

Just show through your phone or write down their email and username on a paper and show it to us.


Hye, im already make survey to get Coupon Books. If all my doc are complete and i want to collect at
Posted By : are_zee87   Posted On : 2017-04-03 11:27:36

Hye, im already make survey to get Coupon Books. If all my doc are complete and i want to collect at NU Sentral, did i can get on the same day i went there?

Korea Plaza Apr 06 , 14:32:46 PM
Hi there,

Yes, you can go to NU Sentral and get the booklet straight away.

yeejinyap Apr 03 , 23:38:21 PM
Yup... I just got my coupon book at Nu Sentral today.

TMoney for my kids
Posted By : shafawati@sham   Posted On : 2017-04-03 06:48:20

Hi, I would like to ask if there any DKYW for kids because I'm going to Seoul with my children (12,6 and 5 years old). Thank You.

Korea Plaza Apr 06 , 14:31:41 PM
Hi there,

The DKYW 2017 is for general use meaning it has adult and children rate too. So you need to register your children as member too and do the survey to get the discount booklet.


Regarding collect free gift
Posted By : yeelingyap   Posted On : 2017-04-03 05:55:48

Hi.... Me and my another two sisters are Kaki Korea member. And we completed the survey program. May I know can I help my two sisters behalf to collect the free gift at nu Sentral KTX Center ? Thank you so much.

Korea Plaza Apr 03 , 15:32:19 PM
Hi there,

Yes you can and you need to prepare the documents for redemption.

Thank You

T-Money 2017
Posted By : deezasyafiqah92   Posted On : 2017-04-02 15:14:45

Can I know a specific date DKYW will be launch?I will be going to KL this week so I thought perhaps I can drop by your HQ to pick up the coupons.. my flight to Korea is on the 11th..:) Thank You...

Korea Plaza Apr 03 , 13:33:13 PM
Hi there,

The DKYW 2017 already posted at our website. :)

Thank You

Dkyw 2017
Posted By : Grace1132   Posted On : 2017-04-02 04:35:15

Hi,i've registered as kaki member but i couldn't find the surver to complete.I need to complete the survey and present the code when i collect the vouchers right?

Korea Plaza Apr 03 , 13:33:48 PM
Hi there,

You can visit for the survey link.

Thank You
NadiaAnuar Apr 02 , 14:20:07 PM
Discover Your Korea 2017 Campaign has not started yet. That is why there is no survey link. Kindly wait as they have posted that they will post details on the campaign in early April.

T-money for children
Posted By : NynaChim   Posted On : 2017-04-01 02:22:01

Hi, may I know the details of t-money for chlidren? Where can I get it? Do KTO also have T-money for children?

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