Muslim Friendly Restaurant Classification

Great News for Muslim travelers to Korea. There are 136 appointed Muslim Friendly restaurants in all across Korea. Check it out! 



Great news for Muslim travelers to Korea!

Along with our other effort to welcome more Muslim tourists to Korea, KTO has introduced and established official classifications for 136 appointed Muslim Friendly restaurants in all across Korea!






 Halal Certified

The restaurant has already received Halal certificate from Korea Muslim Federation (KMF).


 Self Certified

The owner or chef is Muslim and they only use Halal ingredients in each of their menu and they self certified their restaurant as Halal.



 Muslim Friendly

The restaurant does provide Halal menu however alcohol is sold in the restaurant.


 Pork Free

The restaurant does not offer Halal menu and serve Non Halal meat like chicken and beef. However, no pork is served or used as ingredient in the restaurant.


*Halal menu: The slaughtering process for Halal meat including beef, lamb, and chicken follows the Islamic regulation including other Halal ingredients like seafood, vegetables, and grain (wheat).

*If the restaurant serves Halal meat along with other Non Halal meat (except pork), it is still classified as Muslim-Friendly.


We hope that classification could clarify some issues that Muslim tourists encountered previously in Korea. In conjunction of our Halal Restaurant Week event, KTO is also providing Coupon Book for all Muslim tourists to Korea. In the book, we have listed all Muslim-friendly restaurants that are participating in our event. Click HERE to find out on how to redeem it!

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