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Redeem a voucher & t-money
Posted By : SITI FARIZA LAMIN   Posted On : 2018-02-15 02:37:02

hello, i will be going to korea on 29th Aprril - 6th May 2018, may i know how to redeem the t-money and other vouchers?

Refund of T-Money
Posted By : qqw1102   Posted On : 2018-02-11 11:35:57

Hi, may i know where can I claim for the refund if the T-Money amount exceed 20,000 Korea won? Thanks

KTX (2 days select pass flexible) Incheon airport - Busan / Busan - Seoul Station
Posted By : cindyclk   Posted On : 2018-01-18 06:11:38

If I buy 2 days select pass flexible, can I depart from Incheon airport to busan on 25/3, get back from busan to seoul station on 27/3? Or depart/arrv destination must be same.?

Drone Flying
Posted By : rezolles   Posted On : 2018-01-16 10:17:17

Hi, Is it legal or require any flying permit to fly over Jeju Island? Not over populated area / nearby airport of course.Thanks.

Jeju air ticket
Posted By : wahizudin   Posted On : 2018-01-13 02:05:52

Hi, I booked Jeju Air tickets from Jeju to seoul but I just realised I've entered a name incorrectly. Supposed to be my friends name noor azuraini binti mohd zin and i spelled noor azuraini binti mohd zain. So surname was wrong spelled. I've email jeju air but there is no reply yet. Please advise me how to fix this problem. Thanks KTO

KTO calender
Posted By : tasyaism   Posted On : 2018-01-05 04:31:57

Hi! Are there any updates on the KTO 2018 calender? Thanks!

Posted By : SYAMIRAIBRAHIM   Posted On : 2018-01-04 16:49:46

Hi. I Would like to know if there is place in jeju where i can try to hanbok please

DKYW 2017 Redeem
Posted By : FadzliniRamli   Posted On : 2017-12-21 08:53:01

Hi..Last week i did send to your office our document for DKYW 2017 redemption. Just want to follow up whether u guys had received the parcel. This are our survey code #559DJR, #PXT3L2, #Y5TR32 and #VMUALL. thank you in advance for yr respond.

FadzliniRamli Dec 27 , 14:35:28 PM
Sorry..just received my DKYW2017 booklet today..tqvm

Korean Language Class January 2018 Intake - KLC Sejong 1A
Posted By : azmijemi92   Posted On : 2017-12-19 06:45:08

This class on Monday 1pm - 3pm .. means every Monday start on 8 January 2018, there will have a class for Sejong 1A??

nami island - the garden of morning calm - petite france
Posted By : Maofuad   Posted On : 2017-12-18 08:03:42

hi! my family and i will visit korea next year on april 2018, we would to know how to go to nami island, the garden of morning calm and petite france in one day? would you recommend us which place need to go in order to have a smooth trip. we would appreciate your answer. thank you!

Posted By : hweyli   Posted On : 2017-12-13 12:11:48

Hi,i collected the skiing booklet from ur office.just wanted to check the following: 1)Elysian Ganchon:what is the difference between equipment rental and ski rental on their website? 2)Vivaldi: for the fee information page, what does rental include? equipment and skiwear? Thank you

The Moving Caravan (Busan)
Posted By : leanne1214   Posted On : 2017-12-08 07:50:18

I've booked 1 "Pig12" Caravan of The Moving in Gijang Busan thru, but don't know how to make payment. We had tried email and call the number written on website but still unable to get touch with them. Anyone can help? Thanks a lot!

Korea Plaza Dec 18 , 15:03:13 PM
Hi there,

As we go through the website, you may make the payment through this account:

Bank Name: Nonghyup Bank (NH농협은행)
Account number: 355-0044-4803-13
Account holder: Anyone Booking (애니원부킹)

Hope this information will help you.


KTX from Seoul to Busan?
Posted By : CJWEI   Posted On : 2017-11-28 07:57:03

Can anyone assist me in ticket booking of KTX from Seoul to Busan? There are so many types of train, and what is travel type? There are 2 options which is direct and transfer. Appreciate if anyone can answer my question. Kamsahamida

Korea Plaza Nov 30 , 10:47:48 AM
Hi there,

You may choose normal type in the travel type category. Kindly choose 'direct' in travel type option. For more information, kindly visit Korail website at the link below:

Thank you

KTX Train Tickets
Posted By : Jesslynwg   Posted On : 2017-11-28 06:57:47

Hi, i would like to know how can i book the online KTX train tickets from Seoul to Busan? I need to travel on the 19 Dec 2017

Korea Plaza Nov 30 , 10:45:39 AM
Hi there,

You may book the ticket from Seoul to Busan at Korail website at the link below:

Thank you

Dkwy 2017
Posted By : Sau yoke   Posted On : 2017-11-26 03:54:50

How do choose the free gift

seoul - jinhae - jeju
Posted By : Maofuad   Posted On : 2017-11-18 08:42:17

hi! My family and I was planning to go to korea next year, we were would like to go to seoul , jinhae and jeju. what train can i take from seoul to jinhae and then how can i go from jinhae to jeju?

Korea Plaza Nov 27 , 12:52:51 PM
Hi there,

From Seoul to Jinhae, you may take bus from Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal to Jinhae,
To Jeju, you may take nearest flight from Busan as there's no direct flight from Jinhae to Jeju.

Thank you

Ground Tour Agent
Posted By : amadella82   Posted On : 2017-11-10 04:25:52

Hi there, can you recommend me with your best and reliable ground tour agent?

Korea Plaza Nov 27 , 12:19:14 PM
Hi there,

For tour agents, we can only provide the contact number of the companies.

You may refer at this page, http://


Discovery Korea Your Way (DKYW) 2017 Campaign
Posted By : FadzliniRamli   Posted On : 2017-11-06 05:25:54

hi there..i will visit korea on feb 2018 and i will be travel from hakata, japan to busan, korea by i eligible to redeem the Discovery Korea Your Way (DKYW) 2017 Campaign since one of the document to be presented in order to redeem the voucher is A hardcopy of your flight itinerary (the traveling period must be from April 2017 to 31st March 2018).. tq

cathykoh Jan 19 , 10:45:57 AM
Hi ,
i will travel on 2nd april 2018. may i know how to redeem T-money card and coupon and promotion ?
HUICHENG Jan 18 , 23:08:15 PM
Hi ,
may i know how to redeem T-money card and coupon and promotion ?
Korea Plaza Nov 27 , 12:16:16 PM
Hi there,

In this case, you may give us the hardcopy of the ferry and the flight going to japan and korea.

If you provide these documents, you will still entitle to get the discount booklet.


Posted By : xllim   Posted On : 2017-11-04 09:57:27

Hi! I have accidentally reserved two same KORAIL FLEXI 2 DAY PASS through the korail website. I have managed to refund/return one of them (the status stated "refund") and I have not selected a seat or a travel date. But still, do I have to personally go to the counter there to return the ticket?? It stated in the Q&A that returning the pass entails a service fee. I'm afraid they would charged it to my credit card. Am I right to say that they will only charge your credit when you redeem the actual pass at counter? Thanks!

Wheelchair rental service at Jeju and Seoul
Posted By : Latifah   Posted On : 2017-10-25 21:21:34

Hi, I will travelling to Jeju and Seoul this saturday but unfortunately I fractured my foot and requires me to move using crutches at the moment. Do you know if I can rent Wheelchair in Jeju and Seoul for the whole duration of my stay or only at the individual attractions? Thank you.

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