Airport Shuttle Buses
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Airport Shuttle Buses

You can take Airport Shuttle Buses on the 1st floor of the arrival terminal of Jeju International Airport. There are 1 limousine and 11 city buses.

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Car Rental

Individual travelers increasingly prefer to rent a car. Car rental operators are widely available around Jeju International Airport and Jeju International Ferry Terminal. For a reasonable price, you can renta car with a navigation system to conveniently find places in Jeju. And foreign citizens need to show the international driver’s license and passport to rent a car.
Upon arrival at Jeju International Airport, you can conveniently rent a car on the 1st floor of the arrival terminal of Jeju International Airport. You can choose one of the three rental companies, AVIS, Keumho, or Jeju Rent-a-Car.

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Basic taxi fare is 2,200won and 100won per every 146, or every 38 seconds is added. If you need to communicate with the driver in your taxi, use the BBB Telephone Interpretation Service. Or show the information about your destination written in Korean or English.

  • BBB Telephone Interpretation Service : +82-1588-5644

Jeju City Tour Bus

Jeju City Tour Bus is a shuttle bus that runs on a regular schedule. The bus departs from the Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal in downtown Jeju-si and stops at 19 popular locations around Jeju-si. You can purchase a ticket that will allow you to ride the shuttle bus all day, as many times as you want during operating hours. However, must to check the route and schedule in advance as they are subject to change depending on conditions of weather, road, and destination.

  • Inquiries : +82-(0)64-740-6000, 6001 or 6002
  • Operating Months : March to October
  • Fare : Adults 5,000won / students and younger 3,000won
  • Ticket Purchase : From the bus driver

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