Newly Refurbished Muslim Prayer Room & Survey for Muslim Tourists at KTO TIC!

Newly Refurbished Muslim Prayer Room at KTO Tourist Information Center(TIC), Seoul

Hello everyone, 

We would like to inform that KTO prayer rooms at our tourist information center (TIC, 한국관광공사 관광안내센터) has been refurbished for the comfort of Muslim tourists in Seoul! 

Located near the Cheonggyecheon Stream, the prayer rooms at our TIC have been renovated and they are built with separate rooms according to gender for the convenience of all Muslims. The prayer rooms also complete with ablution facility and prayer's mat, so you do not have to worry on how to perform your prayer session there! Check the photos below to see our new prayer room facility.

We are now conducting the survey for the Muslim tourists to find out the latest trend of Muslim travel and the necessity of a prayer room and Halal food while traveling. If you have the chance to visit our TIC, don't forget to utilise our prayer room and fill in the survey form provided there! ^^

ㅇ Location : 2nd floor, KTO Seoul Center

ㅇ Opening Time : 9:00am ~ 8:00pm

* Kindly refer HERE on how to get to our Tourist Information Counter at KTO Seoul Center and HERE for the Google Maps location. 



Don't forget to visit our TIC if you are planning to visit Seoul soon! ^^

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