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With the rise of Hallyu influence in Malaysia, Malaysian TV Programs have been seen to extend their wings internationally to the land of K-Drama, K-Pop, and K-Beauty! Embracing the beauty of both traditional side and modern aspect of Korea, Korea is definitely a great location for the filming of TV shows, dramas, and movies as it boasts great sight of nature and the pleasant welcome from their local people.

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Discover Korea Your Way! (Free & Easy Tour)


Specially created for Free and Easy travelers out there, this campaign comes with a coupon booklet that will definitely come in handy in guiding you to travel around Korea, particularly metropolitan city of Seoul and its vicinity, the dynamic city of Busan and the fascinating Jeju Island. This booklet will help you to choose your tour destinations and travel around Korea with LOWER COST! As more and more travelers are coming to Korea, thanks to Korean Wave (Hallyu) and K-Beauty, this booklet focuses on providing the travelers with an easy travel course consisting of famous tourist attractions around Korea together with attractive coupons and free gifts for redemption for the period of 2015. Make the best use of your coupons and vouchers and experience the best vacation in your entire life! 

Terms & Conditions

  • The coupons and the free gifts are only valid for redemption starting from 25th May until 31st December 2015.
  • The coupons and free gifts are only valid for Malaysian citizens.
  • The coupons for Jeju Island and Busan will only be provided to the customers separately according to the travel packages purchased.
  • The coupons and free gifts are only available while the stock last.
  • Photocopied version of the coupons is not acceptable.
  • The coupons are valid for only one person and for one-time use.
  • The coupons cannot be combined with other coupons for extra discount.
  • The coupons may not be applied to discounted item or special item. 
  • The coupons and the free gifts are non-refundable.


  • KTO will not be responsible for any expired deals before the 31st December 2015, the final date of the Free & Easy campaign.
  • The itinerary provided (in the booklet) is for recommendation purpose only.
  • Information provided here is as of May 2015 and it may be subject to change without notice.

What Can You Get From This Awesome Deal?












  • FREE AREX Free Ride Coupon*
  • 15% Discount on AREX ticket + FREE Water Bottle*
  • FREE T-Money Card (can be used nationwide)
  • 35 % Off on Admission Fee for Alive Museum
  • 40% Off on Admission Fee for Nanta Show and JUMP Show (NEW)
  • 50% Off on Admission Fee for Painters: HERO and Bibap Show
  • 35% Off on Whitening & Lifiting Care Program at Kwangdong Hospital of Traditional Korean Medicine (70 mins) + Souvenir (Air freshener)
  • WIYO WIFI DEVICE Rental Discount Coupon (NEW!)* 

*For the first 100 buyers only


*The AREX Free Ride coupon is only valid for journey to and from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station.


*It is advisable to use the 15% discount AREX Coupon at the Incheon Intl' Airport as the Free Water Bottle can only be redeemed there at the airport, not the Seoul Station. 




  •  60% Off on Admission Fee for ONEMOUNT Snowpark & Waterpark + Free Meal!
  • 30% Off Admission Fee for Everland Daytime Ticket / Caribbean Bay
  • FREE Boarding Pass for Gapyeong City Tour Bus (Stops at Petite France, the Garden of Morningcalm and Nami Island)









  • FREE Boarding Pass for Chuncheon Circle Tour Bus
  • Voucher for Chuncheon Nangman Market






*For any packages which includes two-night stay in Busan.

*limited quantity




  • Jeju Gasoline Voucher*
  • Voucher for any Jeju Traditional Markets and any '5-Day' Markets*
  • FREE 1 day, for at least 48 hours car rental*
  • 40% Off on Admission Fee for Nanta Show
  • 50% Off on Admission Fee for Painters: HERO Show


*For any packages that include Jeju Self-drive Package

*limited quantity

 *Deals are only available through packages developed by our participating travel agents

Scroll Down for More Info on the Benefits!


AREX (Airport Railroad Express)


Well-known as the ‘urban express train’ connecting from Incheon International Airport to Seoul and vice versa, it is the fastest mean of transportation that covers a distance of 48 kilometers and as many as 11 stations. Living up to its reputation, AREX is the country’s only train service that runs through Incheon International Airport and Gimpo Airport.

Travel to and from the Incheon International Airport and Seoul Station easily as AREX can get you to designated location fast and on time! 

T-Money Card

Use T-Money Card as cash substitute to make payment on public transportation like bus, taxi, and subway as well as convenience stores! You can recharge the amount in the card at any sales locations like convenient stores or T-Money Ticket Vending and Card Reload Devices at subway stations.

Alive Museum (박물관은 살아있다 (인사동 본점))

Located in Insa-dong, it is a neighborhood known for its mixture of historical and modern atmosphere. Alive Museum infuses and modernizes the concept of art into something fun, engaging and highly educational and its exhibitions include Trick Art, Object Art, digital media, and more.

Admission / Participation Fees :
Adults 12,000 Won / Teens & Military 11,000 Won
Children 10,000 Won / Seniors, Disabled & Men of National Merit 10,000 Won

How to use the coupon?

  • Please show your ‘coupon’ when you purchase the ticket at ticket counter
  • 35% discount on ticket from 12,000 Won ► 9,000 Won only
  • This coupon is usable at Insadong branch only

Operating Hours : 09:00-20:30
* Last admission is 1 hour before closing.


Nanta Show (난타쇼)

Based on Korea’s traditional garak (rhythms) of Samulnori (traditional Korean percussion quartet) NANTA (or Cookin’ as it was known in the States) tells the story of four crazy chefs who have been set the impossible task of making a wedding banquet in just one hour.

How to use the coupon?

  • Please call +82-2-739-8288 to make a reservation
  • Please present your coupon when you purchase the ticket at ticket counter
  • Discount rate: S Seat: 50,000 Won ► 30,000 Won
  • This coupon is usable at Chungjeongno and Jeju branch only


      *The Music Show Wedding will no longer be part of the 'Discover Korea Your Way" promotion as the show is no longer running in the theater. Kindly notice that the Music Show Wedding coupon is invalid to use as of August 2015. 


           JUMP Show (NEW)



         JUMP is a gravity-defying, internationally acclaimed comedy sensation combines comedy, martial arts, acrobatics and butt-kicking, live-action shenanigans.


        How to use the coupon?

  • Please call +82-2-722-3995 to make a reservation
  • Please show your coupon when you purchase the ticket at ticket counter


        Website : www.hijump.co.kr



Kwangdong Hospital of Traditional Korean Medicine (광동한방병원)


While western medicine addresses a wide range of health issues and diagnosis, Kwangdong Hospital promotes a more holistic and patient-oriented approach through the Traditional Korean Medicine, by strengthening and awakening natural healing forces. Treatment programs are designed to fit individual needs, or in other words, based on conditions.

Famous for the Whitening & Lifting care program, it is incorporated with Premium Rice Wine of Kook Soon Dang and Corn Silk Tea of Kwangdong Pharmaceutical Co. and currently they are offering 70 minutes of Whitening & Lifting Care Program at a special rate of 100,000 Won for package buyers. 

How to use the coupon?

  • Please call 82-2-2222-4907 to make reservation or E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further inquiry
  • Discount rate : 150,000 Won ► 100,000 Won

*Kindly make a reservation before you visit the clinic.


WIYO Wifi Device (NEW!)

        What is WIYO Korea Pocket WiFi?

It is a 4G handheld mobile device that provides you with wireless internet access anytime, anywhere while you are travelling abroad. Wiyo Pocket Wi-Fi works just like any other Wi-Fi hotspot - but it's personal and fits right in your pocket. A Wiyo Pocket Wi-Fi simultaneously supports 5 to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices, so that you can share with up to 7 of your travel buddies.

       With fast speed 4G network access and only for RM30 per day, you can travel to anywhere around Korea and update your journey on Facebook and Instagram right away! 

How to use the coupon? 

  • Once you have purchased the travel package from our participating agents, you will receive the Wiyo coupon like the image above with Promo Codes listed on it. Just log on to www.wiyo.my and fill in the booking details together and insert the promo code on the booking page and you may choose the delivery options too whether you want it to be delivered to you or pick the device up at their outlet at Publika Solaris Dutamas.



 Onemount Snowpark & Waterpark (원마운트)

Onemount Snowpark is an indoor winter theme park, the first of its kind in Korea. Located inside the Hallyu World and KINTEX Land in Seo-gu, Ilsan, Onemount is the largest multi-cultural space in the northwest metropolitan region. About 160,000 square meters in size, the park is equipped with an indoor and outdoor water park, an indoor snow park, a beauty cluster, and a sports complex. Its water-park is the third-largest among theme parks in the country and its indoor snow park the biggest. The snow park features a Santa Village with a North European concept, unique sledding like animal sleds, an ice lake with 101 fun activities like ice bowling, ice road with seven themed caves and thrilling, fantastic rides, and a snow hill where visitors can enjoy snow sledding under the snow that falls year round. This is the world’s first theme park where visitors can watch aurora and ice shows at the Fairy Tale Village which is made of ice. Main attractions: Filming location for Running Man & Hyde, Jekyll, Me.

How to use the coupon?

  • Just present the ticket at the ONEMOUNT Ticket Counter.
  • Discount rate: 
    Snow Park Water Park
    30,000 Won - 15,000 Won + Free Meal  50,000 Won - 20,000 Won + Free Meal 


Everland (에버랜드)

One of the world’s best 4 theme parks ‘Everland’ is the largest theme park in Korea. It provides many differentiated entertaining attractions such as the world-class water park “Caribbean Bay”, “Safari World”, “Snow sleigh”, “Aesop’s Village”, and “T-express”, and the special festivals which you can enjoy with your family and lovers.

How to use the coupon?

  • Just present the coupon at the Ticket Office for Foreigners.
  • Discount rate : 30% Off for Everland Day ticket and Caribbean Bay.


 Gapyeong City Tour Bus (가평 시티투어)

You can look around main tour sites such as Petite France and the Garden of Morning Calm in Gapyeong on a circulating bus. You can freely transit the bus on the circulation course with one day ticket. Main attractions: Filming location for My Love from the Star (Petite France) & Winter Sonata (Nami Island).

*Entrance fees of tour sites are not included.
*Tour Course may change.

Gapyeong Tourist Information Center : +82-70-7779-8832

How to use the pass?

  • Present the Boarding Pass to the bus driver. With the Boarding Pass included together with the booklet, you can hop on and off the bus for the day.


Romantic City Chuncheon City Tour Bus (춘천시티투어버스)

The Chuncheon City Tour Bus will bring you around to the popular attractions of Chuncheon City. You can hop off to the attractions you want to visit and hop on to the next bus after you are done. There are two courses A & B where course A takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes while course B takes about 2 hours and 50 minutes. Among the places which this bus goes to are Namiseom, Jade Garden, Gangchon Rail Park, Elysia Gangchon, Chuncheon Makguksu Museum. Main attractions: Filming location for Winter Sonata (Nami Island & Chuncheon Myeongdong)


How to use the coupon?

  • Redemption : Chuncheon Circle Tour Bus boarding pass (5,000 Won)
  • Location for redemption : Namiseom ticket office at Chuncheon Train Station Tourist Information Center, 190 beonji, Geunhwa-dong, Chuncheon, Gangwon-do


Chuncheon Nangman (Romantic) Market (춘천낭만시장)

Nangman (Romantic) Market, the oldest traditional market in Chuncheon, was formed about 60 years ago in the heart of the city following the Korean War. Originally being called Jungang Market, the market sold manufactured goods from Seoul, American products from the nearby U.S. Army, and local agricultural produce. The name was changed into Nangman Market in 2010 to live up to its designation as a culture and tourism market. Main attractions: Filming location for Winter Sonata.

Operating Hours :
Open 7 days a week, year round

How to use the coupon?

  • Redemption : Voucher worth 5,000 Won
  • Location for redemption : Nami lsland ticket office at Chuncheon Train Station Tourist Information Center, 190 beonji, Geunhwa-dong, Chuncheon, Gangwon-do



Busan Pass Card (부산패스카드)

Busan Pass is a pre-paid card tailored for tourists in Busan. This card offers you a DISCOUNT at a variety of tourist facilities including entrance fees, accommodations, and restaurants. It also works as a transportation card as well.

* Inclusion of transportation function in the card is optional.

Benefits of BUSAN PASS
Special services and discounts from affiliated stores of Busan Metropolitan City (please refer to the Busan Metropolitan City website for detailed information).

BUSAN PASS cards can be used the same as you would a credit card. Cards may be purchased at designated locations by credit card for an amount not exceeding the card’s maximum credit limit.

*Cards including transportation fare: 450,000 Won towards balance of purchases + 50,000 won for balance of transportation fare.
*Cards with no transportation fare allowance: 500,000 Won for the balance of purchases
*An additional fee of 3,000 Won will be applied to cover the cost of Traffic Card chips.
* The balance left will be refunded with no additional fees when the card is being used more than 80% of the card limit.

Busan Metropolitan City Culture and Tourism Homepage

How to use the coupon?

  • Redemption: Busan Pass(Gift Card) worth 20,000 Won (For the first 200 buyers only)

*20,000 Won = 5,000 Won for transportation + 15,000 Won for tourist facilities.
*Gift card is not refundable.
*This gift card only rechargeable for the transportation. If you want to recharge it to get a discount for tourist facilities, you can buy and charge a new Busan Pass card at the below Busan Tourist Information Center.

 Location for redemption: Busan Tourist Information Center (TIC) at :

  • Gimhae Int’l Airport(International Line) Tourist Information Center
  • Gimhae Int’l Airport (Domestic Line) Tourist Information Center (TIC)
  • Busan Station Tourist Information Center (TIC)


 Dongmun Traditional Market (동문시장)

Dongmun Traditional Market is the largest everyday market in Jeju City and sells fresh agricultural, fisheries, and livestock products at low prices. As the center of commerce in Jeju City, this daily market was included as part of Olle Course No. 17.

Operating Hours : 07:00-20:00

How to use the coupon?

  • Redemption : Jeju Traditional Market Voucher worth 5,000 Won (Only for Self-drive package)

*You can spend the voucher at any of the traditional markets and '5-day' market in Jeju-do.


The Painters: HERO (페인터즈: 히어로)

The Painters Hero is an innovative nonverbal performance that stages the entire process of painting, combined with incredible visual effects and a witty blend of miming, dance and comedy. Audiences will enjoy a play, an art show, and a musical in a single performance that creates about 10 art pieces live on stage through an exciting 80-minute show.

Performance Time : Monday-Sunday: 17:00, 20:00

How to use the coupon?

  • E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Please call +82-2-766-7855 (Seoul), +82-64-745-7848 (Jeju) to make a reservation
  • Please present your coupon when you purchase the ticket at ticket counter 
    VIP seat S seat A seat
    60,000 Won - 30,000 Won  50,000 Won - 25,000 Won  40,000 Won - 20,000 Won 

*Please make a reservation at least 3 days before the show.


Jeju Gasoline Voucher

How to use the voucher?

  • There are 10 Hyundai Oil Gasoline Stations where you can use the voucher worth 5,000 Won provided per person. 


Point Addresses Phone No.

684, Pyoseon-ri, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju

(제주도 서귀포시 표선면 표선리 684)


1950-3, Sachang-ri, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju

(제주도 서귀포시 안덕면 사창리 1950-3)


963-3, Topyong-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju

(제주도 서귀포시 토평동 963-3)


1694, Daelim-ri, Hallim-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju

(제주도 제주시 한림읍 대림리 1694)


1570, Hallim-ri, Hallim-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju

(제주도 제주시 한림읍 한림리 1570)


714-1, Seogwang-ri, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju

(제주도 서귀포시 안덕면 석왕리 714-1)


72-4, Hamdeok-ri, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju

(제주도 제주시 조천읍 함덕리 72-4)


2138, Orasam-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju

(제주도 제주시 오라산동 2138)


2347, Saekdal-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju

(제주도 서귀포시 색달동 2347)


1089-1, Hwasun-ri, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju

(제주도 서귀포시 안덕면 화순리 1089-1)



Car Rental Procedures in Jeju Island


Basic Eligibility for Self-Driving in Jeju

  • International Driver’s License

*The International Driver’s Permit is mandatory for Self-Driving in South Korea. Malaysians must apply for an international license from JPJ.
The cost will be RM150 per annum. The Permit should be valid until the date of returning the vehicle.

  • Driving Experience for over a year
  • Over 21 Years of age

Guidelines for International Driving Permit

  1. Check Car Rental Conditions
  2. Check Insurance and Coverage.
  3. Check the condition of Vehicle and Sign the Agreement of Rent-A-Car.
  4. Prepare the copy of International Driver’s License and passport and present it to the staff of car rental-company.

Procedures for Pick-up

  1. Pick-up the Vehicle at Jeju Airport.
  2. Check the reservation Information & Present copies of your International driver’s license and passport.
  3. Sign the agreement of rent-a-car.
  4. Check the condition of Vehicle in the Parking Lot.
  5. Receive the copy of Agreement & the Key.

Procedures for delivery

  1. Park the vehicle in the parking lot at Jeju Airport & Take your belongings out.
  2. Hand over the key & copy of agreement to the staff of Car rental-company.
  3. The Staff check the conditions of Vehicle. (Interior, Exterior, Operation, and Fuel Gauge etc)
  4. Pay the additional fees, if needed. (Late Returning, Loss or Damage of Vehicle, Traffic ticket etc.
  5. You are allowed to leave the place, once the procedure has been completed. 

Participating Travel Agents

Choose Your Package on Your Own Accord!   

Agents Product title  Price (RM)
Flights  Accommodation  Miscellaneous

LV Travel


WeChat id: SalamKorea 

3D2N Jeju self Drive        899.00 Domestic (Gimpo-Jeju) 2 nights in Jeju 48hour Self drive
7D6N Busan+Seoul+Jeju Self drive      1,868.00 Domestic (Gimpo-Jeju) 6 nights (2 Busan, 2 Jeju, 2 Seoul) 1 full day tour in Busan , 48hour Jeju self drive
5D4N Busan+Jeju Self drive      2,189.00 Int'l (KL-Busan), Domestic (Busan-Jeju) 4 nights (2 Busan, 2 Jeju) 1 full day tour in Busan , 48hour Jeju self drive

Parlo Tours

2N Jeju self drive   748.00      Excl Int'l (KL - ICN- KL), Domestic (GMP - CJU - GMP)  2N Jeju

2N – pension (A room for 2 person * Double Bed)

48 hours Jeju car rental (Ray, Accent or similar)

Full coverage insurance, English GPS & Tax

4D3N Seoul 748.00  Excl Int'l (KL - ICN- KL)  3 nights Seoul

3N accommodation in Seoul

Half day Seoul City Tour

4D3N Busan 868.00 Excl Int'l (KL - PUS - KUL)  3 nights Busan

3N accommodation in Busan

Busan City Tour OR Return private airport transfer


7D6N Busan + Jeju Self Drive


2828.00  Excl Int'l (KL - PUS- KL), Domestic (GMP - CJU - GMP) 6 nights (4 Busan, 2 Jeju) 

4N accommodation in Busan

2N accommodation in Jeju Island

Transfer, Meals, Hotel & sightseeing tour as per itinerary

48 Hours renting a car (including 24 hours subsidy by JTO)


7D6N Seoul + Jeju Self Drive

2388.00  Excl Int'l (KL - ICN- KL), Domestic (GMP - CJU - GMP) 6 nights (4 Seoul, 2 Jeju)  

4N accommodation in Seoul

2N accommodation in Jeju Island

Meals, transfer, Hotel & sightseeing as per itinerary

48 Hours renting a car (including 24 hours subsidy by JTO)

Sedunia Travel

4D3N Seoul flexi tour      1,568.00 Excl Int'l (KL - ICN - KL) 3 nights Seoul  1 day K-Culture or K-Shopping or K-Theme Park tour in Seoul
4D3N Busan flexi tour      1,388.00 Excl Int'l (KL - PUS - KUL)  3 nights Busan 1 day Haeundae or Haedong Yonggungsa  tour in Busan
6D5N Busan & Seoul       2,238.00 Excl Intl'l (KL - PUS/ICN-KUL), Domestic (PUS - SEL)   5 nights (3 Busan, 2 Seoul) 1 day Haeundae or Haedong Yonggungsa  tour in Busan
4D3N Jeju self drive         798.00 Excl Int'l (KL - ICN- KL), Domestic (GMP - CJU - GMP) 3 nights Jeju  48 hours Jeju Self drive program 
5D3N Jeju self drive by KE      2,098.00 Incl Int'l (KL - ICN- KL), Domestic (GMP - CJU - GMP) 3 nights Jeju  48 hours Jeju Self drive program 
6D5N Jeju self drive+Seoul      1,738.00 Excl Int'l (KL - ICN- KL), Domestic (GMP - CJU - GMP) 5 nights (3 Jeju, 2 Seoul)  48 hours Jeju Self drive program 
7D5N Jeju self drive+Seoul by KE      3,048.00 Incl Int'l (KL - ICN- KL), Domestic (GMP - CJU - GMP) 5 nights (3 Jeju, 2 Seoul)  48 hours Jeju Self drive program 


  • Formerly the Gapyeong City Tor coupon is only valid till 30 November 2015. But now, we are excited to announce that we will extend the coupon till 31 December 2015. You can still use the same coupon to do so. 
  • The “Wedding Show” performance that were included in the booklet before is now won’t be available anymore. This is due to some schedule issue that they decided to stop the show performance. So please take note for the “Wedding Show” performance coupon holder, you can no longer use that coupon. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
  • We also had reprinted the new version of DKYW booklet. The previous version of booklet is out of stock during August, due to massive support from our Kaki Korea Club (KKC) member.
  • Big Bang T-Money card is officially out of stocks and now together with the booklet we are giving away KTO T-Money card instead.

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