Korean Cultural Classes

Korean Language Classes
Korean language classes at Korea Plaza are under the King Sejong Institute and all of the teaching and study materials are based on the syllabus from the institution.

King Sejong Institute (Sejonghakdang 세종학당) is a brand name that the South Korean government launched in order to comprehensively provide Korean learners and teachers with an integrated study and information service. "Sejonghakdang" is expected to be developed as the brand for Korean-learning or -teaching Institutes around the world. Sejong was the fourth King of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea who created the Korean alphabet in 1446 and Hakdang means educational institutes in Korean language. (by Wikipedia)

The language class offered at Korea Plaza are free for Kaki Korea Club members to register. Every semester is about 5 months of study (18 weeks of curriculum and 1 week of examination). The selection for the students will be done randomly by the management.

Starting from 2017, Korea Plaza will held 2 semester of Korean Language Class in a year. The intake will be on January and July every year.

Interested Kaki Korea Club members can only register themselves online once we have announced the new semester intake notice on our website and Facebook page. The next intake is expected to be in January 2017. Stay tuned for our update on this matter.


Korean Cooking Classes

Love to eat Korean food? Usually held on every second & forth week of Tuesdays from 2pm-4pm, Kaki Korea Club members would get to learn how to cook Korean dishes from a professional Korean cooking teacher for free!

Not only that, there would be also a chance to experience 'hands-on' session on how to make the dishes and taste them as well (depends on the number of class participation).



K-Pop Dancing Classes

K-Pop is now a hot trend going on in Malaysia. So, come and join our Kpop dancing class and get yourself sweat by learning the latest and popular songs from the Kpop world!

Starting from May 2017, the class will be held twice a month on Saturday from 2.00 - 4.00 PM (schedule might change and will be advised beforehand).


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