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Posted By : smkong86   Posted On : 2017-09-14 01:11:27

Hi, can i ask if flight arrive incheon airport at 21:10, got any transportation to hongik university? Example Arex train, subway or bus? Thanks

yinyu87 Sep 18 , 22:29:54 PM
AREX - reach direct to Hongik station. Be careful that you have to take the AREX transit but not AREX Express :)

Car Rental Issue
Posted By : poiling95   Posted On : 2017-09-12 08:33:21

Hi, can i have another way to contact Lotte rent a car service like emailing beside than calling them?

yinyu87 Sep 18 , 22:31:14 PM
as I know, you may email them to enquiry. Or you just register as member and book online.
Based on my comparision, the price won't differ too much if you are inconvenient to call them.

DKYW2017 : Booklet redemptions for children
Posted By : haizumhamdan86   Posted On : 2017-09-11 07:43:48

Hi, for children above 4 years old, do they need to register as Kaki Korea Club member and take the survey as well for booklet redemption? Our trip will be in Oct 2017. Thanks!

KTX coupon redemption
Posted By : Eling Ng   Posted On : 2017-09-10 06:02:10

Hi, i would like to ask if i booked the KTX ticket online, how to use the 30% off KTX coupon for our trip?

Booklets redemption process
Posted By : Hayleyyeo   Posted On : 2017-09-06 09:08:52

Hi!May I know how's the redemption process of the booklets?I have received an email stating that the booklets have been sent, but the tracking number inside the email is not valid. Can you give me the tracking number again?The name is Hayley Yeo. Thanks a lot!

T-Money Vs Railplus
Posted By : prome890   Posted On : 2017-08-29 18:19:48

Hi there, me and my friends are travelling to places like seoul, nami island, hongdae, itaewon, Jeondae, busan. Which card will be better to use to travel around to this areas?

Gyeonggi-do Coupon Book 2017-2018
Posted By : StepJane   Posted On : 2017-08-28 23:42:59

Dear KTO Malaysia, is Gyeonggi-do Coupon book is available at Korea Plaza?

Korea Plaza Aug 29 , 14:41:19 PM
Hi there,

Yes, Gyeonggi-do coupon book only available at Korea Plaza.

Thank You

Car Rental Issue (Don't have credit card)
Posted By : ZheShyan713   Posted On : 2017-08-25 11:19:15

Hi, good day. My friends and I will be staying in Jeju for 6 nights and we would like to rent a car throughout the trip. However, all of us don't have credit card so we can't use the Lotte rent a car service. I tried to emailed another car rental service called Jeju Tasio rent a car, asking whether can we pay in cash on the spot but I don't get any reply from them either on FB message and email. I was wondering is that because i write in English (I don't know any Korean) and they don't understand or what. Would you mind to give me some help on this? Thanks :)

ZheShyan713 Aug 27 , 20:04:30 PM
Thank you very much!
Korea Plaza Aug 26 , 12:11:46 PM
Hi there,

You may use cash to pay for the rental car. Email to them can be written in English, kindly take note that time is needed for the email reply.

Thank you.

Public transportation in Jeju
Posted By : nnurnasyitah   Posted On : 2017-08-12 04:16:55 friend and I will visit Jeju this coming September.Is there any public transport in Jeju or should us rental car?Are there any guesthouse or hotel that include transportation packaje around the island? Thank you.

nnurnasyitah Aug 14 , 22:59:35 PM
Can I have taxi contact number in jeju?
Korea Plaza Aug 14 , 12:19:30 PM
Hi there,

In Jeju, you can either take the public transport like bus or rent a car. The guesthouse that has provide Jeju tours is Yeha Guesthouse. You may refer to the link for more information about Yeha Guesthouse: http://

Thank You

Korail Pass vs Rail Ticket
Posted By : Tingtong   Posted On : 2017-08-02 15:16:25

So I was searching through the website ( for the price of the tickets from Incheon Airport to Busan and we will be staying there for 5-7 days. But I'm really confused as to how much the ticket cost. Since my trip to Korea is in Nov, so I used a dummy date (1st Sept) to check the approximate price for the trip. I'll be going with my family (My sister and I are both under 25 but over 13 fyi). Rail ticket cost for a family of 4 would be 72,100won x 4 = 288,400won. Since this is a roundabout trip, the price would double Whereas for KORAIL Pass, I'm assuming that the 2 day flexi-pass is the most logical choice out of the available choices(?). So the ticket should cost 91,000 + 91,000 (saver) + 81,000 (youth) + 81,000 = 344,000won. Since this is a roundabout trip, it would be more logical to purchase the flexi-pass instead...? Can someone confirm with me if my calculation is correct? If my mum decides to explore Daegu or whatnot, then KTX Flexi 2 day pass would definitely be a better choice? If I'm not wrong, there are also cross-country buses (which takes around +/- 4 hours) & also planes available from Gimpo to Busan (Convenient but expensive). I'm assuming that's the 4 different travelling options from Incheon/Gimpo to Busan?

Korea Plaza Aug 03 , 10:53:25 AM
Hi there,
They have fixed normal fare for all KTX tickets throughout the year.
Yes, your calculation is all correct. Flexi-Pass will be more suitable for your group if you're taking the KTX train to travel from Incheon/Seoul to Busan.
For 2 days pass, you can choose the 2 dates you want to use the pass within 10 valid days.

Thank You

Korean Language Classes
Posted By : KimN   Posted On : 2017-07-31 08:50:08

Hi, I would like to enquire about the Korean Language Classes offered. I understand that it is only available to Kaki Korea members and that any interested party will have to register for the class and that the next intake is in January 2018. However, there seem to be no mention of how the class schedule is like. For example the exact time and date of when the classes will be conducted.Therefore, I would like to know if the classes are only conducted on the weekdays? Is there perhaps any night-time classes for working professional such as myself that are interested in taking the classes but can only attend if it is after working hours? Any information will be much appreciated. Thank you.

Korea Plaza Aug 01 , 11:38:04 AM
Hi there,

The exact time and date of the Korean Language Classes are not confirm yet. The detail of the classes will be update on our website once the registration for the classes open. And all the Korean Language Classes will conduct on the weekdays. Kindly stay tuned on December 2017 for the update of Korean Language Classes.

Thank You

November Weather Hallasan Mountain
Posted By : Mohamad Azmi   Posted On : 2017-07-20 03:15:49

Hi. Ill be travelling again to South Korea including Jeju in Nov 2017. Ill be hiking up Hallasan mountain n Mount Seorak. What would be the weather like on those particluar two mountains in November for me to prepare hiking outfit? Thanks.

Korea Plaza Jul 20 , 12:20:15 PM
Hi there,

The weather in Seoul during Autumn season is cold.
Especially in Seoul, the highest temperature can be 18°c and lowest at below 0°c. Weather in Jeju is a bit warmer compared to Seoul with the highest temperature at 19°c and lowest temperature at 7°c .

Thank You

Missing survey code
Posted By : nurul_haja   Posted On : 2017-07-20 02:46:38

Hi there, i made survey on Korea visit and loss the survey code. I am planning to redeem this weekend . ( I am currently in Penang). Is there any way for me to retrieved the survey code.

Posted By : sallehhuddin.zainal   Posted On : 2017-07-16 04:08:48

Hi, Im planning to go Busan from Seoul using KTX service. And after spend two days at Busan i will return to seoul. What is the different if i buy 3-day pass (saverpass) and Flexible 2-Day Pass. Thank you

Korea Plaza Jul 17 , 10:58:55 AM
Hi there,

For 3-day pass, you may use the pass for consecutive three days within the designated period of time.

For Flexible 2-Day Pass, you can randomly choose two desired travel date within 10 days upon redeeming the KR Pass.

Thank You

Jeju Air ticket
Posted By : Latifah   Posted On : 2017-07-06 16:13:38

I have book ticket flight from jeju air for me and my friends and have paid for the tickets...and now I just realize that I made a mistake by key in our family name & given name into reverse column during booking. My question, are we able to boarding, our name spelled correctly but it got reversed only and if we cannot board because of this mistake what should we do...I've email jeju air but there is no reply from them plus it very expensive to call overseas phone no. If you know anything about it please advise me what to do. Thanks.

Korea Plaza Jul 07 , 12:07:34 PM
Hi there,

We've tried to speak with the Jeju Air staff but currently they're busy on the line. We are still waiting on the line and we will get back to you once we have confirmed the solution to your case.

According to the FAQ on Jeju Air website (https://, to correct any information or transfer a flight ticket to another person (including a family member) as a flight ticket is deemed a 'security'. To do so, you must cancel the existing one for re-purchase by assuming cancellation fee and air fare difference.

However, we will get back to you if we receive more updates from Jeju Air regarding your case. Please leave your e-mail below in order for our staff can get back to you soon.

Thank You

FIT Seminar
Posted By : farhinfadzleen   Posted On : 2017-06-21 13:06:13

Hi , I would like to register for FIT Seminat on 8 July but unable to find the online registration form . May i know where is the form ? Much thanks !

Korea Plaza Jun 22 , 10:47:16 AM
Hi there,

The registration form is located above the comment column of Special Gogossing Seminar's page.

Thank You

K Pop Dancing Class
Posted By : SauWen   Posted On : 2017-06-15 08:59:17

I am looking to join K Pop Dancing Class for beginner. Would it be available in your centre?If yes, what day and time would that be? Thanks

Korea Plaza Jun 16 , 12:19:56 PM
Hi there,

We don't have any slot for night.

Thank You
munalitoo Jun 16 , 12:01:39 PM
Omg I still working on saturday :( dont have any slot for night ?
Korea Plaza Jun 16 , 10:27:30 AM
Hi there,

K-Pop Dancing Class will be held twice a month on Saturday from 2.00pm - 4.00pm (schedule might change and will be advised beforehand). For more information on the K-Pop Dancing Classes, you may refer to the link: http://

Thank You

Mount Seorak, Nami Island & Seoul
Posted By : umi.gee   Posted On : 2017-06-15 06:40:31

Hello KTO team, I am going to Korea again this autumn. This will be 7D6N backpackers trip. Planning to go to Mount Seorak (hiking), Nami Island and Seoul. What would be the best plan for me...from airport should I go straight to Seoul first..then go to Sokcho. Or..straight from airport to Sokcho then Seoul..? My flight back to M'sia is at 11.15am (wednesday) ..I am worried if cannot be at the airport on time.Please guide me..need to prepare my itinerary carefully. Thank you.

Korea Plaza Jun 16 , 10:21:48 AM
Hi there,

If you reach Korea in the morning, you can go to Sokcho first. But, if you reach Korea at night, you may go to Seoul first.

Thank You

Redemption Process
Posted By : Hazel Fayestranger   Posted On : 2017-06-14 08:42:19

Hi If I walk in to Korea Plaza with all the documents ready, can I redeem booklet on the spot? Thank you

Korea Plaza Jun 14 , 18:41:32 PM
Hi there,

Yes, you can.

Thank You

KTX from Seoul to Busan
Posted By : christina_tan   Posted On : 2017-06-07 16:21:31

My 3 friends and I have all registered for the DKYW 2017. Can we book tickets from Seoul to Busan under the group 2-5 paxs which is cheaper and still get the 30% off the group fare?

Korea Plaza Jun 08 , 09:39:46 AM
Hi there,

For your information, the KTX discount voucher is just valid on one-way ticket for all KTX routes. Its not eligible for Saver Package.

Thank you

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